20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canberra

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canberra
24Aug, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

An experienced and dedicated app development team that can help clients to meet a wide variety of mobile app development needs. They make excellent use of the waterfall method, emphasizing great navigation and responsive control. This team brings a great deal of experience in user interface and user experience creation, using that expertise to create user journeys that lead to more successful outcomes for your app.

Baha Agency

A small team of Canberra-based online marketing professionals that specialize in web design but also offer mobile and app design services. They traditionally focus on working with small businesses working locally, taking the time to work with one client at a time, crafting custom technological solutions to meet their specific needs. They also have specific experience in working with not-for-profit organisations and those who are new to app development and might need a helping hand through the process.

Jploft Solutions Pvt. Ltd

A globally operating company with operational bases in Canberra and many other locations, they are a team that works specifically in the mobile app development field, which includes a wide range of app types including game development and digital marketing solutions, as well as expertise in technology such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, fintech, and more, bringing over 10 years of specialised industry experience to their clients.


A mobile app and software development team with a special focus on custom-built web applications as well as blockchain technology, ITERON aims to offer cost-effective and high-value solutions, offering innovative technology expertise to lend their clients a competitive advantage. This is an experienced team of full-stack software engineers as well as design consultants who are poised to help clients design and launch apps from the very first step to the very last.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

A globally operating mobile app development team, Hyperlink brings a range of specialisations, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain development, e-commerce, and video game. This team develops solutions for all iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows (desktop and mobile) operating systems, with over 9 years experience in the industry, and an extensive team of over 350 developers and designers able to lend all manner of expertise to projects.

21Twelve Interactive

A locally based Canberra mobile app development company, they offer a wide range of app development services, including Android and Apple device apps, eCommerce app development, and ongoing quality assurance and maintenance for any solutions that they help their clients create. They work closely with clients to plan, develop, and personalize all solutions so that they offer a unique experience for the end-user. Agile development methodology allows them to adapt to new goals and input on the fly, as well.

Auxano Global Services

Originally founded in India in 2013, this team has grown to several offices around the globe, including one in Canberra. They offer world-class versatile mobile app development, as well as cross-platform development for those clients that also want to reach users in different environments.

Having adopted agile app development methodologies, they are able to create bespoke solutions to meet a wide range of needs and pride themselves on their ability to meet whatever challenges the client might throw at them.

Clean Commit

A small team of web developers, custom software developments, and mobile app developers that typically works with small businesses, with experience in business services, real estate, and creating apps for consumer products and services. This problem-solving team works closely with clients to best understand the goal and purpose of the app before the development starts, ensuring that they align with your understanding of what you want from any solution you order.

Ennovative Web

This team of mobile app developers works to ensure they gather all the essential information needed to begin any project. This includes not just working with clients to understand their needs and objectives with any given app, but also researching the competition to make sure that the solutions they provide are unique and attractive enough to stand out in even some of the most competitive markets.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Offering a wide range of what they call “profound” technology solutions, Cyber Infrastructre Inc. aims to work with businesses that are aiming to take their operations to the next level with the help of innovative app and software solutions.

Bringing over 12 years of experience, they offer development services specializing in open source development, business intelligence and analytics, Cloud infrastructure implementation, digital marketing, and more, with a large and diverse team of app development experts.

Outware Mobile

This software and app development company labels themselves as a “digital transformation service,” employing the expertise of over 450 developers, designers, data analysts, and more with experience in building over 100 apps in a wide range of industries.

They focus on creating digital experiences that are designed to wow the customers, building their loyalty and strengthening the brand through effective solution delivery and excellent user experience.


A large, global team of technology consultants that brings together expertise from a variety of fields, offering a wide range of solutions to all industries. This team has experience in developing bespoke web, desktop, and mobile apps for logistics and transportation, financial services, retail, and health care clients, amongst others, with a specific aim to help businesses that are aiming to make a digital transformation and need a partner that they can trust to make it with them.

Trimantium GrowthOps

A growing team that has been working in mobile and app development since 2012, this team, as the name implies, is dedicated to helping small to mid-market businesses that are growing their digital presence. They offer digital solutions with some specialisations including the Cloud, brand strategy, and marketing, to help clients meet a wide range of needs. They aim to make their services cost-effective and high-value, ensuring that every client gets their money’s worth.

Elegant Media

A team that is dedicated to mobile app development above all other digital services, this is a team that focuses on offering solutions to specific problems, working with all manner of clients from startups to government organizations. They have experience in serving clients of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises, and have worked with a range of different industries, from retail to financial to health care and more.

Stripy Sock Pty Ltd

A small team based in Canberra devoted entirely to mobile app consulting and development, it is a team that includes founders that have been creating apps for the iPhone since the device first launched. As such, they have experienced in creating mobile apps, including for iOS and Android, for all manner of solutions and catered to fit a wide range of industries. A passionate team that takes pride in their work, they mostly partner with smaller businesses.

Launchpad App Development

This mid-sized team of developers brings innovation and keen attention to detail in partnership with a range of smaller businesses, typically working more with startups and new and revolutionary brands. They specialize in creating excellent user experiences across a range of digital channels and, as such, can create integrated mobile, web, and desktop apps for clients across a range of different industries and sectors.

WebTec Solutions

An app design and development team that works with mobile, web, and software solutions, WebTec brings a specialization in user interface and user experience design that can ensure an excellent experience for your app’s target audience. With experience in capturing and building insights based on market data, they are well-suited to helping align the aims of their clients with the latest trends that are dominating the app development space, offering the latest in cutting-edge digital journeys.


A business partnership between a small team of young software development and design talents that has been creating revolutionary solutions in emerging technology since 2004. Despite the team’s relative youth and small size, they bring 40 years of combined IT experience to mobile app and cross-platform development, with a focus on integrating business tools to ensure that every piece of their client’s digital infrastructure is designed to work together towards the common goal of the business as a whole.

Subz Design

A digital solutions team that focuses on web design, web development, graphic design, and social media, alongside mobile app development, they are able to incorporate expertise from across their multi-disciplinary team. As such, clients can be sure that aside from apps that work well, they create user experiences that engage, convert, and build loyalty in their end-users, with branding and visual design that stands out from the rest of the competition.


Since 2006, this small team has been working with a wide range of business owners in a range of IT services, including mobile apps and custom software development. As such, they understand the needs and the headaches that businesses face through their digital solutions and the design choices that they can implement to make sure that these headaches go away. They also have extensive experience in working with not-for-profit organizations, too.