20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hamilton

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hamilton
06Aug, 2021

Finding the best mobile app development companies in Hamilton can sometimes be a challenge, but this post is here to help. We list the top twenty agencies in the area, starting with the best.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing comes in at the top of our list, thanks to its award-winning services and exceptional ratings. The firm began as a social media marketing agency but soon diversified its offering into other areas, including mobile app design and development.

The firm’s aim is to provide its customers with world-class solutions that help their businesses grow. It believes in turning ideas into reality and creating scalable apps that clients can use long-term. It offers QA engineers to deliver impactful solutions for businesses. Working with Exemplary Marketing as partners feels like being taken into a caring family of people who want you to succeed.


iQlance is another award-winning app development company based in Hamilton. It concentrates on helping both startups and mature enterprises develop their dream apps. It focuses on creating intuitive experiences for users and offers all its clients quality assurance.

iQlance has iPhone and Android-specific development teams. Coders are family with C, Swift and other languages that these platforms use. This in-house expertise allows iQlance to create genuinely bespoke, non-template app solutions for niche businesses.


Krify defines itself as a multi-technology solutions company. It firmly believes that mobile app development is a revenue-generating tool for companies who do it correctly. It believes that it is essential for firms to get app development right if they want to use digital tools to move their businesses forward.

Krify’s app developers are renowned for creating secure and interactive solutions with elegant UIs and features. The agency works with brands in the retail, travel, restaurant, games, entertainment, finance and fashion industries – as well as others.

21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive is a mobile app development agency that recognises that every customer is different. It is dedicated to working with customers to understand more clearly the type of solutions that they require. Because of the range of expertise its developers have, it is able to build apps tailored specifically to the functionality requirements of individual businesses.


ForaStudio got its start in 2015 as a digital ecommerce agency. Since then, it has grown tremendously and now has offices based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

ForaStudio credits its success to its focus on UI and UX design as well as branding and continuous client support. Customers find themselves going back to the brand time and time again because of the friendliness of its staff and the boldness with which it executes its clients’ vision. It now boasts more than 750 successfully completed projects for clients around the world.

Eggs Media

Eggs Media is an experienced and creative mobile app development agency that also offers a range of other services, including marketing solutions. The firm believes in developing solutions for companies of all types and sizes. It prides itself on developing new ideas and helping companies move towards their goals.

Eggs Media doesn’t rely on off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, it takes time to learn more about the organisations that it serves and the professional challenges that they face. It then develops apps that fit into their overall strategy.

Elegant Designs

Elegant Designs is a development outfit that focuses on building mobile apps and websites. To date, it has won more than 10 awards, completed more than 200 projects and has over 200 happy clients.

Elegant Designs is a boutique design agency with just nine members of staff. However, it offers a robust development process, competitive pricing and world-beating customer support.


Zwebra believes in helping businesses create apps, even when applications are unclear. It helps brands market their products, provide real-time loyalty programs, and keep their clients updated on the latest developments in their organization. The agency has more than 9 years of experience in mobile app development. It focuses on offering value for money and applies a goal-orientated approach to its work.

Future Work Technologies

Future Work Technologies has been in business for more than 8 years. In that time, it has served more than 250 customers, delivering over 450 projects, and now employs 80 people.

But what makes the brand different from its competitors? Future Work Technologies says that it offers experts who are able to work on the most challenging app development projects. It says that its digital tools can reduce costs and help firms running complex operations.

Impact Interactive

Impact Interactive is a large mobile app development agency serving clients in Hamilton and other parts of Canada. It focuses on helping companies develop what it calls a “sensational web presence,” part of its willingness to push boundaries and challenge paradigms.

What sets it apart from the crowd is its processes. The agency outright refuses to put its name on apps that don’t generate “interactive impacts.” It uses its passion and imagination to develop solutions that drive results for its clients.


Appsinvo is an established player in the Hamilton app development market, with more than 300 apps developed and over 100 experts in its team. It has a defined process which it uses again and again to achieve client satisfaction. It begins with the client idea and then applies business analysis to calculate the likely expected returns. It then provides clients with a dedicated project manager that they can use at any time as their point or contact. After that comes UI/UX design, development and testing before final delivery and product launch. Appsinvo also provides ongoing support.

Hamilton Apps

Hamilton apps is a small mobile development studio that provides app development services for Windows, iOS and Android. It believes in creating the best mobile app technologies for businesses on a budget. It has a team of friendly, motivated and dedicated professionals who love taking on new challenges.


ITearoa is a IT and telecommunications company in Hamilton that also designs and develops apps for the hospitality sector. Its team has tremendous experience in the information and communications technology industry, allowing it to develop a wide range of app features.

ITearoa uses the React Native framework to create “pixel-perfect” apps for Android and iOS. It mainly targets startups but also works with businesses in Canada and around the world.

Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture is a focused mobile app development agency in Hamilton, Ontario. It builds scalable bug-free apps for small businesses and bigger brands. It specialises in iOS app development and offers multiple types of development for Apple platforms, including Swift Development, iOS/iPhone development, Apple TV app development, iWatch apps and iPad app development. It also offers React Native and Android development too.

Midnight Illusions

Midnight Illusions is a small, seven-person outfit that specialises in end-to-end app development services for businesses with little to no in-house capabilities. The agency got its start in mobile apps in 2012 but has actually been in business developing websites since 1994.

Midnight Illusions caters to a wide variety of clients and has worked with everyone from corporations to governments to not-for-profit organisations. It prides itself on maintaining long-term relationships with its clients, providing the support they need, long after app development finishes.

Digital Klouds

Digital Klouds likes to keep its work with clients confidential. However, given the rate at which the business has been growing since its founding in 2018, it must be doing something right.

Digital Klouds sees itself as a champion of the digital marketing world. It helps clients find out of the box solutions that will enable them to reach out to customers in ways that simply weren’t possible in years gone by.


AppStudio once catered solely to the Canadian market. But now it is so successful that it has expanded its operation overseas. AppStudio got its start in 2009 and focuses on mobile app development using emerging technologies. The agency isn’t afraid to try new things, especially if it thinks that they will benefit its customers. To date, it has developed more than 120 native mobile applications.


Zazz got its start in 2012 and has now grown to more than 40 employees. It has served more than 500 companies during its existence and focuses heavily on UI and UX design. It believes that the best approach to app design is to create solutions that meet all of the needs of its clients. This makes it one of the best mobile app development companies in Hamilton.

Webility Solutions

Unlike some of the other agencies in this list, Webility Solutions’ headquarters are located in Hamilton. The agency specialises in mobile app development, plus chatbot solutions. It has more than 10 years of experience in app development, meaning that it is in a position to help virtually any client. It is also renowned for its rapid growth and constant need to take on new developers.

TTT Studios

Lastly, TTT Studios is a mobile app agency that specialises in creating apps suitable across multiple industries. As a premium outfit, they’ve completed more than 150 projects for firms in 19 different sectors. They integrate new technologies such as business software and blockchain if required.