20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Ballarat

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Ballarat
30Aug, 2021

Whatever kind of reason you might have for needing a mobile app development company, you always need to make sure that you are choosing the best one, and the one that is the most appropriate for your specific needs.

There are a lot of things to bear in mind here, and above all, you will want to have a good sense of what your needs are and how you hope for a development company to fulfill them. Beyond that, it’s about finding a good local mobile app development company that is well-trusted.

Here are twenty of the best mobile app development companies in Ballarat that you might want to consider trying out. Each of these is unique in their own right, and they each have plenty to offer you.

Exemplary Marketing

The clue is in the name with this one: it very much is an exemplary example of a marketing company. What’s great about this company is that they offer one of the best possible app development services around, as well as being a general marketing team whom you can use for a variety of purposes. Whether you want a brand new app developed, or an old one improved, you can count on Exemplary Marketing to help you. They are easily the best mobile app development company in Ballarat.


For a Ballarat-based mobile app development company that can really give you all that you need, you should definitely check out Krify. You might be surprised at just how much they can offer you, and it’s one of those companies that you are going to find especially easy to get in touch with. They work closely with you to deliver exactly what you want every time, and as such, they are well worth a shot.

Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn have been helping businesses and individuals alike with mobile app development for a few years now, and they remain one of the best-regarded of all the companies in Ballarat. They are based right in the heart of Ballarat, so you know that they are local and available. Try them out today and see whether they can help you in the way you need help.

Lets Nurture

Another Ballarat mobile app development company that you might want to consider looking into is Lets Nurture, which offers enterprise mobile apps for a corporate setting, thus allowing all of your employees to have easy access to the same digital resources. They also make consumer-facing mobile apps, to help your business land more customers or get an idea off the ground in style.


Known quite simply as DMA or Digital Marketing Agency, this company has been helping businesses in Ballarat since 2002, and they are known for producing apps that customers tend to love a great deal. They are a highly ranked marketing agency, not just in Ballarat but beyond as well, so you would do well to consider using their services if you are in need of a new app to be produced in the area.


Marketing Agency, or MA, are another Ballarat-present company who make some of the best apps around. They are particularly useful if you are looking for boutique SEO services, and especially where this meets the world of app development, so that is something you might want to consider. They can also provide a lot of the content you might need to keep your app going strong.

Web Marketing Agency

They might have a very generic name, and they are indeed present in a wide number of areas, but Ballarat is one of the places that you can and should check out if you are in need of some decent marketing combined with a brand new app. Web Marketing Agency will be able to provide you with everything you need to make your app work out, and they can help you put it out into the world in a marketable form as well.


You have probably heard of Acidgreen, as they are a company that has that kind of reputation that precedes them. But not many people know that they are also a good, trustworthy mobile app development company, and this is something that you are certainly going to be able to use them for. You’ll find their service very effective and helpful all in all, so check them out today and take a look for yourself.

Proof Creative

It is always extremely helpful and beneficial if you can get an app company that has a good amount of creativity to it, and that is exactly what you get with Proof Creative – hence the name! This company is a generic marketing and content production company, but they also have a focus on apps, and they are known to make apps that tend to work very well and look aesthetically very pleasing as well. If you are in need of that, they are on hand to help you get your idea through to fruition.

Square Circle Triangle

Another Ballarat-based mobile app development company that you may or may not have heard of is Square Circle Triangle. They are known for their slightly out-there ideas, so they are a good shout if you are trying to produce an app, combined with some marketing, which is very unique and looks quite different to a lot of others. It is definitely worth giving them a go to see whether they can provide you with what you need.


If what you need above all is an app that will help you to generate more leads and gain more clients and customers, then Millipede is where you should look. They focus on achieving exactly those kinds of ends, and all of the mobile apps that they help to produce and develop are known for doing this extremely effectively. You’ll be able to expect huge improvements to your business as a result of using their app development services.

Universal Webmasters

As we have seen already, there are sometimes many benefits to be found in using a company that focuses on all-around marketing. Universal Webmasters does not only mobile app development and marketing but also a wide range of web-related things, in fact, anything web-related that you would care to name. As such, they can be useful in creating an app that aligns with your digital marketing goals and web presence.

Broadway Infotech

Another example of a general web-based company that you can check out is Broadway Infotech, which are capable of producing some amazing apps that likewise work well within your whole scheme and marketing goals. Broadway Infotech sounds technical, and they do produce apps that work well, but they are also creative in their designs.

Visionary Group

Do you have a specific and determined vision for the future of your business? If so, you will want to check out Visionary Group, which is determined to help you achieve that vision, and will be able to produce exactly the app you need to make it happen as soon as possible. With their help, things are going to go so much more smoothly.

Nashish Marketing & Design

Nashish are one of the oldest and better-established companies of their kind and true Ballarat natives. As such, they know the industry well, and they have the kinds of connections that you would expect them to have in order to produce the best possible app for you. You’ll find that it is very easy to trust Nashish Marketing & Design with all of your marketing needs, especially your app development.

Creative Central

Another creativity-focused app development team, Creative Central are known for creating a wide range of personal and business apps, and they are always keen to take on new projects which they might never have considered doing before. It’s a good idea to float any crazy ideas you might have past them.

Website Company

Despite the generic brand name, Website Company is actually a trusted business in Ballarat, and one of the things they pride themselves on, in particular, is their focus on apps which are built ethically and with compassion. If that is important to your business, then they are definitely a team that you should check out.

Lateral Design Group

For an app that is going to be designed with your entire business’ brand in mind in a very powerful way, you would certainly want to consider the Lateral Design Group for your needs. They are one of the friendliest teams around as well, which always helps when you are working closely together.

Small Dog Design

App design and development with something of a twist, Small Dog Design are definitely one to consider if you are looking for a new kind of app for your small business or startup. You’ll find that they are incredibly efficient and effective app developers.

Launch Interactive

If you are thinking about an app that your customers can use interactively, then Launch Interactive are the ones to go for. They will be able to produce whatever app you have in mind, and in such a way that you’ll always be happy with the results.