20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Laval

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Laval
09Aug, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

An experienced app development team that specializes in mobile app creation, using the waterfall method that ensures fantastic user experiences through responsible control and navigation. This team is able to meet a wide range of mobile app needs, bringing a team experienced in user interface creation, making sure that any solutions made meet the needs of both client and end-user

Capermint Technologies

Based locally in Montreal, this team aims to develop applications that help brands heighten their reach and create user experiences that can improve recognition and reputation. This custom app development team works includes a multi-disciplinary team of mobile app developers, graphic designers, game developers, quality analysts and more, that primarily create gaming apps but also have plenty of experience in other sectors such as information technology. Their solutions also incorporate a range of new and developing technologies, like AR, VR, and IoT.


Based in Montreal, this award-winning studio is committed to creating highly personalized solutions in the digital space, primarily working for enterprise and midmarket-sized organizations. This collective has worked mostly in creating apps for the arts, entertainment & music industry, but also has experience with information technology and non-profit clients, using the experience of their enthusiastic digital experts who have worked with clients such as The Sun magazine, Bioware, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati and The Canadian Encylopedia.

Brossard App Design

An 18-person team of developers that offer all manner of iPhone, iPad, and Android App development services. Since their founding in 2013, they have worked to create all manner of apps including employment management tools, sales kits, remote assistance software, networking apps, and home automation solutions. Offering great execution, devoted customer support, and a range of market knowledge and expertise, they aim to bring new quality ideas to their client’s software needs.

DOIT Software

A team of technical engineers that do the majority of their work in mobile app development, but with some experience in custom software development, too. This team of experienced and motivated engineers takes a proactive approach, with experience in working with clients of all sizes, developing solutions for markets such as IT, medical, and education entirely from scratch. DOIT Software advertises its ability to take on any manner of challenges that its clients can throw at them.

Vellgus Inc.

A relatively new team that was founded in 2019 but has still worked with an impressive range of clients including MindZip and Raymond Group, this web and mobile app development company includes more than 10 development and design experts that can offer all kinds of custom software and mobile app solutions for industries such as marketing, media, e-commerce, education, hospitality, health care, and more.

Kokomo Inc.

This six-person team of dedicated engineers is based in Montreal and works with both English and French-language clients in the creation of all manner of applications for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Their experience in website development has helped them developed a keen eye for user interface design, leading to the creation of solutions designed to help end-users have the best experience possible with their apps.

Noesis Digital

A custom software development team based in Montreal, Noesis Digital focuses on integrating technologies into the operations of businesses to help them improve their processes and services in every way possible. With experience in working with all manner of digital platforms for business services, real estate, telecommunications clients, and more, they primarily work with small businesses, but also serve midmarket and enterprise needs, as well. Aside from app building, they offer strategic guidance to help ensure that the solutions clients ask for are the solutions that will work best to their real aims.

Zealous System

A globally-based web and mobile app development team with offices in Canada amongst other countries. Since 2008, Zealous System has worked with a wide range of clients across industries including Neil Patel Digital, Civica, and the New Zealand Tertiary College. Their team of over 100 engineers, designers, and experts allows them to take on projects of all sizes, as well as utilizing a broad skill set to provide solutions suitable for meeting all manner of challenges.

Algoseed Labs

A boutique web and mobile application development company, this team has specific experience in working with e-commerce, hospitality, leisure, business services, and information technology clients. They offer world-class solutions to clients of every size, including small business clients, helping through every step of the process, including planning, design, development, implementation, and support.


Developing custom solutions for all manner of industry leaders, with a particular background in working with organizations in the arts, business services, and medical industries, Spiria is a team of passionate developers and designers who bring a deep enthusiasm for technology with their services. They mostly work with midmarket level organizations, but with no small amount of experience working with enterprise clients, either, developing work class solutions to meet a wide variety of needs.

App & Flow Development

A small development team that focuses primarily on mobile app development, but with some experience in web development, as well. App & Flow Development specializes in working with small businesses and, in particular, startups. They offer high-quality apps that are fully scalable to the needs of the client, and a process of working that helps clients that are new to the space better understand what goes into an app and what needs they can fulfill using them.

Guarana Technologies

With offices in both Montreal and Toronto, Guarana Technologies has been building native Android and iOS applications since 2011. This mid-sized team has experience in creating all manner of solutions, primarily for small businesses, with over 40 apps made each year since their founding. They have specific experience in working with a range of new and developing technologies, including IoT, augmented reality, beacons, and working with features such as Apple Pay and Apple Watch apps.


A small team of three developers that offers close attention to the needs of each client, Loup is a highly specialized mobile development team that focuses on one project at a time to ensure that their clients get the best possible digital experiences that they can offer. Some of the sectors they have worked in include food tech, medical, sport, personal networking, as well as B2B distribution apps.


A large team with over 100 employees that have been offering services in mobile app development and custom software development, this Montreal-originated firm with offices in Toronto and New York also brings extensive experience in user experience and user interface design. They have worked with a variety of both private sector and public sector organizations in fields such as finance, health care, transport, and more, including work with major organizations like the RTC in Quebec City.

Underlabs App Development

A combined team of software engineers and creative directors, Underlabs brings both the technical expertise to create all manner of custom app solutions as well as the creative experience to make them as engaging and pleasing to the end-user as possible. They offer mobile development services for all iOS and Android platforms, as well as some specialization in technologies such as Cloud-based services and blockchain-based platforms.

Sidekick Interactive

A multi-disciplinary team that works with clients and projects across both the Americas and Europe, they focus on creating native mobile applications, with a design philosophy that prioritizes understanding the vision of the client perfectly before creating a solution that matches it as best as possible. This team primarily works with midmarket to enterprise organizations, with specific experience in information technology, business services, and consumer markets and services.

6hSolution Technologies

A relatively small team of developers, this digital consultancy team from Montreal offers a wide range of bespoke web, app, and software development solutions. They primarily work with small businesses but have experience in meeting the needs of mid-market firms, as well, with experience in industries such as energy, logistics and transport, marketing, business services, health care, e-commerce, retail, and more.


A well-known software development team that works primarily in mobile app and custom software solutions, with a specialization in artificial intelligence technology. This team works closely with their clients, crediting teamwork as being the primary driver of their success, bringing plenty of experience with organizations of all sizes, including small businesses and enterprises.


A collaborative effort of multi-disciplinary professionals, including designers, developers, and UX/UI experts that offer all manner of custom software and app solutions to a wide range of clients. This team also brings a history of web development to ensure the best navigation and end-user journeys through the apps they make.


Dedicated to helping clients quickly launch the solutions that they need, this team offers turnkey software and mobile app development services to primarily midmarket and small business clients. They bring a particular experience in marketing, automotive, and consumer market-driven solutions, working from design to implementation to continuous improvement and maintenance.