10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Beijing

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Beijing
04Sep, 2021

Mobile app development has become a crucial tool for boosting your business and making your company more accessible to customers and clients alike. The best mobile apps provide a streamlined and comfortable experience that brings customers back time after time, allowing them to engage more with a company’s product or service, and increase sales and reputation.

Many companies wanting to launch a mobile app will try to do it themselves. But, this is often a misguided approach that could stretch the team too thin. What’s more, your team may not have the knowledge to develop, build, and maintain an app. To avoid this, it’s always best to consider other experts. If your business is based in Beijing and wants to boost its customer base, the best mobile app development companies in Beijing can make this possible.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has propelled itself to the forefront of the mobile app development industry and stands out as the leading candidate for any business that wants to broaden its reach and streamline accessibility for customers no matter where they are.

Its team of developers has experience across a wide range of devices, making its industry expertise second-to-none, giving it the edge over competitors to help you make the right decisions. This ensures a superb user experience and will put your app head and shoulders above the rest within your industry.

Shinetech Software

A large mobile app development company that boasts years of experience, Shinetech Software specializes in developing commercial and enterprise applications. This broadens its client base and ensures it appeals to as many companies in as many industries as possible.

With this, your company’s app – which can be compatible with Android, iOS, or Native operating systems, will provide a remarkable ROI and demonstrate why you shouldn’t have waited this long to launch an app and make your customers’ lives much easier.

Clever Brainz

The team at Clever Brainz has all the tools at their disposal to launch a mobile app that customers will adore. It offers cross-platform and Native platform options, offering a broad appeal for a wide range of industry needs, and they work with a range of coding languages to find one that suits your business perfectly.

Although not as large as other options, customer testimonies prove that size doesn’t matter, and you’re assured fantastic results with cutting-edge solutions and innovative designs that will help your mobile app carve out a niche for your business.

Advanced Systems Development

If your business operates in Healthcare, Finance, or Communications, look no further than Advanced Systems Development to deliver an app that will make your clients swoon. This thoroughly professional outfit has been around since before mobile apps were talked about, and this gives them decades to draw from to deliver a product you will be proud of.

ASD is dedicated to meeting your high standards and using effective software engineering to highlight the most important elements for your app, giving you the confidence needed to launch this platform with confidence.

MDT Infotech

MDT Infotech has worked with a plethora of well-known companies in the past, including the likes of Microsoft and Xerox. This itself should be enough to prove your mobile app is in safe hands.

If you need more convincing, you can rest assured that MDT will assist you in every step of the mobile app journey. From design to development to testing, you can look forward to a user-friendly mobile app that enhances the customer experience and delivers exceptional results for your brand.


Specializing in hybrid and multi-lingual mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, axiusSoftware is a fantastic option if you want to broaden your coma[pny’s reach and penetrate new markets without issue. The team focuses on the user experience to create a comfortable and easy-to-use app that won’t crash nor stall, and this ensures consistent satisfaction for clients and yourself.


NewBornTown specializes in mobile games that see over 1.2 billion users across 200 countries and regions, so you already know that the team understands how to make an app that people will keep coming back to.

If you’re looking for a way to connect users from all over the globe (rather than just Beijing) this is the company for you. NewBornTown also has experience in developing social networking apps, which is something to consider when looking for a convenient p[ortal that brings clients, customers, and employees together.

Citrix Systems Information Technology

With experience in multiple important industries, Citrix Systems Information Technology is a strong contender for all of your in-house application needs. While other companies develop apps that improve the customer experience, Citrix focuses on improving the employee experience.

By improving this experience, your business will see a boost in employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity, which allows your company to take significant steps towards growth and success.


Having worked with several high-profile clients in China and other recognizable global brands, APICloud is something any business should consider working alongside to develop an app that everyone will adore.

The team combines multiple useful features, including productivity and big data functions to simplify the overall experience. This makes scrolling through an app – regardless of the industry – an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The lack of frills may not appeal to everyone, but for a no-nonsense solution, there are few better choices.

21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive has offices all over the world, so you know that any issues can be easily dealt with by a knowledgeable and efficient team. It can develop Native and Cross-platform applications to suit a growing business or one that hopes to catch up with competitors.

The team includes as many hands as you would want to ensure a fully functional and easy-to-use application. Testers and designers will refine your app and make it ready to launch to put your company on the front foot.

Whether you’re looking for an established mobile app development company or want to take a punt on a fledgling company that shows plenty of promise, these options should give you a range of options to consider. As the best mobile app development companies in Beijing – and arguably the whole of China – you can trust that your app is in safe hands.