20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Odisha

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Odisha
27May, 2021

Mobile apps are more than just a luxury product in this day and age. If you’re looking to create a large business and continually expand, then you’re going to want to supplement everything you’re doing with an application that suits each kind of mobile device. A few years ago, apps used to be fun little pieces of software that seemed like a bonus, now everyone expects an app to come along with the most basic of products or services.

You probably won’t know too much about mobile app development if you’re just starting a business and have never been technologically advanced. That’s okay as it’s a pretty specialist area. The good thing is that there are plenty of software developers and companies that can provide you with an app and the necessary fixes that come with it.

If you’re in the Odisha area and are in need of a software developer to help you create the perfect mobile app, then you’ll be in safe hands as there are lots available. Here are twenty of the very best for you to scan through

Exemplary Marketing

One of the best options (if not the best option) in this group of companies is that of Exemplary Marketing. A firm that has been around for a while and has consistently provided the right results. Mobile app development can be quite a tricky and tedious area of work, so you’re going to want to make sure that you have the right team alongside you. Exemplary Marketing will more than likely give you the exact end product you’re chasing: a fully functioning, smooth, and straight-to-the-point application. You can find all their details on the contact page as well as a contact form if you have any specific queries or requests.

Swadhin IT Solutions

At Swadhin IT solutions are second up, and they’re a firm that will be able to provide lots of different services regarding your website and other digital aspects. They work in e-commerce as well as plenty of other web design areas. If you need a solid website, they’ll be able to do the work. When it comes to their mobile app development work, you’ll be happy to know that they have all the tools to create a functioning application that handles all needs. You can contact them via WhatsApp – just follow the details on their contact page.

BK Graphy

When you work with BK Graphy, you’ll be dealing with a group that will focus on creating some of the best websites and apps for their clients. The apps will not only look the part, but they’ll also work smoothly. You can email directly at sanjay@bkgraphy.in or you can speak with someone through Skype. They also have their Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube accounts easily visible on their site.


At UNIDRIM, the team will provide both digital marketing and web development services. With a team working in Odisha, they’ll guarantee results and will be completely driven to achieve client satisfaction. They’ve been working on mobile development for a long time, so you can trust them. They provide a map of where they’re located and a contact form if you wish to get in touch. You can also email at support@unidrim.com.


If you want an app developer that also works in web hosting, digital marketing, web development, and an array of other areas, then Alphosys might be the company for you. Working in an array of different industries also, this company will know exactly the perfect fit for you. If this all sounds very enticing and interesting to you, then you can email them at sales@alphosys.com or you can fill out a simple contact form and they’ll get straight back to you.


CLFSoftTech is an SEO company that mainly worries about getting clients higher up on search engine results. This means they’ll do all they can to organically increase the client’s popularity. In doing so, they’ll use plenty of methods. App development is just another string to their bow. If you feel as though you’d like them to go to work on your project, then their contact page is readily available to be seen on their site!


TechnoTips are a company that is exclusively about mobile app development and mobile web design. They’ll create Android and iOS apps for you, so you won’t have to worry about a rigid method or style of working. They have provided services for a ridiculous number of clients in all kinds of industries.

Crushaders Tech Solution

Crushaders Tech Solution is yet another company that works with a lot of different industries. They will have seen lots of different verticals, so they know full-well what is to be expected. They have specifically worked in e-commerce, health care, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, and a large collection of extra areas. With this experience, they’ll know what kind of look and tone fits your brand and sector. If you wish to get in touch, then you can click on the link provided and check out their site. They have three different addresses (USA, India, and the UK). If you wish to fill out a contact form, they’ll be back to you ASAP.


Yet another web development firm in your area. They’ll focus on web design/development, digital marketing, customized software development, and mobile app development. Teqpool has worked for people all over the world and would love to hear from you. Fill out their form or email at sales@teqpool.com to get started.

Pixel Kare

If you choose Pixel Kare as your go-to for app development, then you’ll be getting a lot of creativity. They provide transparency when they work, so you won’t have to worry about what they’re getting up to. If you need a solid app development group, then Pixel Kare will provide that and more. There is a contact form on their site. They also provide their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages if you need any more forms of contact.


SHOPWEB knows how to give a client the right application for the business or project of their choice. They provide more than just app development, so you can rest assured that they’ll know exactly how to get the best out of this kind of deal. Their business and mobile phone numbers are available to be called should you decide this is the option for you.

ROI Hackers

ROI hackers will provide a wonderful mobile app development service for a good price. They have been around for a while and know everything there is to know. They provide a number for you to call or message on WhatsApp if you’re interested, as well as an email address (info@roihackers.com).


Known as a leading IT and Software Company, their aim is to provide creative and successful web solutions for any client that comes their way. They work in e-commerce and other web design areas, so they have as much experience as necessary to be trusted for app development. If you’re in need of a solid group that will provide the right kind of application, then Cakiweb would not be a bad choice at all. You can email them at info@cakiweb.com or fill out their contact form in a matter of seconds.


With a name like Fastwebsites.in you can expect there to be some wonderful work regarding web design, development, and all of the facets around it. They’ll create quality websites and wonderful apps for anyone who stumbles across them. They also provide hosting. If you wish to work with them regarding your web development needs, then give them a call or email them at hello@fastwebsites.in for more info.

Appman Technologies

At Appman Technologies, you’ll be getting work from a team that is very experienced in the digital world. They work in both web development and mobile app development, so you can expect them to know a thing or two about fixing up an application for your business. If you need a little supplementation through digital marketing, then they’ll add this service in, too! You can email them at sales@appmantech.com or you can find their social media accounts on the website, too.


WayIndia provides e-commerce help as well as blockchain consulting if ever you feel the need to enter that realm. Their mobile app development is also a great aspect of their group. If you wish to get in touch, their email is info@wayindia.com. They also have Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram if you prefer those methods.

GeniousBit Technologies

When you work with GeniousBit, you get a team that knows how to design and develop websites. They also know a thing or two about overall software development and mobile app development. All you have to do is get in touch and ask for a quote. Their address is provided on their contact page. You can email them at info@geniousbit.com or call/WhatsApp them on the number provided.

Antlers Solution

Antlers Solution believes in delivering smart business solutions through the smart usage of technology. Their clients will always receive focus and quality. Android and iOS development are two of their strengths, so you can rely on them to produce. Give them a call or email them at info@antlerssolution.in. You can also fill in a contact form if you want a specific question answered.

Ntier IT Solutions

Finally, Ntier IT Solutions is the last to enter our list of Odisha mobile development companies. They also focus on web development and social media marketing, so they have a vast knowledge of business aspects in a digital sense. You can email them at support@ntier.in if you feel as though you’d like to get in touch. You can also check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In pages that are readily displayed for you.