20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hobart

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hobart
25Aug, 2021

Australian smartphone users love apps. Australian mobile app development represents approximately 1% of the market. However, it is a trend that is growing steadily. Over 8 in 10 releases in Australia are application-focused, while 19% is game focus, which is slightly higher than the global game focus (13%). Despite the slight shift in interest, Australian-developed apps receive overall more downloads than the average of all global applications.

Additionally, the Australian mobile app market also differs significantly from global trends when it comes to monetisation. Indeed, 9% of Australian mobile apps are paid by the publishers, vs. 3% globally. Less than 20% of Australian apps include ads, vs 38% of global apps. Australian app developers are also more likely to release a product simultaneously on Android and iOS, with 58% of apps being available on both stores.

Once you understand the Australian app industry, you are in a better position to find the best mobile app development companies around you. Below, we’ve compiled the list of the top 20 Hobart development companies.

Exemplary marketing

With a deeper understanding of the global app development market, Exemplary Marketing has offices around the world. Recognised as a leader in mobile application development, the company has over 10 years of experience and over 40 million downloads with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 for their app projects. The company provides cross platform development, valuing a native development process that can encompass IoT, AR, and VR requirements.


With locations all around the world, Krifty is another mobile app development company that understands the challenges of a global market. With renowned clients such as Toyota in Australia, the company is one of the top rated app development businesses in the software world. They provide cross platform development and also app design for wearable technologies. With over 15 years of experience, Krifty is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions compatible with the latest tech.


Serving customers worldwide, Appsinvo specialises in building innovative apps, making the brand one of the top mobile app development companies in Hobart and around the world. With over 300 app development projects under their belt, Appsinvo is one of the fastest growing mobile development companies. With over 6 years of experience, the company completed over 100 mobile apps development in iOS and Android and wearable tech, including VR sets.

Neon Jungle

With projects set directly in Tasmania in Australia, Neon Jungle is a mobile development company with local links. Specialist in bringing complexity down to a manageable level with mobile apps, the company combines development, design, and navigability to stand out from the crowd. They are familiar with public services projects that require enhanced accessibility and visibility. With a team of developers, designers, and brand experts, neon Jungle is dedicated to creating unforgettable app experiences.


Founded in 1993, Autech is by far one of the oldest mobile development companies on this list. Dedicated to bringing the Australian technology market to the next level, Autech has a wealth of international experience, encompassing multiple platforms, languages, and industry sectors. Fully established as a multi platform developer, Autech values effective and manageable data visualisation and access for customers and companies.

Digital ink

Based in Hobart, Digital ink offers a comprehensive marketing approach for their clients, encompassing mobile app development, digital marketing, and graphics. The company supports small and big businesses with an optimised digital presence, using mobile app development as an extension of the typical responsive website services. While clients such as the Australian Government and Work Health Assessors, they’ve proven their commitment to service excellence.

Digital Unicorn

A unique app development agency, Digital Unicorn serves a global market as a multi-platform developer for iOS and Android. With an international team that combines their understanding of different market regions, Digital Unicorn can confidently provide in-depth mobile app targeting and tailoring around the world. They welcome app development projects that need micro-geolocation, VR and AR, AI, and IoT, using the latest and highest performance technologies.

Ionata digital

With over 20 years of experience, Ionata digital has a local connection to the Hobart area and Tasmania. The team is committed to maximising the functions of smartphones via their apps. Therefore, they build apps that use the functions native to the device, such as sensors, location services, and cameras. Mobile apps are developed for both Google Androids and Apple iOS devices to connect a local or international audience.


Founded in 2000, Datawise has become an IT partner of choice for software and mobile app development in Australia. Specialist in the development and build of integrated business IT solutions, Datawise provides mobile apps designed specifically for Windows phones with integration with the Microsoft Windows suite and network. An accredited Silver Microsoft Partner, Datawise is a recognised mobile app development company for corporate productivity.


Based in Hobart, Omnicore has a wealth of experience in software and mobile app development for both local and international projects. A small business with big ambitions, Omnicore supports startups and small companies in Tasmania and abroad. They also release game apps on Google Android, making them the perfect ally for a gaming project. Development projects emphasise intelligent cross-platform solutions that can support business growth.

Tech Wolves

With a strong local experience in mobile app development, Tech Wolves deliver targeted and bespoke solutions for both internal and external projects. With clients such as The Hobart Domain Tennis Centre, Tech Wolves showcase the importance of an interactive app experience for the audience. Specialised in digital solutions that turn complex data into manageable inputs, the company offers an affordable, high-tech approach that elevates the reputation of its clients.

Hello People

Based in Australia, Hello People is a boutique IT developer offering a variety of services to their clients, both locally and globally. Committed to accelerating the digital revolution and the adoption of new technologies for companies of all sizes, they build mobile apps with innovation and usability in mind. With over 300 mobile app development projects, Hello People work across a variety of platforms, including iOS, Androids, and Windows mobile.


A dynamic software, web and app development company, Verdant has over 10 years of experience in providing dedicated solutions to their clients. The company has a long mobile development experience, having started table and smartphone applications in the early OS environment. Mobile apps are built to be fully compatible with a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7. Their multi-faceted approach makes Verdant a priority choice for businesses requiring complex and integrated IT solutions across the board.


With 10 years of experience, Asdeqdocs is a small software company based in Hobart. Specialist in software development and integration, the company also offers tailored mobile app development with full compatibility with the MS Suite. AsdeqDocs combines the IT experience of many experts dedicated to infrastructure security and business productivity for a mobile workforce.

IT Services Hobart

A newcomer in the IT sector, IT Services Hobart was established in 2018. However, the company builds on the long experience of its founder in mobile app development. Dedicated to becoming an IT boutique of choice of local businesses, IT Services Hobart provides a full service from the ideation to the launch of the solution. With a focus on iOS and Android development, the company offers cost-efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly solutions for a meaningful app experience.


Originally founded as Etek in 2001, Coletek was established in 2004 after the passing of one of the original founders. Specialist in robotic, automation, and electronic equipment, Coletek also provides mobile app development for entrepreneurs and startups requiring prototyping, mechanical and industrial design and automation in Australia and the world. A multi-award winning high tech boutique, Coletek provides apps tailored for an IoT environment.


Established in 2007, C9 is a dedicated software and mobile app development company with clients in Australia and worldwide. With over 280 projects, the company puts its rich experience at the service of businesses to provide a one stop shop for all development needs. The C9 team can provide custom mobile app development targeted at business operations to enhance productivity and workflow.

Script technology

Fully versatile in iOS and Android platforms, Script Technology brings international know-how to mobile app development. With a vast range of projects ranging from customer-facing apps to complex data management applications, Script Technology commits to delivering a cost-effective and reliable solution to all businesses.

Duplex Technologies Services

With a long experience in the IT sector, Duplex technologies Services is committed to delivering result-oriented, user-centric, and design-focus mobile app development. Providing multi-platform builds across Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7, Duplex Technologies Services works extensively with the travel, education, retail, finance, and healthcare sectors with client-facing or business-centric apps.


Vikilinks is a software and mobile app development company established in 2008. Vikilinks delivers a full service, encompassing design, UI and UX concepts, app build, cross-platform compatibility, and launch. Dedicated to bringing outstanding quality to their clients, the company builds long-lasting relationships with businesses.

Hobart is a hub for technology and mobile app development with a variety of Australian and international companies delivering innovative, high-performing experiences for businesses of all sectors. Whether you are looking for an internal operational app that’s compatible with your MS Suite or for a client-facing app with an elegant design, there is a tech partner out there for you.