20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Geelong

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Geelong
27Aug, 2021

Everyone knows how important a mobile app can be to businesses. Many companies rely on their app as their only means of generating an income, and this can work because the vast majority of customers have access to a smartphone. But how exactly are you supposed to build something like this for your own business?

App development companies can work to produce your app on your behalf. To help you to find one that will work for you, this article will be exploring 20 of the best app development companies in Geelong, Australia.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has been around for many years, producing apps, websites, and marketing campaigns for businesses across Geelong and Australia. Offering some of the best app development services in the world, this agency can create apps that truly stand out, all without costing a fortune in the process. This is a great place to start when you are looking to improve your app development prospects.


Krify is a multinational company operating out of the US and India. With countless services and options available in their catalogue, this company is a great choice for anyone looking to build an app from scratch. Krify offers iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app development, giving them everything you need to get started with your next project.

Enterprise Monkey

As a small app development company, Enterprise Monkey is a great option for businesses that want a personal approach to their project. Based in Geelong itself, this company is accessible to anyone in this part of Australia. If you like face-to-face contact, professional staff, and a privacy-focused approach then this company could be ideal for you.

Digital Unicorn

Based in France, Digital Unicorn is a way off from Geelong or Melbourne, but this company has proven itself time and time again as being able to work across the globe. Without having to worry about language barriers, this agency provides app design and development services that make it stand out on the modern market. This company has both French and English speaking team members.


Offering free 30-minute consultations to talk about your app, Codeacious is one of Geelong’s favourite local app development companies. Working with software for just about every platform, Codeacious has a lot of expertise under its roof, providing clients with services that are largely unmatched in the area.

Script Technology

Working mainly with e-commerce, Script Technology is a great company to choose when you’re looking for an app to be developed without the challenges that often come with this process. Your app can be integrated with your website and other software, and you will benefit from a team that is knowledgeable in all platforms. This can make it much easier to develop an app that functions well for your business.

App Development Geelong

Geelong is a busy area with plenty of businesses calling it home. App Development Geelong aims to serve these companies, providing leading app development services that enable small businesses to achieve their goals. Over the years, this company has worked on numerous projects in and around Geelong, and you can see their success in the portfolio on their website. This makes this agency ideal for companies looking to make their work stand out.

Let’s Nurture

As far as free consultations go, Let’s Nurture offers one of the best. You can talk to the professionals at this company for an hour for free, giving them the chance to learn about your business while also sharing ideas to help you to build the perfect app for your business. With experience working with web applications, mobile apps, and a range of other software projects, Let’s Nurture offers unrivalled expertise.


Offering 24/7 customer support, DevelopIt is committed to providing excellent service to its clients. With software development expertise for just about every platform, this company is a great choice for those looking for mobile app development in Geelong with the ability to scale to different platforms. Alongside offering development, this company is also able to run testing on your app to make sure that it works across devices.

Elegant Media

Based in the heart of Victoria, Elegant Media is a software development company with a difference. While this agency can produce industry-leading apps, it can also pump out video games for platforms like Android and iOS. This makes it a great company for those who are looking for apps that can do more than the standard options that are available while providing a unique insight into the world of apps.

Dream Walk

With more than 100 apps created for the Apple App Store, Dream Walk is a great choice for those who want an app that functions perfectly with absolutely no compromises along the way. While they may not be the cheapest mobile app development company that Geelong has to offer, they are certainly one of the most experienced. Much of Dream Walk’s focus centres around UX/UI design; perfect for modern businesses.

JWAM Digital

As another Geelong-based mobile app development agency, JWAM Digital is a popular choice for those who want a website alongside their app. Having worked with numerous schools and other businesses, this company is best for medium and large organisations, but it will be able to produce an app worthy of your company no matter your size.

GOOP Digital

Like JWAM, GOOP Digital places a strong focus on web design. While this means that their services are skewed in this direction, it also means that they have the skills to create beautiful UIs and apps that function just like the website your business is using. This can be good for companies creating information-based apps, though it can also be good for businesses that want to have a strong brand.

Clever Digital

As another local company, Clever Digital has worked with numerous clients across Geelong. Operating mainly as a web development company, Clever Digital can provide app development services that go alongside your web development needs. This is ideal for businesses that are working on their digital offerings on the whole.


Ondetto has proven its ability to create beautiful mobile websites with numerous clients, and these skills translate very well to the field of mobile app development. Businesses like this can be the perfect choice for small businesses that are looking for apps, as they provide an array of flexible options that aren’t constrained in the same way as services offered by larger companies. At the same time, though, you will benefit from a professional approach that will result in an excellent app.


Itomic is based in Melbourne and specialises in creating user-centred mobile apps that are designed to help businesses to make sales and gain new clients. Developing for both Android and iOS, Itomic can help you to create a consistent platform that spans devices and gives your users options. Being so local, this company is an excellent choice for those who want to be able to talk directly to their developers.

We Make Apps

With a huge portfolio that spans Australia, We Make Apps is one of the biggest app development companies in this part of the world. With so much experience within the country, few companies are able to match the local knowledge that this agency brings to the table. Thanks to the size of this team, your project can be easily scaled as your company grows and you bring new services to the table.

Web Alive

Based in Melbourne, Web Alive specialises in creating apps that are dynamic. This enables companies to offer complex services and features to their users with their apps, bringing your company fully into the digital world. Web Alive can also help with web design, e-commerce, and a range of other business services.

Wave Digital

As an app development company that does nothing else, Wave Digital can be a good option for those who want real experts working on their projects. With a portfolio that spans Australia, this company is ideal for those who want to get started on their web design without having to look around the world in the process.


Appetiser has a name that screams mobile app development, and this is for a good reason. Having developed apps for some of the largest companies in the world, this Melbourne-based app development agency is ideal for companies that want to get some flare with their app. Few companies are able to produce apps to the same standards as Appetiser, and this is something to keep in mind as you search for your mobile app development provider.

Working to develop an app can be a very worthwhile process. Not only will you be able to use a tool like this to help your customers, but you will also be able to improve your revenue with it, too. This will be much harder if your app isn’t up to standard, though, and you should always read reviews for the app development companies you are interested in.