20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Haryana

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Haryana
20May, 2021

Mobile applications are not just marketing tools; their use goes beyond marketing. But for many businesses in Haryana, the cost of developing applications might be critical to ensure enduring profitability. In addition, mobile apps offer a company competitive benefits and increase customer loyalty, both current and potential ones.

Now, suppose you are a company in Haryana and looking to leverage mobile app development. In that case, the following is a list of companies that can help your business stand out with their services and products.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a certified mobile app development company. Exemplary marketing has its headquarters in Chicago and delivers both local and international mobile app development services for its clients for many years. They also offer other comprehensive solutions to businesses globally. Up to now, Exemplary has mobile app developers who provide companies with first-class solutions to grow businesses on a local and international level.

Yugasa Software Labs

This is an award-winning mobile application development company that provides high-quality web, mobile, and AI-centered mobile app development services. With their services, Yugasa is able to offer world-class software solutions to both small and established big businesses.  Yugasa has mobile app developers who perform a fantastic job at helping businesses all over the world solve their most complex challenges. Yugasa consists of a highly motivated team of mobile app developers who work day and night to gain customer satisfaction as well as loyalty.

Damco Solutions

Damco solutions is another US-based mobile app development company that offers customer-centered services in data, digital, and product development. Their immense indigenous knowledge and experience in IT services and solutions prove their capability in both existing and emerging technologies, established development, and testing procedures. All these features make Damco Solutions a trusted and reliable partner for customers all over the globe.

All the services offered by Damco are aimed to guarantee the success of a business. Damco has mobile app developers that can help you add value to your business by establishing an outstanding customer experience while at the same time lowering costs and help you grow and expand your business.

Affle Enterprise

Affle helps companies go online via platform-based application development that allows successful small business and huge enterprises to solve their intricate organizational challenges using mobile solutions. Affle is a worldwide tech company with an exclusive customer intelligence platform that is used to offer customer acquisition, engagement, and transactions, all via appropriate mobile advertising. These platforms aim to grow your business by increasing returns and revenue on market investments through relative mobile advertisements and lessening digital advertising scams.

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd

Enuke Software is a strong IT consulting and mobile app development company that offers ideal solutions to clients all across the world. With brilliant engineers, Enuke is able to intellectualize all your ideas and turn them into reality. The continuous learning and the excellent knowledge of the latest and emerging tech trends make Enuke a competent company when it comes to providing consulting and advisory services needed by their customers. Furthermore, with their excellent mobile app developments, blockchain, and software development services, Enuke can turn your great ideas into a lucrative mobile and software product.


Queppelin is an award-winning mobile applications development company that offers innovative solutions to businesses globally, including real estate, education, training, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Queppelin can help your business leverage the probability of Augmented & Virtual Reality to engage your customers at a deeper level and uniquely offer your products and services.

GroundTruth Inc.

GroundTruth is a mobile app development company that gives you the opportunity to understand your customers, increase your sales and build your business. And utilizing location data, you are also able to make intelligent and well-informed decisions. Previously known as Xad, GroundTruth offers Mobile Marketing, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Staff Augmentation, Agile, and Digital Marketing to its global clients.


OrangeMantra delivers digital transformation services to a diverse client profile. From eCommerce, mobile app development to AI and Analytics, OrangeMantra can help grow your business globally. OrangeMantra comprises a competent team of individuals who have decision-making, problem-solving, sound technical background, interpersonal, trust, and practical leadership skills. They offer a one-stop solution to help businesses grow at a global level.

Quy Technology

Quy technology is another award-winning mobile app devolvement company with extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to consulting and developing various Immersive and mobility solutions used by numerous customers globally. They deliver Augmented Reality, Mobile app development, Virtual Reality, and Enterprise mobility solutions to small businesses and huge and well-established enterprises.

Classic Informatics

This is a worldwide IT company that delivers web, digital and mobile solutions. Classic Informatics team up with businesses to help them build customers -centered solutions and products. They are able to achieve this by infusing their technical expertise with design-thinking to allow enterprises to transform their way or work.

OTS Solutions

OTS Solutions is also a global digital tech consulting organization based in Dallas, Texas. This company offers an unmatched quality service to help businesses all over the world to improve their efficiency and growth. With deep knowledge and talented individuals, OTS is able to deliver value to its clients through innovation, expertise, and knowledge to its local and international clients. OTS has over a decade of experience providing world-class quality of its solutions to all business types.


Fullestop is a leading mobile app development, web design, and web development company with a delivery center in Haryana and other places in the world. This company has been delivering quality service and products to its local and international clients for almost two decades. It boasts excellent experience in web development and web design projects. Every individual in this company plays a crucial role in making the end product or conveying the wanted services.


ValueCoders are an Information Technology company that specialized in Offshore Software Development services. This company boasts an experience of 16 years and has worked with many startups, software development companies, and digital agencies to streamline the IT outsourcing experience. The offshore software development services aim to deliver excellent results through their collaborative, truthfulness, and transparency strategy.

Rapidsoft Technologies

Rapidsoft Technologies is a mobile app development company that can help you change your business using the power of enterprise IT services. With over 14 years of experience, Rapidsoft can help its clients with end-to-end IT solutions to speed up their internal as well as extremal processes. All the web and mobile application development services are made with technology, creativity, insight, and innovation.

Imenso Software

Imenso is a customer-centered software development company. It focuses its strength with the right blend in Custom Application, Web Development, CMS, E-commerce Solutions, Web-Based Enterprise Solutions, and many more to satisfy the needs of both small and large businesses globally. Imenso has the needed experience and expertise to help you out, whether you want custom web development or an attractive web design.


Hopinfirst is a premier custom software development company that has footprints in India and the USA. Hopinfirst specializes in website development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, portals, and digital marketing strategies. All these services offered are distinct for their superior quality design, easy usability, and streamlined functionality. Hopinfirst is your best option if you are tired of your lifeless and dull digital apps.

Daffodil Software

Daffodil is a software development company that has partnered with over a hundred organizations all over the world. As a result, Daffodil has bought enormous change to some of the leading businesses and continues to set global milestones through its outstanding expertise in mobile, web, and cloud solutions. By developing ground-breaking technologies, Daffodil has been able to sail through regions and come out victorious. In addition, they make sure that all their projects are well executed and delivered within the agreed period and budget.

MetaDesign Solutions

MetaDesign is a leading software development company that does its best to build scalable and robust software solutions for startups, fortune 500 companies, and SMEs. MetaDesign deals with IT services like Mobile App Development, IoT, Game developments, Chatbot, Web Development, DevOps, among many others. MetaDesign is also an ISO 9001: 2015 certified offshore software development company with many talented and skilled software development professionals who work together to offer services to clients worldwide.

Acodez IT Solutions

Acodez IT Solutions is one of the best website development agencies that has collaborated with businesses from all across the globe. Acodez is based in India and has offices in Haryana, Mumbai, Calicut, and Bangalore. Acodez is also an award-winning company with google certified digital markets and expert web developers. Apart from web development, Acodez specializes in software development, UX designs, mobile app development, digital marketing, and branding.

Cyber Vision Infotech

Cyber Vision Infotech is an Indian and Australian web and mobile app development company. CV is globally known for its ground-breaking approaches towards delivering quality results. CV Infotech respects the diversity and viewpoint of all their clients and sticks to a strong work ethic. This company specializes in Mobile App Development, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Web Development.