10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Haifa

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Haifa
22Oct, 2021

As technology advances, smartphone apps are advancing as well. With the latest smartphones constantly giving users a brand new experience, apps must keep up in order to stay relevant and keep users wanting to use the app over time. In order to do this, you must have an app developer who knows what they are doing. Since Israel is the startup capital of the world, Israeli companies know the most about mobile app development. Here is a list of the ten best mobile app developers in and around Haifa.

Exemplary Marketing

With clients all around the world, Exemplary Marketing develops the apps that we use in our everyday lives. With some of the largest companies in the world as their clients, their apps are found in just about every first world country on the globe. With a staff that works with clients in the UK, the US, and all across Europe, their client list is some of the biggest powerhouses in commerce, real estate, and technology making them the go-to app developer around.

Medix Software

If you are a medical company, Medix does a great job of creating and maintaining mobile apps for the medical community. Medix’s niche is healthcare and creating medical systems. Their many years in this specific niche has made them experts in domain proficiency.

200 Apps

200 Apps is the go-to Mobile App Development for entrepreneurs who think and work outside of the box. This company likes to take new and interesting ideas and weave them into usable apps that users will love. They accept just about any challenge with the goal of making your idea work no matter what. They are seen as a very cost-effective company, and their policy is to work with you every step of the way in developing your app.

Opinya Solutions

Opinya is new to the app development market, however, they have been given great reviews for their work and their ability to produce some of the best apps for their clients. They deal with entrepreneurs as well as large scale companies, but helping startups gain their footing and establish a strong tech foundation is a passion. They seem to rest mainly in flexibility and sustainability with a focus on niche markets that require a bit more finesse. Their process is very streamlined and quite simple.


Branded is relatively new to the game, but they are seen as a force to be reckoned with. Their main focus is on start-ups and companies brand new to the market. They pride themselves on being able to provide really easy and really clean solutions to app development. What puts them ahead of some other companies is that they are extremely cost-effective, so if you are a new company, you can get great solutions at an even better price.


MSApps has a wide range of experience in the app development world. They can produce apps for IOS and Android along with VR. They have a great reputation for providing quality service. A lot of their technique and development is unmatched by other companies. They produce consistent and maintainable code with every project.


What makes Fayrix so outstanding is they offer solutions internationally. They have about 10 research and development centers where they learn what works best for your company and what is most sustainable. They are also extremely cost-effective so you get more for your money. With their large team of engineers, you are bound to stumble upon something that works.


LavaPi has you covered with just about everything from social media applications, smartphone applications, and desktop applications. Not only do they produce great work, but with their many years of expertise they have found that sticking with the client throughout is worth it. They are always around for maintenance, so after your app is developed, they aren’t going anywhere.

Lotem X

Lotem X has 15 years of experience dominating the app development world. They have a trusted team of engineers, and because they set their sights on international sustainability, they employ Americans to ensure everything translates to the North American market. They specialize in the more complex structures of app developers putting them close to the top of the list.

BN Digital

With offices in the UK, BN Digital has the English speaking world covered. With an emphasis on UI/UX designs, they have created a culture in making the world a better place by developing apps that make a difference.