25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in New Hampshire

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in New Hampshire
28Apr, 2021

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing is the best mobile app development company in NH. They use the waterfall method to develop IOS and Android apps that are visually stunning, easy to navigate and highly responsive. These apps can be developed for businesses or as businesses, giving users a full range of possibilities with exceptional results.

2. Zco Corporation

If you need an app development company that specializes in Mobile and Web development apps, then Zco Corporation is one you can find in the NH area. Not only do they offer an excellent service for backend processes, but they regularly work with startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 509 companies. They pride themselves on elegant design.

3. Mooseworks Software LLC

Do you live in the NH area and need an app development company to help launch your business or bring a product to market? Moosework Software could be the answer you need. They provide clients with a full service that includes app store releases. They pride themselves on delivering a quality service on time and within budget.

4. Snappii

If you want to create your own apps for a midsize or large business, and you live in the NH area, Snappii is a good choice. Snappii is a growing web service that gives clients the tools they need to develop their own in-house apps without programming skills. This way, you can develop apps that are neatly tailored to your company’s needs.

5. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystems are another top app development company in the NH area – they also have offices in India. They are a visually appealing app development company that can create some eye-catching effects as well as useful functions. They normally work with mobile apps, AR-VR development, game development and blockchain development.

6. Millennium Agency

If you need an app development company to take your small business forward, look no further than Millenium Agency. They are located in the heart of NH and have won awards for their boutique creative and digital marketing agency. Millennium Agency can help you develop an app that will increase your brand’s awareness and accelerate your client growth rate.

7. Sequel Design Associates

Sequel design takes a holistic approach to your app development. They’ve been operating as a New Hampshire marketing company since 1994, and they know the importance of understanding the business model and the target audience. Partnering with Sequel Design gives you a solid foundation for growing your business.

8. Raka

Raka are not for the long haul. They tend to partner with clients long-term as they continue to tweak the app development and add more value to the business. Raka also provides additional marketing services such as strategy, creativity, and content delivery. You might partner with Raka to develop an app, but they will soon become part of your marketing team.

9. Ascendle

If you want an app development company with over 35 years of experience and a method that simply works, then partner with Ascendle. This top app development company in NH can deliver world-class mobile apps as well as web apps and cloud platforms. They pride themselves on their efficiency and reliability. The machine of mobile app development.

10. The Atom Group

The Atom Group are all about progress and moving away from legacy systems to more modern approaches. The Atom Group will help to reimagine and integrate your app development project so that it sits on the edge of innovation. Think about what this can do for the profile of your brand or business. Your app will be among the most progressive on the market.

11. Vital Design

Vital Design is a digital marketing agency and app development company that works with a diverse range of clients. They can develop an app for your small business or brand that is visually appealing and functional. That’s not all Vital Design can do for you; they are also a content creation company that helps clients to add value to their businesses.

12. Plump Development INC

Plump solutions is a reliable and creative mobile app development company based in the NH area. They specialize  in native and hybrid mobile apps that are functional and eye-catching for the end-users. They also use a method of app development that reduces the development time across platforms. You’re in safe hands with Plump.

13. 21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive is a digital products and services company based in the NH area. They develop everything from web applications to mobile applications. They have a progressive vision when it comes to creative new apps and encourage companies to see the technical possibilities of modern designs. 21Twelve Interactive works with clients the whole way through the development process.

14. Bowst

If you need a mobile app development company that puts your needs at the heart of the project, look no further than Bowst. Bowst are a relatively new brand on the mobile app development scene, but don’t let that put you off. They have an experienced team of engineers, technical project managers, and front end developers committed to creating the most innovative and modern products for your business.

15. Graphic Details

Graphic Details have been operating in the NH area since 1991, and they have a good idea of what it takes to create digital products that serve your business. Their method involves dialogic with clients extensively and getting to know their business needs. It’s their belief that a business app should fit in seamlessly to the larger context of the business.

16. Cloudedots

Do you want an app for your business that uses the latest designs and technology, creates excellent user-friendly interfaces and is fully scalable in line with your business model? If so, check out Cloudedots. Cloudedots puts everything into understanding your business requirements and delivering a product that fits, turning your ideas into a reality.

17. Finish Line Product Development Services

Often small businesses struggle with product development. There are cost involved, and it can be risky for fledgeling businesses who might want product development by can’t risk alternative investment. Finish Line Product Development Services understand this problem and work to create simple solutions. For small businesses that need new apps, use Finish Line.

18. Aesthetic

Are you a business looking for an innovative and progressive company to make your new app? Aesthetic could be the answer. They are based in the NH area and have partnership with Google giving them special access to Google employees, exclusive beta programs and exclusive events. If you want an app grounded in the science of search, work with Aesthetic.

19. Techavidus

Techavidus is at the techy end of mobile app development. They have deep industry experience that allows them to formulate changes to design models based on tech and culture trends. They are always ready to innovate the paradigm and reimagine your app product for the modern business environment. You won’t go wrong with this award-winning developer.

20. Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Labs have been around since 2007. Although they are based in London, they have offices in NH; they are also an organization with a global reach and global appeal. Hedgehog Lab is concerned with innovation and the future of mobile app technology. They can create mobile apps for your business ready for the work of post PC devices.

21. RightPoint

Rightpoint is a mobile development company with offices in the NH area. They were also founded in 2007, but they have a slightly different approach to Hedgehog Lab. Rightpoint is a small team of engineers that serve clients across a range of industries. They develop apps for consumer products and services, IT, and retail. They are mostly concerned with UX.

22. Chopdawg.com

Chopdawg.com is headquartered in Philadelphia with offices in NH. They have a wide array of talent and can produce apps and digital products for startups, scaling businesses and Fortune 500 companies. If you want an app development company that feels more like a digital partner, get in touch with Chopdawg.com.

23. Axora Soft

Axora Soft is a small company with only eight employees. They were originally founded in 2013, and they specialize in custom Software development, UX design and mobile apps. If you want a mobile app developer that is dedicated and experienced, Axora Soft is a great choice.

24. Thoughtbot

Thought both is a company based in the NH area. It specializes in mobile app development and has been running since 2003. In that time, it’s small team of 50+ employees has delivered powerful digital solutions to a range of businesses. With the growing market for mobile apps, Thoughtbot has switched gears.

25. Rocket Farm Studios

Rocket Farm Studios develops mobile apps in the NH area. They began in 2008 and pride themselves on modern innovative approaches that satisfy the growing need for excellent UX. They are somewhat experimental and also provide mobile strategy, IoT, and various digital products to companies of all sizes.

26. 923 Digital

They might be small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective. Founded in 2013, this digital agency has only 10 members. They create mobile apps and custom software solutions for businesses of all types. They have clients in consumer products, e-commerce, and navigation. They can create an app for your business that looks great and works easily.