20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Markham

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Markham
13Aug, 2021

If you are looking for a fantastic app development company in Markham, Canada. Down below, we’re going to be taking a look at 20 of the best options.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the first business that we are going to be looking at. Due to their fantastic design capabilities this company has, they are right at the top of the market. Some of their app designs have been fantastic, starting with the foundation idea and building up from there.

You tell this company what you want, and that is what you are going to get. You will also find that this company uses advanced technologies to be the best, creating visually stimulating and user-friendly apps for their clients.


IQlance is dedicated to providing web and mobile app solutions. There is an entire team that is dedicated to mobile app development, providing the mobile solution that their clients are looking for, using hybrid app technologies.

Offering tailor-made, effective, and professional mobile solutions, IQlance delivers stunning apps to everyone who uses this service. This is how they maintain their position on the various stores found on mobile devices, doing what they can to make their customers happy.


Are you looking to turn your vision into a market-winning product? If this is the case, then you need a team of professionals that have dedicated their time to helping businesses develop mobile apps in the past. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, the experience that this company has will be beneficial to your app development. If you have an existing app, Cloudoft can also provide feedback on what is working, as well as providing suggestions on the areas that need addressing.

Nanosoft Technology Inc

If you want your business to be working with professionals in the field who have a large amount of experience behind them, then Nanosoft Technology Inc could be the answer that you are looking for. In the beginning, this company didn’t have anything to do with mobile app development, but this part of the company came into existence with the desire to develop apps for clients that meet their requirements without costing them an arm and a leg.

Focusing on adopting the latest trends, this company helps keep the apps that they develop current, ensuring that they are going to be a hit once they hit the app market.


Developer4Lease is a premier, custom software development company that also has a division of the business that works on mobile app development. With a long history of providing high-quality services to clients, this business has a strong reputation on the market for being one of the go-to companies when you need a mobile application.

Developer4Lease also takes pride in being able to serve businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an SME or a larger enterprise, the mobile app development service will benefit you. It doesn’t matter if the needs are complex or simple, they will be there for you.


It is always important to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. This is the philosophy that Digilite works with, developing some of the best apps on the app market right now. The work that is produced by this company speaks for itself against all of the other companies that it is competing against.

Founded back in 2006, the motivation of this business is to provide some of the best mobile apps on the market to improve people’s lives. Using cutting-edge technology, this aspiration comes true when you see and use the apps that have been developed by this business.

Acuminous Software

Established in the year 2010, this business has expertise in a range of sectors, one of them being mobile app development. Thanks to the broad range that the business covers though, it means that they are always applying their knowledge of the industry to the apps that they develop, as well as the other services that they provide. They do all of this without charging a small fortune, which is one of the reasons that they are such a strong contender on the market.

This company is medium in size, with between 10 and 49 employees working for them at any given time. All of the employees are well versed in software, development, and testing, making them the perfect choice for your mobile app development needs.

MapleWiz Technologies

This is the leading company in Canada when it comes to mobile app development. It is run by a small group of young technology and business experts, with under 10 people working there. It was founded in 2011 and is currently the best in the industry. MapleWiz Technologies is known for providing responsive designs when they are developing either a website or a mobile application, ensuring they attract the highest number of people.


A security consulting and technology practice that has over 20 years of experience, TwelveDot is a key player in the mobile app development industry. They have experience managing, designing, advising, and then developing the solution for clients covering a wide range of industries.

A small business, but one that is highly revered on the market, TwelveDot can provide you with exactly what you need to create the best possible mobile application. As well as this, as it’s a security consulting firm, you can be sure that your app is secure to use!

Prime Technology Group

Developing cutting-edge solutions is what this business does. Consisting of a whole group of technology professionals who are all waiting to provide you with the service that you require. Whether you need a solution for your app immediately, or you are waiting for the advancement of tomorrow, this company has got your back.

Innovasium Digital

Do you want a company that brings technology, brand, and design together? That’s what you get with innovasium digital. Having over 10 years in the industry has meant that they have been able to cover a range of technological services, including mobile app development. If you need a company that can do it all, but with a particular focus on mobile app development, Innovasium is your go-to.

OneNet Blockchain Development

This is a blockchain and smart contract development company but also designs mobile applications and websites, ensuring they are kept safe at all times. Mobile app development accounts for around 34% of the business focus, as this is now what this business has become known for.

Eccomerce Web Design Agency

By using their creativity, this business helps you to enhance your ROI through technology. This is one of the reasons that mobile applications are so important, and this company is more than happy to help. Don’t underestimate them simply because they are a small business, because they can do everything their competitors can do, and more.

Vertex Web Surf

A leading web design company, but also provides mobile app development as one of their services. Vertex Web Surf has the ability and the knowledge to develop and design some truly fantastic applications for mobiles.


Focusing on user experience, Chimpare provides mobile app development and web design services. They create intuitive, and highly intelligent apps so that it doesn’t look like you are putting out what’s already on the market under a different name.

iTechnolabs Inc

Providing top-of-the-range IT services since 2020, this company comprises of veteran professionals who still have much more to give to businesses in need. Using the latest technology to create innovative apps is what they do best, making data-driven decisions to provide the best to every single client.

ITW Consulting

ITW specializes in interactive and responsible design and development, this is the perfect business to hire to develop your app for you. The business consists of some of the sharpest minds in mobile app development and web-based technologies, producing nothing short of excellence every time.

NetPulse Services

Obsessed with quality. This sentence sums up this company to a T, as they are never going to deliver something that is less than excellent. Your company will get the perfect mobile app developed for them, at the hands of a professional. Helping you to generate immediate cost savings, help from this business will be invaluable.

LaraX Co

Finally, LaraX is a leading development company, providing services to other businesses that require customized software solutions. When it comes to mobile app development, this medium-sized company enhances your business operations by developing the best products for your clients. The team consists of over 30 experts who have delivered on multiple innovative solutions in the 5 years they have been in business.

Aimdek Technologies

Since 2014, AIMDek has been empowering businesses across the globe with its amazing services. Providing high-class infrastructure for IT solutions such as mobile app development, they excel when it comes to delivering quality, innovative solutions. Flexible with who they partner with, whether it is startups, small businesses, mid or large companies, they can provide the same fantastic services to all of them.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know 20 of the best mobile app development companies in Markham, Canada.