10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nanjing

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nanjing
15Sep, 2021

As a business owner in Nanjing, it’s important to know that you need to always look for ways to bring your company to the next level. The business world is very competitive and one of the best ways to have a leg up amongst your competitors would be through hiring a reputable mobile app development company.

The mobile application industry is huge and it has only continued to thrive over the last decade. Companies are always looking for ways to move forward and mobile apps have the ability to do this and to help scale the business.

While looking for the right company to hire can get fairly overwhelming, these are ten of the most reputable mobile app development companies that are located in Nanjing and the surrounding area.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a software development company that specializes in providing businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. Exemplary Marketing has over 500 highly skilled software developers who love to make a change for their clients.

They offer multiple services such as mobile application development which also extends to the web. They are passionate about delivering excellence to their customers and always bring the most value with the quickest turn on investment.

If you’re looking for a company that offers fully customizable solutions where you’ll get to own the source code and the intellectual property of your software and apps, then Exemplary Marketing is the right company for you.

ArcherMind Technology

Archer Mind Tech. is known to be a well-established global company that also serves the businesses in Nanjing. They provide an array of services which include mobile app development. They use cutting-edge technology to help keep their clients ahead of their competitors. This includes providing assurance, testing the software, providing 24/7 tech support, and helping in creating cost-effective solutions.

Negup Solutions

Negup Solutions is one of the fastest-growing mobile app development companies in Nanjing. They focus on creating a speedy mobile app for both iOS and Android. This includes having the apps handle large amounts of traffic, back-end integration, bug-free codes to evade crashes, and creating a good User interface that’s easy to navigate. They are most notably known for their work for hybrid apps.

Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt.

Silicon Valley is a mobile app development company that originally comes from India but now has expanded to Nanjing, China. They’ve worked with clients all over the world from the United States to the Netherlands. They’ve been around for the last 12 years creating happy clients along the way.

QP Software

With over a decade of experience, QP Software is result-driven and only provides the best. This full-service digital agency is based in China and serves businesses in Nanjing. They provide an array of services from website building all the way to mobile app development for both Apple and Android.

This digital marketing agency helps its clients with their marketing and media strategy so they can scale their business. Their talented team of professionals is here to help you increase your revenue and to help you in building a solid presence online.

Angell Echo

Angell Echo is committed to children’s education. If your business or product provides an educational experience to children, they’re here to help you out.

They specialize in an array of services to further childhood education such as virtual reality development, mobile app development for both iOS and Android, web development, robotics, graphic design, video artist,  and so much more. With their passion for children’s education, you can count on them to help create your product with their team of highly skilled professionals.


Qwangluo is a mobile app development company based in Nanjing but they help customers all across China They specialize in front and back end mobile app development as well as web development. They pride themselves on their cost-effective methods in bringing mobile applications to their clients.


JustPro is both software as well as an ERP Consulting & Implementation company. With their innovative approach, you can be sure that you’ll embrace what they have to offer. JustPro has over 20 years of experience assisting companies to make digital transformations so they can focus on building an online presence.

Their in-depth knowledge of mobile applications helps bring value to their customers. They want to help clients succeed in the digital age, with their array of services and consulting, they make it possible.

Ming Labs

Ming Labs is a business development company that offers a variety of services to their customers from mobile app development, user research, all the way to partake in the creative direction of the client’s work. This design company helps take companies to the next level as they understand that both aesthetics and user experience to two major components when it comes to retaining customers.

They specialize in web and mobile applications, as well as native apps. Ming Labs has had large clients all across China and parts of Asia as well. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in aesthetics and creativity, then Ming Labs may be the right company for your business.


ReignDesign is a mobile app development company that has a very creative focus. They create mobile apps, web design, WeChat Solutions, chatbots, and so much more. They have experience with large companies such as Nike but they also have a strong focus on helping start-ups and small business owners as well. With over a decade of experience, they strive to make their customers happy by thinking outside of the box.

Hiring a mobile app development company can really help take your business to the next level no matter how large or small it is. These companies have round-the-clock support for any questions or help you may have. They’re often very budget-friendly as well as you can skip out on the process of hiring a freelancer or an in-house mobile app or software developer.

They also provide an array of top-of-the-line resources that freelancers or in-house employees don’t have access to such as certain tools and software. The availability of all of this and a large team of technical expertise can make a large impact in keeping you ahead of your competitors.