20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Etobicoke

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Etobicoke
11Aug, 2021

Application development is without a doubt the hottest field in the technological world. Business owners, developers and webmasters have long understood the importance of app development. Apps expose you to many surfers in Israel and around the world and increase the chances of your business or your app being successful and big. If you have an idea for an app that you believe can succeed, all you have to do is choose a company that will open an app for you correctly.

One of the most important things, in order to choose an application development company, is to choose a recommended company among others. If you are interested in looking for a company that specializes in the field that will develop an app for you in the best way so that your app will be exposed to a wide amount of surfers, you must choose a company with good reviews. Ask friends or acquaintances who have previously developed an app to recommend you a good friend. Recommendations will direct you to the best companies, but you have already proven yourself when it comes to app development.

Application development – costs will vary.  The price of app development varies from company to company and depends on a lot of factors. The amount of investment you make for app marketing also varies. If you choose to invest more and publish your app in the newspaper, TV and radio, the price goes up.

The important thing is not what price a company in the field charges for the service it will provide you, but whether it is good. It is important to remember that it is better to invest in a good company sometimes and in the end it will pay off for you than to invest a little money for a less good company whose chances of success.

You need a good designer and a company that has your best interests at heart. That is why we will list the 20 best mobile app development companies in Etobicoke, Toronto to ensure that you make the best decisions going forward.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing have a plethora of experience worldwide in developing quality apps that work for you. Catered towards your brand and your desires, they will work with you intricately to ensure that your apps are exactly what you dreamed of. They have worked with numerous high end brands worldwide and are dedicated and committed. They work with brands across all areas of marketing including web design and social media. They are highly respected.

Social Media 55

This company has worked with local and international companies such as Jivago and Mr Puffs Dessert bar. They work across different niches and their main focus is social media and driving a ROI. Run by five key workers, they are an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency who believe in the power of social media.


They are a technology-driven company with a focus on helping brands overcome issues relating to their marketing. They help companies through difficulties by offering them a helping hand with social media and building apps. They have 60 years of combined experience between them and work in a very focused way that has business at its core. They offer creative design but their main focus is on the logistics and ensuring that your business is on the up.

Arete Software

Recognized and Award-winning Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency that tailor-make your apps and design to what you need. With a heavy focus on e-commerce, they will help you build an online shop and get the hits that you want by focusing on sales. They work to the budget that you have and are always around for a chat through their website.


They create hybrid apps and their main focus is on software development. Whilst marketing is important to them, their designs are heavily based on creating apps and software. They have also worked with Smartify Homes and Rentcure to create informative designs. They would be ideal for those who want responsive and information driven apps.

Plexus stack

They are a digital services agency specializing in web development, mobile app development, digital marketing and graphic design. They have an online client area for people to login to and are very hands-on with their clients. They work with the top artists in the area to create visually appealing graphics. Their apps are very design driven with a focus on style.


They call themselves app solutions, which means that they focus on creating apps for people across many industries, including taxi apps, streaming and food. They have been in operation for over five years now and have recently worked with the Down Town Cafe. They focus on a lot of local businesses and startups in their quest to create a brand new business app.

Elegant Designs

Their slogan is “Build your software with elegance.” They focus on elegant and beautiful designs for your app, including your website and social media. They work very closely with their clients and claim this is one of their best assets. Their developers also push the boundaries of conventional thinking to create modern designs. It is run by four key workers, and together they have over 200 happy clients.

Quantum Mob

They help ambitious companies build successful digital products. They work on all areas of digital marketing including web design and app design. They work with numerous Software, UX, & Product experts with a passion for building. They seek to help businesses grow and are a relatively large business. They have over 15m active users and have operated in 150 countries.

Brand and Mortar

They are a full service marketing agency with over ten years experience.  is a team of 20+ marketing and advertising professionals with offices across Canada and the United States. Their focus is more with SMEs and helping them build up their businesses. They use their technology to drive business forward with a hands-on attitude and they also have also won over 10 marketing awards.

Dev Talent

Dev Talent claim they are experts in fine tuning dev teams with the right mix of talent, process and tools to ensure optimal velocity, code quality and long term sustainability. They work across a magnitude of different areas, within marketing and technology. Sean Huynh is the Managing Partner, CEO.

Essential Designs

They have been working for over a decade and have helped hundreds of businesses build apps and websites. They work on coding and designing and claim that they turn their focus to native coding to ensure the best possible output once the application is launched online. Some of their clients include Lifeguard and Honeywell License Generation.

Blank Space Digital

Blank Space Digital have worked on numerous events in Toronto and across Canada. With over ten years experience, they have branched into the world of ecommerce and drive instant results for businesses. They claim their clients become partners and have over twenty companies that they actively work with. They have a five star rating on Cutch.

Folio 3

With over 500,000+ man hours of design and development experience are at your beck and call. They call it Innovation As A Service. They have worked with startups and larger companies to help them achieve their marketing goals. With over fifteen years experience, they have worked with upto a thousand clients. They also have a strong focus on AI.


They are a custom software development and IT staff augmentation company that helps design, build and scale mobile, web, and desktop applications. They have been around since 2012 and their main focus is on development. They also design but they work to develop companies with technology. They have worked with Unilever and Nokia. These impressive names speak for themselves.

DOIT software

Founded in 2014, DOIT creates custom software for your brand to help you develop. 40+businesses have helped with tech solutions, and they have 30+tech experts in-house, as well as 5K qualified developers in their tech pool. Mobile app development is one of their major focuses, but they also work on IT Staff Augmentation and other business solutions to help drive them forward.

Vog App Developers

They began their journey in 2012, when they started building apps. They are a creative development company that builds robust iOS & Android mobile apps, custom software applications and enterprise software in Canada. They have created Fuel Donkey and Junkr and have worked to help many businesses create ecommerce stores.

Sidekick Interactive

This multidisciplinary team works on ambitious projects in America and Europe, helping transform ideas into powerful applications. They work with companies closely to develop apps that work for them. Founded in 2011, they have worked with many Canadian brands. Their mission is to bring mobile app solutions to ambitious partners in search of tools that solve real problems.


They are an innovation company founded in 2007. Their focus is innovation and new ideas that will create good business. This based mobile innovation company focused on strategy, design and development of exceptional apps that create impact and drive business outcomes. They also offer augmented reality and AI and have worked with companies of all sizes across all industries.


Spiria designs and develops custom digital solutions for industry leaders who want to run better businesses. With a focus on larger companies, they work to create marketing ideas that drive a ROI. They are over 150 strong, working in Montreal, Brossard, Gatineau and Toronto. They develop custom software to optimize processes for mobile apps.