20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Cairns

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Cairns
28Aug, 2021

Many businesses are adding mobile apps to their business tools to increase customer engagement, make their services more convenient and accessible, and boost sales. The several benefits of mobile apps make it vital to ensure they have excellent results to yield tangible results.

As such, it’s essential to partner with professional mobile app development companies to create the ideal app to suit your business’ activities. If you’re searching for the best mobile app development companies in Cairns and its surrounding areas, here are some of them in no specific order.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has extensive experience in mobile app development and has helped many businesses grow digitally. Their secure mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android software and offer customers an excellent experience due to their visual appeal and ease of use. Exemplary Marketing believes in innovation and provides its clients with budget-friendly solutions that help make business goals a reality.


Krify is based in Cairns and has been developing and designing mobile apps since 2011. They provide their clients with personalised solutions through their three-step strategy: define, develop, and deliver. Their apps are also suitable for Android and iOS devices, and their quality assurance team helps ensure that the apps function smoothly through multiple testing. Some of their projects include an Android app for a courier company, an iPhone app for Toyota Australia, apps for dental practices, and a dating app.


Omninos develops mobile apps for B2Bs and B2Cs and specialises in developing apps for various activities such as ticketing, video streaming, gaming and ridesharing. They use their technical know-how and experience in multiple industries to build mobile apps that bring long-term value to their clients. Omninos is also available to assist their clients with creating publicity for their apps, to reach a wider audience.

Cognishift Technologies

Cognishift Technologies started in 2018 and currently provides digital and artificial intelligence solutions, including mobile app development for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their team of developers create apps suited to their client’s specific needs, factoring in features such as user experience design and an agile approach to improve the app’s usability for target markets.

Working Mouse

Working Mouse supports its clients right from the design stage through to post-launch. Their projects include Gevity, Impactr and the Kindred Engagement Portal, and they’ve worked for clients such as government organisations, law enforcement agencies, and real estate service providers. They believe in bringing a human touch to science and innovation to develop personalised solutions for their clients.

Honed Digital

This mobile app development company primarily serves clients in the Cairns Central area. They go through a thorough process from app design to launch, including identifying specific product requirements and creating a hand-drawn version of the app design before developing a prototype. Honed Digital also provides maintenance and app enhancements after launch. Some of their clients include the George Institute, Home, and start-ups like Flaunter.

Exo Digital

Exo Digital believes in developing apps that inspire their clients and create a memorable experience for users. They’ve worked with both start-ups and large businesses to help them achieve their business goals digitally. They’re also experts in web design and UI/UX.

Ish Technologies

Ish technologies are mobile app developers for small and medium businesses and offer them free consultation as well. Their professional team have helped design apps for businesses spanning various sectors in Australia. This mobile app development company has existed for over eight years, and review platform Clutch recognises Ish Technologies as a top B2B mobile app developer in Australia. Their notable projects include an app for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Queensland Government) and Australian Heliponents.

Code Heroes

This mobile app development company started in 2008 and currently specialises in creating customised apps for large scale companies using current technology. They develop Android and iOS-friendly apps for sectors such as finance and education. Code Heroes are also experts in market research to deliver relevant digital products for their clients.

Website Builder Australia

Apart from web design, ecommerce, logo design, online brand management, and SEO, Website Builder also assists its clients in mobile app development. The company started in 2014 and offers budget-friendly solutions to ecommerce businesses. They also develop and maintain mobile apps for small and large companies.


Appgurus is passionate about combining a fun but informed approach to make their customers’ business vision a reality. They’re experts, especially in mobile app development for iOS, and have extensive knowledge of Apple’s requirements, making their apps secure and of high quality. Some of their popular works include Crooked Compass for adventure lovers, Grow with Nature Play, designed for children in partnership with the Queensland Government, and BubPrint to help record memorable milestones of babies’ growth.

The App Team

The App Team believes in the power of connecting people through apps and were listed by review platform Clutch as top app developerthe  in Australia in both 2016 and 2017. Aside from developing mobile apps, they also offer their clients free consultation and add a personal touch by dealing with their clients face to face. They have a versatile team of content creators, mobile app developers, and UI/UX builders. They’re experts in hybrid apps as well as those for Android and iOS.

Fonseka Innovations

Fonseka consists of many app developers, marketers and consultants passionate about helping businesses grow and sustain long-term client relationships. They’ve developed mobile apps since 2015 and mainly serve small-scale businesses and start-ups.

Advantech Software

Founded in 2003, Advantech Software is expert in developing native apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices using a practical approach. They guide their clients on what app will work best for them by offering them free advice and quotes to give them an idea of the whole mobile app development process. They also have informative resources such as white papers on their site to help their customers better understand how they can benefit from software development.

Khemistry Creative

With a belief in the role of insights in driving tangible results, Khemistry combines a data-driven approach with a human touch to develop solutions for their clients. They’re experts in customer research, branding, content creation and digital products such as mobile apps and analytics. They have worked for clients such as Queensland Health, Queensland Department of Education and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

CMTech Pty Ltd.

Established in 2002, CMTech provides its customers with customised mobile app solutions for Android and iOS devices. They allow their clients to be part of the whole process by encouraging constant feedback and viewing the app as and when they’re designing it by sharing the entire process using secure platforms such as TestFlight and FTP methods. After the app goes live, they also offer support services such as maintenance and in-app enhancements.


C9 is a full-service software and app development company founded in 2006. They assist their business clients in having efficient and user-friendly mobile apps whether they already exist or need one from scratch. Their apps are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Aside from developing apps that improve business productivity and easy access, they also create apps for leisurely activities. Some of their projects include Live Apps and Woolcock to make rental inspections easier.

Orange Digital

Orange Digital is an expert in the digital space and goes beyond content creation, branding, web design and SEO. They also develop visually appealing mobile apps that are easy to use to provide their clients with an excellent user experience and sustain their target markets’ interest from when they open the app. They also conduct regular testing for Windows, iOS and Android apps. Additionally, they help with fixing apps that others have developed if their clients prefer. Their projects include Ethos Orthodontics and MotorMouth, and they have a dynamic team of developers and coders.


This custom software development agency has existed since 1993 and has evolved over the years to provide their customers with modern business solutions. Solentive is passionate about developing customised apps by asking their clients for their specific requirements from the initial stage to help their businesses progress. They love to partner with visionary companies and test different scenarios to create the ideal product for their clients. They capture their business strategy using their personalised framework, the Practical Agile Methodology by Solentive (SOLPAM). This method consists of agile and resourceful measures to understand their clients better, create customer value, meet expectations, and deliver business goals.


NextWeb helps businesses improve their online presence and offers mobile app development services for small and medium scale businesses based in and around Australia. Their apps are suitable for Android and iOS devices and are in line with current mobile app trends. They also specialise in web hosting, design and email marketing.

With this detailed list of mobile app development companies in Cairns and its surrounding areas, you can settle on the one that fits within your budget and provides what you’re seeking. Doing this will help make your brand more accessible to your customers, increase your sales and help your business to stay competitive.