25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in New York

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in New York
27Feb, 2021

No matter which industry you are in, apps are big business. According to Fuelled,  ‘Mobile apps are projected to generate more than $935 Billion USD in revenue via paid downloads and in-app advertising by 2023.’

To build the perfect app for your brand, you’ll need to work with the right app development company.  For a few ideas, let’s take a look at the 25 best mobile app development companies in New York.

    1. Exemplary Marketing

At Exemplary Marketing, we are proud to call ourselves the best mobile app development companies in New York. Our company provides a range of marketing solutions as well as our outstanding app development services. We offer comprehensive services for companies of various sizes, all over the world.

Our app development team can provide you with a competitive application for all your IT-based needs. At Exemplary Marketing, we work with Android and iOS developments. Our experts can design you a highly unique application, helping you to stand out amongst the crowd. Both our processes and our applications are highly unique. With our tailor-made solutions, your company will go far. Recent projects we’ve worked on include the Falcon Towers app, The Group Home app.

  1. Koombea

Koombea is a top software development brand, delivering customized tech solutions to businesses across the globe. To date Koombea has created thousands of apps, these applications have been attained by leading companies such as Facebook, Skype, Google, and Motorola Solutions. Koombea has developed several award-winning apps including FlightTracker and Nab New.

  1. Tapptitude

Tapptitude partners with both established companies and startups, to provide mobile apps that people love. Tapptitude works with all clients as product partners, offering support from the ideas stage to the product launch and beyond. The company helps brands to determine their product and prototype, and start driving success. Tapptitude builds apps that scale quickly and boost user engagement.

  1. Rootstrap

Rootstrap is an award-winning tech company that builds mobile and web apps, for businesses and startups. Drawing the attention of millions of consumers, Rootstrap has been featured in top publications and worked with leading brands including Microsoft and Epson. Recent projects have included Generis, an app that provides customized food plans, based on user DNA.

  1. iTech Art

iTech Art is an awesome software development brand, offering expert teams for tech companies, and VC-based startups. iTech Art creates scalable and successful products that your users will love. iTech Art will work with your in-house engineers, using your preferred methodologies and tools, to achieve a shared mindset.

The company will help you to create your app from scratch, providing support with prototyping, software development, business analysis, and technical documentation.

  1. Utility

This award-winning digital company, provides mobile experiences that are driven by excellent design, tech, and strategy. Utility uses proven methodologies, to deliver elegant solutions to meet your needs. The company ensures a thorough research phase, including competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, and user feedback. Utility provides a unique and quality service, from strategy creation to product launch and ongoing growth, Utility has got your app development covered.

  1. Saritasa

Saritasa is a company of highly skilled technologists, using a passion for tech to create state-of-the-art products. With an extensive portfolio of amazing projects and clients all over the world, Saritasa has established itself as a renowned software company in New York. Saritasa has partnered with some impressive companies, including AT&T and Medium One.

  1. Rocket Insights

Rocket Insights are passionate about building epic mobile apps, whether iOS or Android, supported by a talented team of product gurus. Rocket Insights define themselves as ‘Product People’, they have decades of expertise, providing high-quality software to suit your budget. Most recently, Rocket Insights built the ‘PathCheck’ app, a tool designed for digital contact tracing, during the pandemic.

  1. Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech combines high-tech and creativity to provide custom mobile and web solutions, helping their clients to achieve success. The company has expertise in portal development, mobile development, software testing, web app development, and marketing. Saffron works across a variety of different industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, wearable tech, E-learning, and more.

  1. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs helps ambitious companies to create customer-centric digital products to impress. The company helps its clients to transform and grow, ultimately reaching their goals faster. Blue Label Labs use their experienced engineering skills to create and evolve the perfect product for your company. Inspired by ‘Google Ventures methodology’, Blue Label Labels follow a five-day design sprint, helping you to get creative, fast.

  1. Postlight

Postlight is a company of creative technologists, working to build cutting-edge digital platforms, to impress your customers. Postlight never compromises on quality, and they take the time to understand your intricate needs and goals. The company created an award-winning mobile app for the ‘National Audubon Society’. The project involved redesigning the birdwatching app, to improve the usability and aesthetics.

  1. Andersen

Andersen is a mobile development company with an impressive history, for over ten years they have been creating high-quality applications across various industries. A few of those industries include multimedia, financial services, eCommerce, and healthcare. Andersen builds IOS apps, Android apps, and cross-platform solutions. Whether it’s investment apps or finance management apps, Andersen has got the know-how to support your needs.

  1. Heady

Heady is a mobile product brand, ‘building sustainable innovation through bits and pixels.’ The company takes pride in its intuitive designs and competitive prices. Over the years Heady has delivered many exciting projects including Pop Viewers, ‘a Black-led entertainment app to change the way culture buffs share what to watch next.’

  1. Appetizer Mobile

Appetizer Mobile is a creative mobile dev company, defining themselves as ‘experts at creating brand identity in the mobile space.’ They aim to provide complete satisfaction for every project, with plenty of expertise and innovative designs. Appetizer Mobile has designed a range of software applications including games, secure communications, social networking, education apps, and more.

  1. AndPlus

AndPlus have delivered mobile solutions across plenty of different industries, whether it’s Ecommerce apps, restaurant management apps, or small business accounting applications. AndPlus are proud of their unique processes, helping them to design excellent software, and reduce business risk at the same time.

  1. Fingent

Fingent is a high-performing IT company, offering solutions for business problems, across multiple sectors. With plenty of expertise, Fingent can provide scalable, simple to use, and cutting-edge web applications, for a variety of devices. The company works across industries including education, finance, nonprofit, travel and retail.

  1. Sophilabs

Sophilabs were founded to help companies fulfill their purpose and create a meaningful impact.’ The company delivers excellent software, to help brands reach their business goals. Sophilabs love to solve complex business problems, and ensure that tech is accessible for everyone. Mobile app development can be complicated, but Sophilabs can simplify the process and help you grow.

  1. Jet Rockets

Jet Rockets design innovative software for their clients, whilst offering training and team building as part of the journey. Jet Rockets provide top-quality responsive solutions, supporting their clients to test ideas and create amazing product demos. Whatever your mobile development requirements, Jet Rockets will work tirelessly to deliver.

  1. Fueled

Fueled is an award-winning app development company. Fueled are particularly proud of their innovative process, and their ability to take their clients to new levels of success. Fueled further supports their clients with growth marketing, helping them to increase the ROI for digital products. Fueled knows how to deliver a fantastic user experience, and increase retention at the same time.

  1. Fuzz

Fuzz is a company of engineers, designers, and strategists, supporting users and companies to thrive. Fuzz will take the time to understand your business problems, and help you to build technologies that solve them. They, ‘specialize in overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of bringing great ideas to life.’

  1. Small Planet

Small Planet has been managing, developing, and designing mobile experiences since back in 2009. Using their deep experience with Android and iOS, Small Planet can build excellent apps. Small Planet has worked on apps such as Spot On, ReceiptPal, and Disney Publishing.

  1. Very Good Ventures

Very Good Ventures wants app dev to be plenty of fun! The company helps brands to switch existing apps to new frameworks, aiming to improve design, functionality, and more, ‘they use Flutter to put the joy back in app development’. The company recently worked with Betterment Mobile Money, to trial Flutter for their application.

  1. Be Curious

Be Curious is a top design agency for both big brands and startups, they specialize in the fields of education and health care. The team are experts in designing visual narratives and representing brand stories. Be Curious has been involved in many interesting projects, including the ‘My Victory App’, an app for cancer survivors, that provides an online fitness center. They have a strong portfolio of mobile app development projects.

  1. Halcyon Mobile

One of the leading NY mobile dev brands, Halcyon Mobile creates globally recognized apps, for enterprises and startups. The company delivers amazing UX design and tech talent in-app and web development. Asserting that there’s no, ‘one-size-fits-all’, Halcyon offers tailor-made solutions every time.

  1. Vermillion Sky

Vermillion Sky uses a ‘business-first approach’ to app development, making sure that you get the most out of your investment. The company builds the perfect designs to increase your bottom line, and help you scale your business. Vermillion Sky has worked on a range of creative apps including Artfare, TressCove, and Camerama.