20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Derby

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Derby
29Jun, 2021

For the best business outcome, it is essential to choose the right partner to do business with. Any development you make on your business is an investment, and you expect a sizable return on that investment to make the initial purchase worth it.

App development is a crucial step in the future of your business. With everything taking steps to move online, you must keep up with everyone else. Most people search for an app to make doing their business more accessible. You need to make sure your customer service levels are as swift and smooth as possible. As well as this, you need to be visible and adaptable to many platforms across the board as no two people have the same devices. Everything needs to be universal and compatible; otherwise, you risk alienating a good portion of the people you’re trying to reach.

There’s no reason a small, locally-based business can’t have a wider reach with a specialized app to represent your business. Also, larger companies should understand the significance of local business.

The benefits of an app are endless. It’s a place where people can house everything they need from your company under one button in their pockets. An app has the potential to make your company something bigger and better. Customers need a brand they can rely on. With an app, you look more professional, safer and more secure. It’s trustworthy and useful.

Reviews of the app and your company can be found on the installation page and everyone can see what they need to know before they begin.

Investing in a quality company to develop your app is crucial. They know and understand the landscape and can help you target the right customers with ad campaigns and advice. The right choice of developer for you could be in the list below. Review them all in time and make your choice. Be ready to take your business to brand new heights.

Here are the top 20 app development companies that are based in Derby, UK.

Exemplary Marketing.

Exemplary Marketing is a specialist app development company with excellent customer relationships, app design, and artificial intelligence capabilities. They’ve been around since 2014 with a consistent 4.5-5 star rating from clients across the board.

Based in both the UK and the US, it’s possible to get excellent app development across the West.

As well as their app development software, you can work with Exemplary Marketing on digital marketing campaigns, including ad campaigns, email marketing, and social media growth.

The One-Off

Based in Derby, UK, they can provide a full range of app adaptability across iOS and Android. They developed the TympaHealth app and website, ensuring compatibility and consistency across the platforms and have a firm 5-star rating.


An award-winning company that Mobile App Development for businesses. They pride themselves in providing creative solutions to your app problems with a bespoke design you won’t find elsewhere. As a developer and a digital consulting agency, you can ensure that your needs will be tended to and work designed to your specifications.

GreenDog Media

Greendog claims they specialize in native app development for both iOS and Android devices. They have worked with FujiFilm and Subway in the past, so their work is available to view. They have an excellent 5-star rating, and customers are supported through the process from start to finish.

Website Design Derby

Web Design Derby specializes in creating custom web designs for clients who work across mobile and desktop platforms. Customers rate them with a high score of 5 stars, and their website goes through everything they have done and what they offer.

Tech IT

Tech IT is a group of software developers based in Derby. They offer bespoke app and website development for their clients with a solid 5-star rating. They have worked with big names such as ITV and provide apps that work across multiple platforms, including iOs. Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

App 4 Developers

App 4 designs commission-free app menus for takeaway restaurants that help boost business, increase reach, and increase profit margins. They help build brand loyalty, set up card payments online, and increase business’s reach by moving them online. They help to double the orders a restaurant gets through their online ordering system.

If you run a restaurant or takeaway service and want to know more about becoming more accessible, this developer may be a good choice.

Derventio Education

Derventio Education is a company that specializes in online education software. They are dedicated to improving results, helping staff improve their performances, and increasing the Ofsted rating through dedicated and adaptable learning.

With the current move online for everything in 2020 and 2021, schools need to be prepared and adaptable and work alongside technological developments.

TuDu Design

TuDu designs are a start-up web and app designing company that supports beauty business in their online marketing. Companies need to embrace the move online with more and more people looking for recommendations and new business on social media and advertisements. For a specialist in the beauty business, TuDu might be the one for you.

Owl IT

Owl IT is a web app development company that specializes in heat as a service. They strive towards a greener future and reduce carbon emissions and create a more adaptable and reusable fuel service. They do this through the magic of technology and app development. They truly are a software developer of the future.


Webynatics cover all kinds of online and digital needs. They have an app development team that can ensure your site runs smoothly across all digital platforms. It’s possible to run a hybrid app that is a one-stop-shop for all mobile devices so you can have everything in one place. It is an excellent option for those who want to increase their reach in the easiest way possible.


BinaryFold4 specializes in launching start-up companies with a significant digital presence on the web and in-app development. A small company, the treatment and customer service comes across as personal and bespoke. They believe in doing meaningful work and helping those who come to them with dedication and enthusiasm.

Lighthouse Digital

Lighthouse Digital helps companies and businesses expand their digital presence with dedicated work across the board of online marketing. With website developers, app developers, and marketing teams, they can ensure your business takes off online. Reach the right people with a targeted ad campaign to work alongside your new technology.

Daniel Downes Freelance

Daniel is a freelance games designer who can help businesses create a downloadable app game that will take the market by storm. A one man company who can make something special.

Kreative Orbit

A team of dedicated digital developers who can help transform businesses into another medium. Take your work online for the first time and conquer a whole new market with their specialties.

Business Apps

Business Apps is an award-winning app developer based in Derby. They create apps that work across Apple and Android products and work with clients through the entire development process from the initial discussion to the completion of the project. For a partnership, try Business Apps to achieve your online business goals.

Innovation M

Innovation M is a top creative web design software company in Derby. They specialize in software that suits the daily need of clients. They have regularly been called the best company in Derby, designing software to use on iOS and Android products to suit a wide range of users.

Samaritan InfoTech

Go to the next level of customer interaction and satisfaction with Samaritan InfoTech. Operating on iOS, Android, and Windows, Samaritan can help you expand your digital empire and push your business to the next level.

The name resembles that of the Good Samaritan, with connotations of going above and beyond for their customers to get them the best possible results.


The Krify company prides itself on being Derby-based with a worldwide reach. They offer overseas services to help develop your business apps with compatibility with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.

They take their clients from concept to finished product with dedication, satisfaction and growth.

Syntax IT Services

Syntax IT Services are an app development company that describe themselves as flexible, innovative and dedicated. They are adaptable and passionate about what they do and value streamlined work that gets the desired end product in the most straightforward way. For a no nonsense business deal, Syntax might be the ones for you.

The Takeaway

There are the top 20 app development companies that operate in the Derby area. A local business should not be put off by the possibility of branching out into app development, and larger businesses should understand the benefit of going local.

Local businesses are just as mighty as big brand names, often with twice the heart and dedication to your projects.

An app could be just what your business needs to propel it forward and take the next step.