20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Gold Coast

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Gold Coast 1
21Aug, 2021

It can be daunting to build an app if you are unsure what you are doing. That is why getting an experienced and qualified app developer to help and do it for it can be really helpful. However it can be hard to trawl through the internet trying to find a developer near you that would be able to come in and help you and make sure you get the app you want come the end of it.

Using a professional developer will make sure that all aspects of building the app and developing it are carried out in the best way and makes sure there are less things that are going to go wrong for you. To help you find the best app developer on the Gold Coast this top 20 guide should help you to narrow down your search and make sure it is an easier choice for you.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing offers comprehensive consultations where they will guide you through every step and make sure to establish your needs to create a project plan that is well structured and give you a time frame for your project.

All of their developers are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience for app designing and development. With every app that they design for you you will retain full ownership over that app so you have all the rights and you will be given all the code and information once the app is completed.

Nettechnocrats IT Services Pvt. ltd

Nettechnocrats is seen as a fast growing agency that offers mobile app services, it was established in 2019 and started in India but now has spread around the world including Australia. They are always looking to provide customers with the besty work and have developed over 200 apps since they began. They offer a variety of services and different app development to suit your project plan.

Kwix Global Solutions

Kwix Global Solutions has been operating since 2015 and offers a variety of services for app development. They always look to provide superior quality of work for the customers and strive to become one of the best developers in the field, by using not only the best teams but the highest trained ones too. They offer both mobile app and web app development and design.

Media Shark

Media Shark are not just any digital marketing agency they also specialise in app and website design. They have their own creative studio on the Goldcoast and work with creative agencies and businesses all the time which keeps them inspired in their work.

They have an expert team which is made up of a variety of people from creatives and strategists to developers, and they are always looking to be the best for their customers.

Xenex Media

Xenex Media have grown their services over the years and now offer much more including Iphone apps. They have been building their business over two decades so have plenty of valuable experience to go along with their great customer service.

Their team has experience in all the fields they are working in so you know you will be getting what you pay for and get the overall experience you want from this company.

Hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink offers a wide variety of services including app development, they are always there to take you through each step of their process to build your app. They have a team made up of top app developers who are very skilled and have been updated with the latest technologies. They will work with your firm to transform your idea into the stunning app that you want.

Simple Click

Simple click help to design top easy to use web and mobile apps that are designed beautifully, integrate them with your services and software, include Ai capabilities, and geofencing and geolocation capabilities. They do this while guiding you every step of the way with their highly experienced workforce that will make sure your ideas come to life.

Envisage Apps

Envisage Apps use the latest tools, techniques and trends when it comes to app development. They prioritise their customer experience along with creating top apps to make sure apps are done in less time and can be done on any platform which is for any device. They will test the apps, develop them and make sure to get your feedback on it all along the way to make sure your vision comes to light.


AndMine focuses on clean, minimal designs that help users’ experiences when using your app. They are not a company to just accept every app development though, they claim not to ride on the buzz of app development and only look to make apps that are necessary for you and your consumer, by making sure that the commercial reality of the app is sound. If they do develop your app you can expect an app which will definitely do what you want it to do and give the best user experience.


App.Licious develops apps across all the platforms this includes, Apple, Android and Windows. They have a development team which is full of experience for app development for any company in most industries. They can also develop any game apps and other tech for mobile, depending on what you want for your app.


Flino aims to make mobile app development easier for businesses, whether it be for android to iphone Fligno are able to develop it for you. They have experienced app developers that can give you the best apps that they claim can compete globally. No matter the size of your business they will aim to help you and guide you along the way to making your dream app.

Snappy Apps

Snappy Apps are a great app developer servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane. They develop apps with rigorous testing, they are also very budget friendly so you can control the costs more and the time the apps take to be developed.

They have a great portfolio of apps for you to check out and claim to be a one hundred percent transparent company when it comes to any issues and bugs with the apps. They are very skilled when it comes to developing your app but they can also help with any creation issues you are having and how to create a promotional strategy, and they do all this with only the newest of technology.


Apptivate is a very experienced developer, app development is the main service they offer within their company and the main thing they pride themselves on. They always look to solve problems for users when it comes to apps so you will know that the customer experience with your app will be great. They offer lots of different things when it comes to developing , from help with funding to the marketing of your product they are there to help you with all you need when developing your app.

The Lead Machine

The Lead Machine is a digital marketing service that also offers app development as they know that apps engage users more than websites can, so they know how an app can increase leads and engagement for businesses. Not only will they help to develop your app but they will also help to scale, market and improve your app along the way, sio you are getting a full service from The Lead Machine.

Repute Infosystems

Repute Infosystems develop apps that are going to improve the profits and productivity of your business. They understand that because we are in a digital age that mobile apps are a great new way for you to communicate with buyers and customers which is going to improve any opportunities you will get to sell to them. They look to offer a great app development service but at an affordable price for businesses.

Adaptive Media

Adaptive media are very experienced and qualified app developers. They have a very specific process they follow to make sure your app is made to the highest quality. They will discover the idea, design it, develop it, test it and go through QA, release it then finally they will make sure to support and maintain your app. This process makes sure you have a great app and great service while it is being developed and afterwards.


Appello is always looking to provide the best service when it comes to developing your apps to completion. This can be seen in the process they will follow when creating your app, they will make sure everything from design to launch is smooth and the service you receive is perfect. They are always willing to listen to you and work with you as they develop your app so you will have support at every step of the process.


Smarterapps are a tema od app designers and developers for iphone and android.
They are there to guide you and give you a great service through the whole process they have been around since 2010 so they have the experience to make sure you have the best app designed for your business needs.


Nextfaze is a smart device developer so this means they develop apps for phones, tablets, watches and the internet. This gives you a wide variety of platforms top put your app on and means they have plenty of experience to offer in helping you develop your app. They are always looking to support new ventures and are there all the way through development should you have any questions.

Dapper Apps

Dapper has hand-selected their team to make sure they have the best experts to aid you with your app development and they have been a solid team for four years so they gel and work great together. Not only can Dapper help to develop your app they also do app optimisation should you have an app already that just isn’t running how it should or how you want it, so they offer lots of services to help you with any apps.

If you are looking for a mobile app developer and you are unsure where to start or who is available then hopefully this guide should give you some more options and ideas of what is out there for you app developer needs.