20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Chhattisgarh

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Chhattisgarh
19May, 2021

In an age where 97% of the population own a mobile phone, any company looking to impress could benefit from working with an app developer to enhance their business message. Obviously, supply and demand have facilitated a market where app developers are cropping up left, right, and center, and many of these claim to be the best. To help you work out which is telling the truth, we’re going to take a deep dive into the 20 best mobile app development companies in Chhattisgarh, and consider what each has to offer.

Exemplary marketing

Offering everything from app development to content marketing and Twitter growth, Exemplary marketing certainly deserves this top spot. This California-based company prides itself in offering outstanding and comprehensive marketing offerings to customers worldwide, and a focus on troubleshooting alongside solutions ensures results that companies can start to feel from the moment they reach out to discuss their options. Exemplary Marketing app development caters to iOS- and Android-compatible apps that are highly responsive and easy to use, ensuring that customers look your way and, when paired with services including web development and graphic design, that they like what they see.

Aanandi Technosoft

Aanandi Technosoft claims to be ‘a growth agency,’ rather than another web development company. Its 8-step mobile app development begins with research and ends with post-launch troubleshooting to ensure the best possible results, all implemented alongside analytics that ensures web presence moves in the right direction.

Ayodhya Webosoft

Ayodhya Webosoft is another web app development company to watch. A sister company of Ayodhya Web Buzzer, this ‘single-window service provider’ offers complete web presence solutions, and specializes in progressive web design and maintenance services. Wide-ranging android app development services have created countless easy-to-use apps across a wide range of industries with the help of eye-catching designs, professional testing, and competitive pricing guaranteed.

Jain Software

With a focus on true and worthwhile research towards innovation, Jain Software prides itself in delivering perfection in 85+ programming languages, including Informatica, Cognos, and Magento. Previous projects span 26+ multinational corporations across the globe with a range of services including app development and app comparison, and Jain Software take care of everything from strategizing and wireframing through to testing and deployment. These are skills developed throughout 1800+ app projects so far, which have covered everything from grocery apps to travel apps and beyond.

Digital Directions

With a goal of 100% customer satisfaction, Digital Directions has spent five years on the market and already gained impressive recognition, a fact that’s in no small part due to skilled development services which offer custom designs to suit, and a Digital Marketing Mastery course, which provides the first-hand skills necessary to work on live projects and perfect every aspect of online presence.


SmileBots offers agile development on even small projects, with a focus on lean app stacks for adaptability and human design for ease of use. The cross-functional team of young creatives specifically works to change the status quo in technology – a quest that they hope will help them to deliver solutions no one else can. The SmileBots team especially believes that technology should be effective, reasonably priced, and put a smile on the user’s face.

Programmics Technology

Programmics is a premier full-service digital agency that provides expertise in native Android Application Development & iOS Application Development as well as Hybrid Application Development. 100% customized solutions ensure easy updates, offered on a variety of platforms including HTML5 and Java. All of these benefits are offered alongside free maintenance to ensure performance well past the design stage.

Ritosoft Technology

Leading software company, Ritosoft Technology, prides itself as being the most creative IT and software development company in Chhattisgarh. Having entered the digital marketing realm in 2016, the company has sold 1000+ software and developed 35+ themes and software in-house. These accolades make Ritosoft one of India’s fastest-growing tech companies, with a 98% rating that also makes them one of the best-rated on the net.


Clixahub work to make the space that companies need to move forward across the digital landscapes, a goal that’s achieved with development of cutting-edge software. This expert team works closely with clients to execute ideas from concept to troubleshooting, and have so far worked on 100+ websites and over ten softwares.

Invincible Infotech

Invincible Infotech consists of an expert team of web developers and designers who specialize in WordPress design and PHP customized software development to name just a few. Services cover entire online company infrastructures, including web development, SEO, and app development. A three-set price ranges include basic, professional, and extended, and start at a base rate of $200.


Techsr Enterprise offers high-end IT solutions to keep clients ahead of the competition at all times, a goal that the team achieves by working cohesively to provide quality services within stated timeframes. A one-stop destination approach makes Techsr especially appealing for clients looking to manage their entire online infrastructure in one place, with services covering everything from design through to influencer marketing and beyond.


SocialDocs offers some of the world’s most advanced AI-based automated marketing, all at an impressive 30% off for the first 14 days of service. During that time, the benefits of working with SocialDocs will most likely speak for themselves thanks to an all-in-one digital marketing platform that puts analytics and automation at the heart of every digital decision.


N-Works offers a wide variety of services, including web designs, app development, and vocational training. Reliable and cost-effective quality helps it to stand above the crowd, while experience in everything from schools to eCommerce that ensures prominent IT solutions to suit everyone, a fact that’s seen N-Works completing over 312 high-quality marketing projects in just eight years on the market, including apps developed by a technically-sound team of android experts.

Media Tech Temple

With its motto of ‘innovation, simplification, people,’ Media Tech Temple offers traditional and innovative tech solutions on a client-by-client basis. Its partnership-led approach aims to address all critical components of online presence for long-term success, with a deep focus on development, analytics, market intelligence, and advertising, all delivered by an extensive team of professionals.

Imperial Solutions

The team at Imperial Solutions are enthusiastic developers who specifically hold skills in coding and creation, a fact that allows them to offer 100% optimization, easy tracking, and one-touch installations among other benefits. Fixed cost customized pricing ensures no hidden expenses, a fact that works nicely alongside timely delivery, 24/5 support, and quality code that clients can rely on.


Trusted by brands including Abstract, CGlobal, and DigitalBox, WebMi offers instant digital solutions for startups and small enterprises across industries from agriculture through to mining or public sector. Its wide coverage and comprehensive approach has earned it accolades including a mention as one of the 10 fastest growing abstract solutions providers in 2019, and an overall focus on boosting client growth potential is sure to see WebMi go from strength to strength.


Simaxsys aims to provide quality software solutions both online and offline for results guaranteed and has already completed 67 projects across 50 countries since its arrival on the market in 2011. In those ten years, Simaxsys has developed a team that’s experienced in software customization and development, as well as holding expertise in Net Core, .Net MVC, ExtJs, Azure Cloud, SQL Server, and MySql.


Newline Infotech Private Limited: Outperform commenced operations in 2010, when it hoped to empower small and mid-sized organizations at reasonable price points. From relatively humble beginnings, NIPL has developed a nationwide presence based on innovation, practical solutions, and proactive service. Technical expertise includes HTML/CSS, Android, and JAVA to name a few, and the team will work closely with clients to choose the ideal mix of software and hardware infrastructure.

Sjain Ventures

Sjain Ventures aims to design an experience that appeals to the masses, and this is a goal it’s been achieving since 2009 with clientele across 21 countries, and 5 national and international bases. A strong team of over 125 IT engineers is on hand to meet any business need and has already served over 1100 happy clients. Advanced applications on offer include SaaS, ERP, and dashboards/portals for oversight, and implementation, which always hits the mark.

Netgear Solutions

Netgear Solutions ‘create instead of just giving web solutions,’ and this is a goal it’s perfected across fifteen years on the market, with a focus on customer delight, innovation, and fulfilling social duty. With a staff of experts with technology including HP, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, VB script, and more, Netgear Solutions offer complete turnkey solutions, including a study of client needs, available resources, and future plans for web and app developments that are 100% suited to client needs every time.