10+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Connecticut

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Connecticut
14Apr, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

Are you looking for the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Connecticut? Exemplary Marketing is the place to go first. When you look through the list of companies that can offer mobile app development in Connecticut, checking out Exemplary Marketing just makes perfect sense. This social media marketing agency looks to ensure that your business has the best possible mobile app possible. They will develop your app to ensure that you have the best service in both design and development and they will do it with efficiency every single time. Outstanding service is the name of the app development game, and Exemplary Marketing plays to win.

JRO Technology

If you are looking for one of the best mobile app development companies in Connecticut, JRO Technology is one of the best places to turn to. One of the biggest reasons for this is the people involved in the team. Their commitment to excellence is like no other and they develop custom applications for clients that require a little more of a unique process. They develop apps from CRM to Mobile Workforce apps. Whether you need continued service and maintenance or not, JRO Technology can help you with that, too. Calling or emailing any time offers you a careful and ready response, too, so you’re not alone in your efforts to create a mobile app that works for your customers.

Innotech LLC

Originally known as Vision Technologies, Innotech has been around since 1992. Back in 2009, Innotech was reorganized as an LLC and by June, more customers than ever were supported by Innotech. Groton, Connecticut businesses have had their mobile web applications built and maintained by Innotech LLC for some time, and they are able to provide a much wider scope of services to those in the local area and beyond. Innotech is a leading website design company in Connecticut that focuses on delivering premium marketing services that include mobile app development and SEO.

eFriend Marketing

When it comes to your mobile app, you need a business that focuses properly on user experience. eFriend Marketing isn’t just a contemporary marketing agency; they’re a business that offers cutting edge capabilities and helps your business to address the challenges in marketing. They can ensure that your mobile marketing is on point and that includes the development of an app that people want to see. The bottom line is how visible you are matters, and eFriend Marketing ensures that you get the user interaction that you need. User experience and interaction are two of the most critical elements of your mobile plan to be successful and when it comes to it, you need an app that has been beautifully designed and executed in a way that utilizes each type of technology for your business. The right mobile strategy should include an app that’s responsive, and eFriend Marketing can help you here.


One of the best mobile app development companies in Connecticut includes Wismad. With offices in the US, Asia, Europe and India, Wismad has a team of experts and more than a decade of experience. They know that they are one of the best SEO and mobile app development companies around, and they offer comprehensive SEO services and competitive web development. Their app development team is one of the best around, too, and they are as responsive as you’d need a company who is building your mobile app to be. Their objective is to ensure that you are seen and visible, and they do that perfectly with the utmost care and total precision. You are more than acquired business to Wismad; your business objectives are their objectives.

Tiger LLC

The expertise at Tiger LLC is defined by their positive reviews and feedback from other companies just like yours. They not only develop their web apps, but they implement and support their clients with the best possible service along the way. Tiger has a savvy software development team and they focus on mostly financial companies that are looking for a new app and new software to develop their business further. Tiger commits their expertise and high quality offerings to the business clients and they do it as efficiently as possible.


Are you looking for high tech mobile solutions? CheckMobile is known as one of the best app development companies in Connecticut because of their high quality solutions. They continuously aim to be the benchmark in the business arena, and they offer their services to some of the biggest brands around. Their market ready solutions allow them to offer fast implementation and integration of any of your existing systems into your mobile app. They’re a technology leader with offices located in Moscow, London, San Francisco and Hamburg. You can guarantee saving costs and transparency when you deal with CheckMobile.


At Rebrandery, you get a business that will collaborate with your brand to help you to achieve your goals. Working through Denver, Colorado, Rebrandery is all about building up passionate brands. They love new ideas and they love to create something that can bring your brand vision to life. They offer a deep insight into the right marketing challenges and opportunities, and they work with clients from Fortune 500 companies to the smallest startups. Regardless of the size of your business, your mobile app can be fully developed and managed by Rebrandery. They work to achieve the right results that inform your work and they offer their investment in your business when they create. Connecting consumers with ideas is what they do, so if this is what you’re looking for for your mobile app, then contact Rebrandery for advice.

Synergy Consulting

Synergy Consulting works with startups and mid-sized companies to build exciting apps, launch and brand new products and help both the emerging and existing markets. They use modern technology to ensure that your business name goes far and wide. Dealing with local and global companies alike, Synergy Consulting works with a team they can trust, and clients who want the commitment and help to get their mobile app out there into the world. They want to help you to eliminate the wasted time and money that it takes to get a mobile app out there into the world, and they guide you past the challenges that you face as a business. With more than 20 companies helped in the past four years, Synergy Consulting is the company to watch!

Cloud IT Guru

Are you looking for a partner to help you to make your mobile app vision a reality? At Cloud IT Guru, you get a business that is known to be one of the best mobile app development companies in Connecticut. They work to build your app from the ground up with the help of the Cloud, and they have over a decade of experience in ensuring that your app is perfect from the moment you start. Cloud IT Guru has the experts that take a huge interest in ensuring that you keep up with the latest in innovation and trends with your mobile app development. They work with a team of expert graphic and web designers, marketing professionals, SEO experts and more to ensure that your app is created and launched with success in mind.

Dot Think Design

At Dot Think Design, you get both a branding and design studio that takes on your vision as their client. They can turn your vision into actionable goals to ensure that your customers are happy and ready to get the best results possible. They work in a collaborative team to ensure that your mobile app development is on point, working to be more informed by user behavior across all devices and create a responsive and ready app. Whether you are a small business or a larger one looking for better support with your app, Dot Think Design is here to help you. Technology should be custom fitted to your business goals, and Dot Think Design is the square peg for the square hole!


When it comes to creating a website, you know that it’s an exhausting task that requires precision. Your mobile web app is no different, which is why ImageWorks are known as one of the best mobile app development companies in Connecticut. At ImageWorks, the team has the expertise required to get your mobile app off the ground and working in the face of all of your customers. You need your app to be built simply but offer a complex solution, and ImageWorks does this with ease. There is a huge range of web applications to allow people to quickly and easily integrate your app to your website. ImageWorks can ensure that your business app will grow and get out there into the world. Your app is going to be designed with you and your clients in mind, with custom solutions that are built to be scalable. You need a mobile app that is developed by a company who cares – and ImageWorks are the company to turn to without fail. The best mobile app development companies in Connecticut include ImageWorks and one phone call will show you why.