10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nanchong

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Nanchong
16Sep, 2021

Mobile app development is so vital to your business success because of the sheer number of people accessing the web on their smartphones. This means if you don’t have an app specially designed to work on a mobile platform you risk losing and alienating a huge percentage of potential prospects.

Indeed, the advantages to having a mobile app for your business are many and include boosting your customer loyalty, particularly if your business specializes in retail. Then, there is the boost that a mobile app can offer your brand.

After all, if customers are engaging with your company regularly through the use of your app they will be much more likely to recognize and positively rate your brand. Especially if the app you offer can be customized to their particular needs, providing a great user experience every single time.

Another major benefit to investing in a mobile app for your company is that it can help you maximize your visibility, and ensure that you keep up with the competition in your market. Not to mention the fact that having a mobile app for your brand just makes sense.

After all, with around 70% of people accessing the internet via mobile devices like phones and tablets, you would need to be pretty short-sighted not to want to have access to these prospects.

Exemplary Marketing

First, on our list of the best mobile app developers is EXEMPLARY MARKETING working out of Nanchong, China. Famous for their software design solutions with a particular focus on mobile app design, their many years of experience shines through, both in terms of the finished products they offer to clients and their excellent command of the process.

Beloved by clients for its straightforward approach and high level of customer service, EXEMPLARY MARKETING has certainly earned its position in the top spot. Smaller companies and global powerhouses alike work with EXEMPLARY MARKETING when they want the very best in mobile app design that adds value to their everyday operations.

Shinetech Software Inc

A custom software development house opened in 2010, SHINETECH SOFTWARE INC has offices in Beijing, China, as well as London, United Kingdom. With approx 600 employees, SHINETECH SOFTWARE INC mainly focuses on supplying software solutions including mobile app development to the sports and healthcare sectors.

Satisfied clients include Golf Score-Live, and Barts Health NHS Trust in the UK, and SHINETECH SOFTWARE INC offers services including Drupal, Ruby, WordPress, and .Net development. Best known for their great value services, SHINETECH SOFTWARE INC are also praised for their UI/UX work.

Centling Technologies

One of the smaller mobile app developers on this list, with around 30 employees, CentLing Technologies are lauded for their work with startups and small businesses.

Established in 2009, CentLing Technologies offer web design and custom software development, as well as mobile app design. They also boast some pretty impressive clientele including IBM, and HP, and are well known for the service they provide other IT providers looking to expand their mobile app offerings.

Also, specializing in development and testing, CentLing Technologies is much praised for its open and direct working style, which means it can partner successfully with businesses across the globe.

Ming Labs

A small to medium company focused on user experience, MING LABS has locations across the globe, including China, Germany, and Singapore.

Best known for their thorough development work, clients choose MING LABS most for app and web projects. MING LABS pride themselves on having all the technical expertise that they could possibly need to solve their clients’ problems, while at the same time also offering a distinctly human collaborative touch that makes the process of working with them as satisfying as the results they produce.

Clever Brainz

A senior development team with less than 50 members, Clever Brainz was established in 2016 to offer development solutions in the area of e-commerce, web, and mobile app to their customers.

Well known for their mobile app development success in the security industry, their commitment to delivering their product by the agreed deadline is legendary. Often while at the same time coming in under budget! A marvel to be sure!

Draway Technology Limited

You can find DRAWAY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED in Baise China. Started in 2021, DRAWAY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, is all about apps, covering both the areas of app management and app development.

Previous happy clients include K-touch, China Telecom, China Mobile, and CNTV. Indeed, is a well-known IT developer in the media industry and an important member of the China Smart Multimedia Terminal Technology Association.

Shandong Qiaotong Tianxia Network Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Linyi China

IT development company SHANDONG QIAOTONG TIANXIA NETWORK SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO was founded in 2017. Situated in Linyi, China and with sites in 3 other Chinese locations, SHANDONG QIAOTONG TIANXIA NETWORK SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO have become known for their work spanning web, mobile app, and IoT development.


Focusing on product and mobile app development as well as UI/UX design, ReignDesign has offices across the globe including locations such as Spain, Chile, Barcelona, and Bangkok.

Launched in 2008, ReignDesign’s small but dedicated team has earned them quite the loyal client list in the IT development sector.

Advanced Systems Development Co., Ltd. (Asdc), Beijing China

With its expensive team of experts and long history in the IT development sector, ADVANCED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT CO has most definitely earned its place on this list.

Operating out of Beijing, China, ADVANCED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT CO mainly focuses on the development of IoT, e-commerce, and mobile app development services. Although they offer IT strategy consulting to their clients as well.

Shandong Blue Fox Network Technology Co., Ltd., Linyi China

The small, yet committed team at SHANDONG BLUE FOX NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO. is best known for its work with AI and mobile app development. Founded in 2014, SHANDONG BLUE FOX NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO. is based in Linyi, China where they serve clients from all over the world.