20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nottingham

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nottingham
19Jun, 2021

The quality and success of a mobile app are an accurate reflection of the company responsible for its development.

  • Exemplary marketing
  • Game tech studio
  • AtomicMedia
  • AppInstitute
  • Lockwood Publishing
  • MultiPie
  • Legendary Games
  • Keera Studios
  • FortuneFish
  • The app Office
  • IC digital
  • Breeze
  • Dot nine solutions
  • Sumo Digital (Nottingham)
  • Gooii Limited
  • Affinity agency
  • Absolute
  • Nuom
  • Digital design online
  • Looks OK

The quality of mobile apps primarily influences the rating of its company. However, other factors like customer service and consultation by the experts also play a significant role in ranking the companies. Therefore, even though every customer has their preference and demands, you will find these companies on the top of most clients’ lists.

The referrals and praise about these 20 companies in the city will strike a chord of curiosity when choosing a mobile app company:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing is a company all about tech. The vast experience and knowledge of mobile apps and the web make them the perfect choice for you. Whether you want an Android or an iOS app, there is always a solution for you. From ideation to implementation, you will witness professionalism and quality. Constant and continuous consultations and affirmations during the build-up ensure that you get a user-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative mobile app.

Game Tech Studio

With an average of around 30 employees, Game tech studio has built a reputation around quick service delivery while still producing quality. It primarily focuses on developing various games for small and medium-sized enterprises. The pricing in the company is quite affordable in comparison to the excellent quality of work.

When dealing with Game tech studios, you can have quality customer service and after-sales services in debugging and adding additional features. The success of games such as Ultimate car driving and Battle royale is a testament to the brilliant benefits of Game tech studio.


Atomic Media’s concern for its clients’ needs and demands is the primary reason for its rise to the top. The reviews of high-end clients in enterprises are an admirable character of any business. The company is involved in the entire mobile app life cycle, including marketing and design, thus creating a warm and working development environment. You need not worry about the final app result, as Atomic Media will walk you through the process as you grow and develop solutions for your business sustainability.


Founded in 2011, AppInstitute is the center of mobile app developments regardless of the design and requirements. It has a reputation for working around an idea to present an excellent mobile app. Its focus on mobile helps you have numerous options, including free building apps to create your simple business app.

Lockwood Publishing

Lockwood Publishing is a medium-sized company with approximately 50 – 250 employees focused on mobile app development. The skills and customer service exhibited by Lockwood publishing are what drives the quality of the mobile apps. The founders started as Playstation founders and gradually worked their way to mobile app development.

Not only is it among the top mobile app development companies in Nottingham, but also in the UK. It has various branches in the region but has its headquarters in Nottingham. It is also known for employee care and concern, where the company ensures its employees enjoy an excellent work-life balance for excellent work results.


Being a small company founded in 2011, MultiPie focuses its services on mobile app development. Initially, it was a family business. However, it has grown to support approximately 10-49 employees in Android and iOS mobile apps development. So whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can walk into MultiPie and build your mobile app.

Legendary Games

Legendary games deal with both mobile app and web development. However, it focuses more on mobile app development. With its vast experience and knowledge built through the years, the quality and service you will get from this company will be worth the money and effort. In addition, it deals with niches ranging from gaming to enterprise apps, thus displaying its versatility.

Keera Studios

Keera Studios, otherwise known as Haskell games and app company, develops various games and mobile apps based on the customers’ needs. So it does not matter how crazy your ideas are; Keera studios is ready to bring it to fruition.

Its team of experienced personnel of between 10-49 employees will work around your idea with you to make it a success. Since it chiefly deals with mobile app development, the quality and expertise of the employees will outrightly be of top-notch quality. It is also relatively affordable and available for all business entities regardless of size.


Despite FortuneFish being a medium-sized mobile app development company, it accords every client’s quality time and effort to achieve the desired results. If you are into trendy apps and technology, then this is the company for you. IT delights itself in utilising the latest technology in the market in the app development process.

The uniqueness in the app development cycle is in innovativeness, creativity, and technology. Though it specialises in the gaming niche, you will be sure to get brilliant results across the board. FortuneFish has experienced human and material resources; therefore, you can only expect the best from this company.

The App Office

You cannot argue with the App Office’s motto – UK’s favourite developer. It is known for the quality and technology used in its mobile app developing process because it solely focuses on mobile app designing. It ensures quality in specialisation by having experienced and knowledgeable employees who have amassed a wealth of knowledge in some of the biggest tech companies. There is no job too small or too big for the App Office: it deals with businesses and enterprises in various fields and with unique demands.

IC Digital

This programming company works on both mobile and web development services. But this does not deter it from presenting quality services when called upon. With experience in both fields, there is an extra edge of keenness and sleekness when developing mobile apps. IC digital will ensure it takes you through the entire mobile app life cycle, design, build, and test, to avoid any hiccups in implementation.


Breeze works on mobile app development as a complementary need for its customers. However, it does not discredit its works as their app developed is fully customised to specific clients. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality of work in the end. There is special care and technique used to ensure other applications seamlessly fit in with the mobile app.

Dot Nine Solutions

Dot nine solutions offer a variety of web solutions. It does not explicitly deal with mobile app solutions. But if you are interested in having a network of applications that work in harmony to create a unified system, Dot nine solutions is the answer to your question.

Sumo Digital (Nottingham)

Sumo Digital has various branches in the UK and China. It chiefly deals with gaming and the people. It is a large gaming company that has several awards on its name. The gaming field is an ever-changing field that requires innovativeness and a keen eye and ear on the latest trends in the market. Sumo ensures it provides its clients new challenges and raises the bar in gaming with every release.

Gooii Limited

Gooii Limited is an expensive mobile app development company that has less than ten employees. The number of employees should not scare you as it does not affect the quality of the custom-made apps and web designs that it makes for its clients. As they say, good things come in small packages. There are no limitations in the type of mobile app that you will want.

Affinity Agency’

Affinity agency is one of the priciest but quality companies in the mobile app development industry. Though it has its headquarter in Norwich, it has branches in London and Nottingham. It does not solely deal with mobile app development but focuses its efforts on marketing and digital services. However, with the experienced task force at its disposal, you are sure to get satisfactory services.


Absolute is a hybrid technology company that works in web and app development to bring clients’ ideas to implementation. With close to three decades of experience, you can be sure of the services’ quality. It expands its services to e-commerce and e-marketing, thus giving you a comprehensive package.


Nuom’s principle of working hard, smart, and fast works in its favour in developing excellent mobile and web apps. The pretty knowledgeable and experienced employees are available to use their creativity and wits to come up with unique mobile solutions in iOS and Android.

Digital Design Online

Digital design online works with various web solutions, including mobile and web development programs. It uses creativity and intuitiveness to create user-friendly mobile apps for its clients.

Looks OK

It is a digital company that offers digital services in Nottingham. It is a small enterprise that focuses primarily on SEO services but has made notable strides in mobile app development services.

These are the best 20 mobile app development companies in Nottingham: each with its pros and cons.