10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Fukuoka

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Fukuoka
30Sep, 2021

People’s essential requirement for mobile applications has evolved with new technologies. These mobile apps are vital to both the firm that requires them and the client who will contact them. High-quality software for Android and iOS is available from leading Japanese app developers.

In Japan, Mobile App Development services are economical and provide a complete client relationship. Businesses that offer mobile app development services can help new companies grow. These companies ensure that your company reaches out to customers in the most excellent way possible and that maintenance is provided on time.

Cultivating good lines of communication with your mobile app development company in Fukuoka will ensure that you get the best results possible to bring your ideas to life.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Fukuoka

Exemplary Marketing

Software developers at Exemplary Marketing can create excellent applications for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Their vast collective industry expertise allows them to provide the most significant application experience across different channels. Python, Javascript, Java, and Ruby on Rails are used to create a mobile or web application customised to your business.

With over 500 in-house developers with diverse industry experience, Exemplary Marketing can manage different vendors, logistics, and technological constraints in one place. Highly qualified and skilled developers can implement new software, integrate it into your organization, and handle future upgrades.


Finatext provides mobile and big data financial solutions to raise financial literacy and unlock the potential of retail investing globally. Finatext was founded by two former investment bankers and a quantitative analyst from the University of Tokyo. They work with well-known financial institutions to create tailored solutions for both local and global markets.

Ego Creative Innovations

All-in-one app store. From UI/UX design to DevOps, Ego Creative Innovations does it all. Over the last 16 years, they’ve developed a full stack of technologies that enable us to turn groundbreaking ideas into distinctive functionality that works in the ever-changing software/device landscape.

Platinum Company Limited

Platinum.fund is a global STO/IEO/ICO/POST ICO consulting, promotion, and fundraising firm. They employ 112 specialists with a combined three years of experience in cryptocurrency and seven years in the financial markets. They are skilled in a wide range of services and skills in various fields, including marketing and public relations, management, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory, and many more.


Fenrir Inc. is Japan’s No. 1 smartphone app developer. Its UX/UI designers seek to provide visually beautiful designs and focus on usability, real-world experiences, use cases, and multiple technologies. Since the App Store’s inception, they’ve worked with clients and have built over 500 apps together. Fenrir has also worked on projects for over 300 major companies from various industries.

Neovibe Innovative Technologies

Neovibe provides global clients with cutting-edge IT solutions and business processes. It is their mission to design and deliver cost-effective software solutions with outstanding quality and on schedule.

The primary company beliefs are to identify transformational opportunities, apply knowledge and skills to facilitate positive change, and empower people to create great innovations.


As part of Sota Holdings, SotaTek has offices in Vietnam, the US, Australia, and Japan. Sotatek promises success in Software Development (Web/App), Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, and ERP.

They specialise in innovative web app and cloud-based solutions for numerous industries, including blockchain apps, bitcoin exchange, smart contracts, and IDO.

Synoverge Technologies Private Limited

Enterprise Collaboration & Technology Transformation Services are the emphases of Synoverge Technologies. Synoverge helps businesses integrate disruptive technologies like Portals, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Analytics to achieve desired Business-IT alignment.

As a mobile app development company, the goal is not to create another typical ADM service model but to provide technology and transformation services that help the client organisation be more flexible and efficient.


Appunik is a new firm that develops mobile apps (Android and iOS), desktop apps, and websites. The company tagline “Take Technology Beyond Thoughts” describes their unique way of thinking about technology.

Trenser Technology Services (P) Limited

Trenser is a pure-play technology services company serving global product companies. They are passionate about creating software that is future-ready and easy to use.

Customers look to Trenser to help them comprehend communication networks, operating systems, device variety, and vital system resources. Software developers develop embedded mobile, web, and cloud software. Their key strength is combining various technical environments to create software solutions that support collaboration, business logic, data interchange, security, and analytics.