20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Central Coast

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Central Coast
26Aug, 2021

Mobile App Development Companies in the Central Coast are on the rise. With more than 500 million mobile phones in use, it is no surprise that these companies are looking to be a part of this growing industry.

However, as with any new technology or trend, there are many different Mobile App Development Company types, and you may find yourself unsure which company to choose for your project. This article will discuss the 20 best Mobile App Development companies based on their location, specialization, and experience level.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the best mobile app development companies in the Central Coast. They have been a leading provider of digital marketing services for several years and are experts at branding, advertising, and public relations campaigns. With their knowledge, Exemplary Marketing can create apps with innovative features to engage users and help them accomplish tasks they never thought possible before.

Exemplary Marketing also offers website design, graphic design services and marketing strategies to help you reach your goals. But, when it comes to mobile app development for Central Coast businesses, Exemplary Marketing is the best choice!

Elegant Media

Elegant Media is an award-winning, full-service digital design agency. We’ve been in business for many years and have developed a successful process that results in sleek websites with powerful back-end functionality. The company employs over 75 people across 14 offices worldwide and has the highest number of local clients to date at around 350 companies nationwide. These include major retailers such as Walmart, Sears, Ralph Lauren, Target, and Tiffany & Co.

Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor is a full-service mobile app development company that offers all the necessary services to help you get your idea off of paper and onto people’s phones. Mobile Mentor has extensive experience in creating apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices.

They have been helping companies since 2003 with the creation of custom software solutions on any platform desired, including web-based applications running on servers or desktops and interactive touchscreen kiosks designed for retail spaces such as airport terminals, museums, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.

In addition, they offer exceptional customer support from start to finish, so you can feel confident knowing someone will be there every step of the way during this process.

EB Pearls

EB Pearls is a leading provider of mobile application development and web design services. Since their founding in 2009, they have worked with many companies to create high-quality apps for various purposes.

They offer mobile App Development Services like EB Pearls develops mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms. In addition, they can build custom applications or create templates ready to use with just a few changes by your company.


Launchpad is a leading provider of mobile application development, web design, and marketing services. They offer their clients three main tiers: Web Design Services – Launchpad offers everyone from beginners to experts with competitive rates for affordable website designs; App Development Services – Launchpad specializes in custom app development that includes both iOS and Android apps, and Marketing Services – Launchpad provides a variety of marketing services to help start-ups grow.

Ustwo studio

Ustwo is a leading digital design agency internationally renowned for its product, service, and brand development work. They offer services such as Branding- ustwo works with you to create a new identity or rebrand your company; Product Design Services – they start by understanding user needs and creating an experience through solid research.

Appetiser Apps

Appetiser Apps is a San Luis Obispo-based mobile app development company. They are known for the following:

  • Developing responsive apps on Android, iOS and Windows platforms
  • Designing innovative apps to meet your business needs with a touch of their creativity
  • Creating dynamic applications that engage end-users from the moment they’re launched
  • Appetiser Apps is a young, fast-growing company with the experience and talent to develop your business idea.

Wave Digital

Wave Digital is a design agency with the mission to deliver fresh, mobile-minded digital products. The Fresh Tuna Project – Let’s Bring the Outdoors Indoors. Wave Digital offers solutions from domain research and strategy through post-launch service and support?

They don’t leave you hanging! With years of experience in app creation and mobile design, Wave Digital has seen what works and what doesn’t.


DreamWalk is a complete mobile app development company specializing in all facets of application development. Most importantly, they know what it takes to make the best applications that will meet your needs and help you grow your business – both now and into the future! DreamWalk has many clients from the Central Coast because of our expertise in mobile applications.


Greek is a mobile app development company based in Central Coast. They specialize in developing native apps for iOS and Android, with each device type having its team of developers. If you are looking to get your project done quickly, then Gomeeki can help! Their efficient work process ensures that the design phase will be completed in as little time as possible, with feature planning and programming following shortly after that.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is a company that provides web and mobile development through its subsidiaries. In addition, Rocket Lab offers the following services: custom application programming, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing campaigns, and website design. Rocket Labs has been in business since 2003 with an A+ rating from BBB.

Enterprise Monkey

Enterprise Monkey is a full-service mobile app development company whose sole mission is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed. The company provides five essential services: Professional Development, Mobile App Development, Software Design & Engineering, Branding & Marketing Consulting Services and Digital Product Management.

App Gu-rus

App Gurus are great because they know what is happening in the world of mobile, and you can count on them to make your app idea come true. They have been around for over a decade now, so you’ll be getting more than just an “app guy” like some other companies out there! You will also contact a marketing team, developer and project manager all in one.


Butterfly has been developing mobile apps for more than a decade and offers various products to help its clients reach every type of audience imaginable. They specialize in enterprise-scale app development services for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and many other big businesses. They also build native iOS/Android apps, responsive websites, and hybrid mobile apps easily accessible to users on all devices.

Kwix Global Solutions

Kwix Global Solutions are one of the best mobile app development companies in the Central Coast. They have been providing top-notch services to businesses for a long time now, and their reputation is awe-inspiring. Here are 15 reasons why Kwix Global Solutions is exceptional: Kwix Global Solutions offer affordable prices for their projects. The price is usually around $600 to start with the design phase, and then you can choose from different pricing models.

App Boxer

App Boxer is a Mobile App Development Company that offers design, development and marketing services. They provide end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to create engaging mobile experiences for their customers or clients. They have experts in each process area who have decades of experience building successful projects on both iOS & Android platforms.


Apiko is a successful company with over 16 years of experience, and they have managed to create more than 500 apps for their clients. They are mobile-first, which means that all their projects are completed with Android or iOS devices as the target audience. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a mobile-friendly app. Apiko is great because their team has the best designers, programmers, and other professionals around.

Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain Technologies is a company that offers mobile app development in Central Coast. They provide free consultation for any business that needs to start creating their apps or redesigning their existing ones. The team is committed to providing the best solutions, from wire-framing up until deployment and maintenance of your app.


WorkingMouse is a company that specializes in building high-quality and cost-effective apps. They are great because they work with you to find the best solution for your needs – mobile, web or native. Their team of experts will create an app tailored specifically for your business needs.


BonneSai provides bespoke as well as standardized mobile solutions for any business. They have a team that is experienced and creative, which means they can give you the best advice on how to improve your business through app development. In addition, BonneSai’s experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements – this way, you can be sure that the final product will suit your needs.

The above-mentioned 20 companies are among the best in Central Coast regarding mobile app development. They have extensive experience and knowledge of both Android and iOS platforms, which means they can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs. Feel free to contact any of them for more information on their services or pricing packages!