10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hangzhou

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hangzhou
20Sep, 2021

Mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives that we cannot live without. From mobile banking to watching our weight, there is an app for everything. So what can you do if you have an idea for an app?

You reach out to one of the finest app development companies that you can find. In Hangzhou, there is an abundance of app development companies to choose from. Here are the top ten that can help you make your app dream a reality.

Exemplary Marketing

If you are looking for an app company that knows exactly what your business needs, then look no further than Exemplary Marketing. This app development company prides itself on working closely with businesses to ensure that their needs and specifications are met.

Not only can they turn your dream into a reality, but they have also worked with some of the biggest technology partners in the world. Exemplary Marketing developed numerous apps and have more than 1000 happy customers, finding another app development company will be hard to achieve.

Cloud Ten Labs

When it comes to app development companies, Cloud Ten Labs is rated one of the best by its clients. These guys are the company behind some of your favourite apps including UberEats.

Although their head office is in California, they have offices all around the world. As far as app development companies go, they are new to the industry after being founded in 2018. However, since then, they have gone from strength to strength and boost a 100% success rate for over 150 different apps.

Shinetech Software Inc

One of the big daddies of the app development world, Shinetech Software Inc have been around since 2001, making them one of the older software companies out there. Unlike other companies, they have 8 dedicated offices around the world and work closely with the local communities to ensure that the apps which they develop follow all of the local laws.

Shinetech Software Inc has also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to develop a variety of apps. Their portfolio is truly impressive. But, one of the biggest things that they can offer is the ability to use their one-week free trial, and you can ask them to sign an NDA before giving any other information.

Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd.

If there is a company that has used the best resources in the world, it is Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd. Not only do they have over ten years of experience, but they have also partnered with some of the best minds they could find.

Joining forces with State Street and Zhejiang University, Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd. has created a unique partnership to meet the needs of a growing financial industry that allows clients to access their finances 24/7.


One of the newer app development companies that have joined the global market for apps. Since 2015, iTechflyer have developed over 200 apps for their clients, working out of offices in Saudi Arabia and Hangzhou.

However, they don’t just offer app development, they can create web portals and have a dedicated IT consultancy. They might not be the biggest company but they have a great success rate that shows that a small scale app development company can deliver big results.

Angell Echo

If you are building an app that focuses on children’s education, then there is only one place you should look. Ever since they were founded in 2009, Angell Echo has worked hard to deliver the best quality children’s apps.

They can help develop everything from the art to the software that you need. There are very few companies out there which have dedicated themselves to a particular area, and Angell Echo has made sure that they are the ones to use when it comes to kids.

Shandong Blue Fox Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2014, Shandong Blue Fox Network Technology Co., Ltd. has made itself available to create a wide range of different internet-based products. But two of the biggest interests of the company are Mobile App Development and artificial intelligence.

Although these are the companies two favourite areas of expertise, they are capable of working across a range of industries. However, they have become a go-to company when it comes to creating medical apps with smart interfaces.


If digital marketing is the future, then Possible has all of the bases covered for you. Many app development companies have a strong software development area but lack the marketing savvy that makes apps so successful. As well as creating apps,

Possible work at creating strong digital content which can be a defining feature in the world of the internet. If you want an app and want it to be supported with the finest digital content, then look no further than what is possible with Possible.

Ming Labs

Founded in 2011, Ming Labs has created a company that knows its jargon well and how to translate it into something a regular person can understand. Let’s be clear, developing apps can be a tricky business, and if you want a bunch of yes men, then Ming Labs isn’t the place for you.

However, if you want a small team of dedicated developers who are happy to troubleshoot any issues before your app goes live, then Ming Labs can help you to create an app that people will love and that works.

Nova Software

Apps need all types of languages to be able to work on your smartphone, do you speak any of them? Probably not, and this is where the team in Nova Software comes in. There are not many companies that can boast about the computer languages that they speak, but Nova Software is one of them.

Since 2011, the company has grown into one of the most trusted companies in China to deliver high-quality results. Now, they have expanded across the globe to deliver these results to anyone who needs them.