50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Illinois

50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Illinois
11Feb, 2021

Finding the best mobile app development companies in Illinois can be difficult. Not anymore – look no further for over fifty of the best Illinois has to offer.

  1. Exemplary Marketing

With a focus on cost effectiveness, Exemplary Marketing is renowned for their innovative approach to mobile app development, whether Android, iOS, AR/VR, loT or Cross Platform.

  1. Red Foundry

This company has been working in mobile app development since 2009. With specific project methodology, customers will be delivered transparency and reduced project risk.

  1. Koombea

‘You manage the business, we handle the application,’ Koombea’s website reads. With their continuous testing and high level coding, product produced will be easy to maintain and excellent quality.

  1. Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative has worked with some industry leaders – such as, recently, American Airlines and Match – so you know you’ll be receiving good quality work and a company that can work under pressure.

  1. Launchpad Lab

With over 300 projects delivered, Launchpad Lab are one of the best Illinois has to offer. This is clear when you learn that 85% of their clients work with them for more than a year.

  1. Saritasa

Everything with Saritasa is kept in-house, avoiding the risks associated with third parties. This way, all projects are delivered on time and are of high quality.

  1. FarShore

Fifteen years of experience has made FarShore one of the best mobile app development companies in Illinois. They’ve launched over one hundred apps in the Apple and Google Play store.

  1. Elko

Elko have their own unique approach to mobile app development: their Elko App Builder. It ensures a faster, more secure and efficient deploy of your product.

  1. Dedicated Developers

This Illinois company specialises in easy to use mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS. They’ve been in the industry for over a decade, so have streamlined their processes.

  1. Vault Innovation

For those looking for high-impact software, Vault Innovation is the company to use. They’ve helped to launch over 50 tech companies, and work with results as their drive.

  1. Foxbox Digital

‘We relied on them to take ownership and get it done… and that’s exactly what happened,’ CTO of Home Chef (a Kroger company) said after using FoxBox for their mobile app.


An award-winning agency, NEXT/NOW leads in the area of virtual experiences.

  1. Dom & Tom

More than 600 products have been built by this company, who aim to empower their clients to build their own digital futures. They work with a spectrum of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

  1. Codal

Codal was founded with the goal of bringing transparency and efficiency to mobile app development. In their own words, they want to make the digital world “a friendlier place.”

  1. Eight Bit Studios

This company focuses on immersing themselves in the world of their clients, all in order to build apps for positive change. In 2019, they were awarded Best Mobile App Development in Chicago.

  1. Simpalm

The top priority of Simpalm is to create innovative mobile app developments. All members of their team hold strong industry expertise within app development. They’ve been developing apps for Android since Android’s inception.

  1. Table XI

One client, Neil Patel – co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg – says: ‘Be prepared for Table XI to challenge you in order to create the best product possible.’

  1. LoadSys Solutions

LoadSys Solutions focuses on delivering what the client wants – whether this is business efficiency, online service or process automation. Whatever the client wants, they will definitely receive high quality solutions.

  1. Sphere Partners

Sphere Partners have a 97% client retention rate, having delivered over 350 projects. They offer expert teams on demand to clients – both onsite and remotely.

  1. 20spokes

20spokes aims to pair their expertise with the vision of their clients to create growth with their app development. They have options for both ideas for new products, and growth of existing products.

  1. Cultivate

By focusing on brand message, Cultivate hopes to help their clients reach the right people with their mobile apps.

  1. Vokal

Understanding that investment in features and platforms isn’t enough anymore, Vokal thinks of metrics and scale with an entrepreneurial lens.

  1. Kin + Carta

This global business employs over 1,600 specialised technologists in order to deliver their clients the best quality. They focus on making their work sustainable and profitable.

  1. Rightpoint

Rightpoint thinks ‘even the wildest, most creative ideas are only as valuable as how flawlessly they’re executed,’ which is why they stick with their clients from start to finish.

  1. Lakeview Labs

This company looks to build the future with their mobile app development, making them one of the best in Illinois. Their speciality is working from a napkin sketch all the way to reality.

  1. Neologic Software

Neological Software can offer you a budget guarantee. With the fixed quote offered, clients can feel confident they will not ever have to spend more. Perfect for those on a tight budget.

  1. Atomic Object

Apps made by Atomic Object focus on maximising clients’ ROI. Their apps are built to be long-lasting and easy to use.

  1. Hashrocket

Hashrocket works with their clients through all stages of development. From strategy, requirements gathering, development and design all the way to training and process consulting.

  1. TrinityWired

TrinityWired offers clients the ability to pay just 30% of the cost to get their app running. The rest can be paid off on a weekly basis of small payments.

  1. Asterism Infosoft Pvt Ltd

This company offers both the help to build apps and the use of app clone scripts and source codes.

  1. Savvy Apps

Savvy Apps have received national and industry recognition for their work. If that isn’t enough of a recommendation, consider that they’ve worked with the likes of Levi’s, Toyota, the NFL Player’s association and PBS.

  1. Orases

Rather than offering help with all stages of development, Orases focuses on specific sections in order to deliver the best quality.

  1. Calibrate Software

By using a strategic mindset to deliver enterprising solutions, Calibrate Software aims to drive incremental growth. Their focus is on sparking joy with their work.

  1. ORA

As one of the providers of the best mobile app development in Illinois, ORA invites clients to join them to ‘make something worth admiring.’

  1. Devscale

Employing only senior-level talent, Devscale is capable of tackling the most complex issues. Alongside iOS and Android, they specialise in Web Frontend and Web Backend.

  1. Very Good Ventures

Heard of the Hamilton app? Well, Very Good Ventures worked to develop that app. Plus, The New York Times, Google and PolicyGenius. But to name a few.

  1. Devvela

Devvela focuses on using the latest technology, rather than turning to outdated solutions. This makes their work innovative and exciting.

  1. Punchkick Interactive

By blending design thinking to new and cutting-edge technology, Punchkick aims to connect brands with their audiences.

  1. Insyte Consultancy Services

Insyte offers both onshore and offshore options for those looking to develop mobile apps.

  1. Surge – a Catalyte company

Surge offers its clients flexibility. With the lack of a minimum term or commitments, clients can choose in the moment to scale up or down.

  1. Zwiffer Inc.

Zwiffer Inc.’s blueprint process is what sets them apart from the crowd. One client, who needed an app quickly, praised Zwiffer for delivering the work ‘in a month.’

  1. TangoCode

TangoCode focuses on pushing their clients past their competition into the forefront of consumers’ minds.

  1. KeyLimeTie

With 14 years under their belt, KeyLimeTie promotes a close working environment to deliver you the best service.

  1. Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great do not see the possibilities for innovation as yet exhausted. There is still more to discover, and Bright bright great hope to be with their clients on the forefront of this.

  1. Team Harbour

Team Harbour’s expertise lies in enterprise resource planning, marketing platforms, financial institution operations and customer relationship management systems.

  1. Elinsys

All Elinsys’ apps they work on are modern and intuitive, with the goal of providing a transformative and quality experience for users.

  1. Chicago Software Solutions

In their services, Chicago Software Solutions aims to streamline their clients’ processes, engaging clients and integrating them with existing databases.

  1. Ethervision

Ethervision was there at the very beginning. They worked on three of the fifty initial mobile apps that were launched as Apple’s App store launched. With them, you know you will be working with experienced developers.

  1. Ameex Technologies Corp.

This company offers two paths: through digital technology or through digital experience. Clearly, then, Ameex Technologies Corp. places emphasis on consumer experience.

  1. Velvetech LLC

Over 1,000 projects have been delivered by Velvetech LLC, likely because of their wide range of experience in a variety of industries, from healthcare to education to the energy sector.

  1. Doejo

Doejo fills its ranks with problem solvers, so there is no challenge too large to bring to this company. With focus on building momentum and scale, Doejo is one of the best mobile app developers in Illinois.

  1. Intersog

Intersog aims to help clients achieve their business goals while reducing costs, overall leading to accelerated growth. With their 250+ technology experts, Intersog has the resources to back their dreams up.