15+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in California

15 Best Mobile App Development Companies in California
17Feb, 2021

California is full of incredible mobile app development companies. It’s important to understand the difference between design and development in order to know what you really want.

Thankfully, most development companies are also great designers. But, a great design is only half the process of a killer app. You’ll want to work with a company that can bring your business to life in the palm of someone’s hand.

User experience is more important than ever. So, while a pretty design can get your app noticed, its functionality is what will turn your target audience into loyal customers or champions for your brand.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best mobile app development companies in California.

Exemplary Marketing

One of the great things about Exemplary Marketing is that they offer much more than just app design and development. They are marketing experts with global locations that can take care of everything from copywriting to AI integration. That expertise carries over into app development to create an immersive experience for your users.

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media, based in Venice Beach, offers end-to-end mobile development. They create innovative interfaces that promote UX/UI and are able to turn concepts into reality. As of now, they have over 200+ apps created for iPad, iPhone, and Android markets.

Dedicated Developers

As the name suggests, Dedicated Developers is a company “dedicated”  to providing high-quality code that translates to unique mobile app experiences for your users. They are a results-focused business that not only offers mobile development but can help you with everything from software development to enterprise mobility services.


One of the best things about Cleveroad is that while they specialize in mobile development, they also work with web development, wearables, TV, and desktops. Whether you’re a startup or a company that needs a complete digital transformation, Cleveroad is a one-stop-shop for almost any tech solution you need to move forward.


Don’t let the name of this Irvine-based company fool you. Naked offers much more than just the “bare minimum”. Instead, they are a full-fledged creative development agency. Naked focuses on strategy, creativity, and technology to create apps that will help your business grow in your success. They treat clients as partners, and have millions of app downloads to show off their own success.

Wve Labs

Wve Labs combines art and engineering to create beautiful, functional, user-friendly apps that will help your brand stand out. Their design expertise is only half of what makes them great. They also offer IoT services and augmented reality options that can help your mobile app go to the next level above your competition.


Does your app need a little “Zazz”? This company is made up of designers and developers dedicated to great digital products. Zazz will help you with everything from product strategy to both iOS and Android development. Their goal is to create apps that people will use, as well as apps that will bring you revenue by getting noticed.


With over 1,000 clients, TrinityWired is a great app development option for businesses who are just starting out or those on a budget. They offer a payment plan that makes it possible for businesses of any size to get a quality mobile app. Affordability doesn’t mean they lack quality. In fact, TrinityWired has won multiple awards. It was started by a college student who was frustrated by other companies charging so much for app development. So, he took matters into his own hands.


Based in LA, FrenchyDigital creates mobile apps that are “marketing machines”. Their goal for their clients is to develop apps that generate sales. This is done through seamless mobile integration and incredible UX. They are a team of designers, developers, SEO specialists, and copywriters ready to come together to build the perfect app for your brand.


NoMoBo prides itself on being “your technology partner”. It’s a company that provides so much more than standard design and development when it comes to mobile apps. Their apps are truly handcrafted, and your platform will be fully backed by enterprise-level Cloud IT infrastructure.


Eight25Media has been voted the number one web design agency in San Francisco, but they also are top-notch when it comes to mobile app development. They are UX specialists with developers that turn ideas into functional products. Not only will your app be fully integrated into multiple platforms but because Eight25Media is always researching new technologies, you can be confident in knowing your app will stay on the cutting edge of your industry.


ISBX specializes in mobile apps for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries. They can be especially helpful for businesses that are just getting started in those industries and are looking for a way to stand out from the competition. Not only does ISBX create beautiful apps but they can also help with educating your company on the best practices for those apps and how to use them to help your business grow.

Swenson He

Swenson He’s slogan is “digital experiences, brought to life”. That’s exactly what every business should be looking for when it comes to mobile app development. They have a passionate team, dedicated to guiding their clients on a journey to realizing their vision. Swenson He has done development for major companies like Scott’s MiracleGro, but they are just as dedicated to helping small businesses and brands find success.


Operating since 2001, Sileria has helped countless companies with their mobile development expertise. They focus on solid software foundation and understand the best practices when it comes to app development. Plus, they consider every app to be “their baby”, just as much as your own. So, they are always willing to go the extra mile to get the design and development right the first time. If you’re more comfortable with an app development company with a lot of experience, Sileria could be your perfect solution.


Because mobile apps are becoming such a necessity for businesses to succeed, you will always want to work with a development company that makes innovation a priority. Rightpoint is a perfect example of such a company. Their drive is to “create experiences that work better”. Their designs are meant to be responsive experiences, rather than passive browsing sessions on a boring app design. Obviously, that places a lot of focus on UX when it comes to your app. That kind of attention to detail can turn a targeted audience into a loyal customer.


Based in San Francisco, Appstem is dedicated to creating mobile solutions for high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies. If you know your business is destined for success or you’re ready for a digital transformation that matches your current success, look no further. While they are focused on dealing with complex business problems, they shift those problems into beautiful, simple solutions. That mindset helps them to create apps with incredible UX.


VezTek is an LA-based mobile solutions company. When you work with them, you can essentially “choose” your own route for your app. You can either work directly with a top 5% developer, or a cross-functional team. The beauty of that choice is working with a developer cuts out a lot of “extras” you might not need right now. As a result, your app will get created faster, so you can release it to the public as quickly as possible. Working directly with a developer will also help to ensure that your personal vision for the app isn’t ignored.


Grio specializes in making custom apps for IoT-connected devices. If your business specializes in those products, you’ll need a “smart” partner that is there for your “smart” solutions. Nowadays, IoT is taking over almost everything, and not every app developer has jumped on board. Grio has taken the initiative to focus on IoT for the businesses and startups that need it most. So, while it’s more of a specialty mobile app developer, it could be exactly what you need if you’re involved in IoT.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Companies in California

As you can see, there are many mobile app development companies in California vying for your business. The reality is, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many developers there really are. But, these are some of the best.

It’s important to choose a mobile app development company that fits your needs. Whether you’re a startup, a business on a budget, or a company that needs a particular UX, don’t be afraid to do your research on these companies. Some of them will offer all-around solutions, while others hone in on a few specific specialties.

Whatever your needs may be, don’t wait to consider hiring a mobile app development company. Setting up an app for your business can appeal to your target audience, grow that audience, and create more loyalty for your brand.