20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Karnataka

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Karnataka
20May, 2021

With such a demand for mobile apps in this day and age, it is crucial for companies to work with the right app development company. App developers are popping up everywhere, and as a result, it can prove to be difficult to find the best ones. However, let’s make things easier for you by providing the 20 best mobile app development companies in Karnataka.

Exemplary Marketing

Arguably one of the most popular companies in Karnataka, they focus on a variety of components, including Twitter growth and content marketing. They pride themselves on providing a variety of comprehensive services to customers around the world. Exemplary Marketing app development focuses on iOS and Android apps, improving their responsiveness and are incredibly easy to use. Their focus is on ensuring the customers pay attention to your brand, and develop a strong affiliation with your company.


One of the industry-leading providers of mobile app development, they are known for innovative solutions and mobile apps that engage with a wide variety of people. Having been in operation since 2009, they are one of the best providers out there for the very simple reason that they do not stop adopting new technologies. Their evolution has culminated in them as one of the primary mobile app development companies in Karnataka, but also around the world.

Fortunesoft IT Innovations

Providing over ten years of experience, and having completed over 500 projects, their worldwide operation focuses on FinTech application development, SaaS application development, and deals with maximising return on investment in a sustainable way. Completely end-to-end, they start with research and analysis, all the way through to quality assurance. With fantastic abilities and customer service support to boot, they are one of the winners in the mobile app development game.


Focusing on providing a number of different software modules to cater for different types of businesses, they are just entering their 10th year in existence, and have been developing innovative solutions every step of the way. They have worked with big-name firms such as Baxi Taxi, PQ, and Foretees, but have also identified how customers can save time and money so they can focus on the product. One of the more reliable companies out there, they create great apps at low prices, making them invaluable to entrepreneurs.

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Providing bespoke software development Solutions, quality is at the forefront of their ethos. Having worked in a variety of industries including finance, Agri Tech, and education, they have worked with over 900 clients of varying sizes. They work rigorously to maintain high-quality standards but share the enthusiasm of startups, making them a high-quality company that works wonders with any size business.

Cumulations Technologies

Focusing on efficiency above everything else, they create mobile application development services for iOS, and Android, with a strong backend and front-end service on numerous platforms. Founded in 2012, they have been awarded one of the best mobile app development companies by Silicon India, and with its modest-sized team, you can guarantee attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Ads N Url

Having worked with over 500 projects, and have deals with companies of many sizes, from SMEs to Fortune 500 Enterprises, they have come a long way since their inception in 2015. With over 200 specialists, they provide holistic and workable Solutions using a diverse combination of technologies, all with a forward-thinking and client-first approach. Using the best of contemporary technology, they work with businesses to give them the results they need.

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2012, this is a company that provides top quality work at a low price. With a quick turnaround in their mobile app development department, they provide services in a wide range, from digital marketing to technological and of course, mobile app development, ensuring that they are your one-stop-shop for mobile app development in Karnataka.

OM Software PVT LTD

Since 2004 they have worked with many areas in e-business, optimising solutions throughout the globe. Focusing on creative components such as graphic design they also make sure that a company utilizes a variety of services to create an app that builds a business appropriately. A modest-sized business, they provide a reliable and durable service within a quick timeframe.

Nextbrain Technologies

Since 2016, this company has worked on mobile applications for a variety of businesses, from startups to bigger sized enterprises, the focus is on developing customer satisfaction and support alongside high-quality user experience design. Boasting a variety of different knowledge and practices, they are flexible in their abilities to problem-solve, while guaranteeing a solid mobile app solution.

Fusion Informatics Limited

Focused on implementing high-level technology Solutions, their specialist knowledge is integral to their service. Having been one of the leaders of mobile app development since the year 2000, they provide development services for Android, social apps, and iOS. They have worked with a variety of big named businesses, as well as SMEs, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Brillmindz Technologies

If you are looking to create an app that goes beyond mere aesthetics, their experience in development for games lends itself well. With a variety of deficient developers, products become mobile apps instantly. With a variety of high-quality mobile app developers, they have worked to deliver more than 1,000 apps on a variety of platforms. Since 2011, they have been at the top of their game, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Offering support to growing startups and more established enterprises, they have worked with a number of big names over the years, including Forbes and Samsung, but they focus on being there every step of the way. They are more hands-on than many businesses. If you want to scale your business, and you need an app to help you realise your vision, this company, since its inception in 2005, has seen hundreds of companies scale the dizzy heights of success.

B2C Info Solutions

Providing end-to-end services, their 50-strong team of technological expertise provided over 700 projects to more than 400 clients around the world. Practising Agile methodologies, they use this discipline to create strong business-critical mobile solutions. A solid company that focuses on the cutting-edge to enable any form of digital transformation.


Priding themselves on a quick turnaround, they can deliver products in one month. Ideal for startups that are looking to bring a product to life quickly. They pride themselves on working with you every step of the way. With a variety of disciplines and experiences, they are determined to start small, ensuring you are happy every step of the way.

JDV Technologies

Providing a variety of mobile app development services, they understand the requirements of the customer and ensure that their transparent process makes for a strong working relationship with clients. They are a company that, since 2018, has grown slowly but surely to provide a solid cross-section of solutions in a variety of industries, including the banking industry.

Coltfox Private Limited

They are all about making things easier and more effective, not to mention enjoyable. The challenge associated with making a big splash in the modern day is not lost on them. They work with brands to keep them relevant. This means that, as well as their technological input, they work at keeping your business remaining culturally relevant. Providing a variety of creative insight and awareness to transform a business, they boast a variety of imagination, clever and inspiring approaches to change how your business is perceived.

Embitel Technologies

Focused on quality mobile application development through major platforms such as Android and iOS, they offer end-to-end services for many businesses. Having boasted a variety of clients all around the world, including in Bangalore, if you are looking for one of the best mobile app development companies in Karnataka, this is where you need to look.

FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd

An award-winning company that develops mobile apps with a quick turnaround, and have worked with a variety of big-name companies including Vodafone, they have delivered over 400 web apps and 500-plus apps in BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. Having worked with many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Companies around the world, they have also developed some of the most recent award-winning apps and games. Since 2008, they have increased their scope incrementally, and have seen the business go from strength to strength.


For SaaS Talent, Starkflow is one of the best companies out there. Having started modestly in 2017, their small team is gradually making waves throughout the world. Providing a variety of skills, and high-quality customer service, they have a variety of experience in e-commerce, front-end development, and software development ensuring mobile apps are of the highest quality.

If you are looking for some of the best mobile app development companies in Karnataka these 20 are making significant impacts across India and the world. Strong mobile app development companies are hard to find, and if you are on the lookout for the best of the best in Karnataka you don’t have to look any further.