50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Atlanta

50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Atlanta
05Apr, 2021

In today’s digital environment, creating an app is an important way of promoting your brand and engaging your target audience. To help you access the skills and expertise you need, we’ve scoured the market to identify the 50+ best mobile app development companies in Atlanta:

Exemplary Marketing

In addition to a wide variety of digital marketing services, we specialize in app development, design, and user experience (UX). Our talented software developers, QA engineers, designers, and UX architects create innovative and reliable solutions to help you grow your brand.

 Azul Arc

Bringing products to life with 3D visualizations, this digital product design, and development company is based in Atlanta and Mumbai.


Startup consultants and web designers, AppZoro also offer mobile app development, alongside IoT applications and community frameworks.

 Digital Scientists

Experts in digital product creation, Digital Scientists focus on AI and machine learning to create UX designs, web, and mobile apps.

Chop Dawg

With offices all over the U.S., including right here in Atlanta, Chop Dawg provides global solutions for companies that want to elevate their online presence with web and mobile apps.


Founded in 2009, YML offers app development services as part of their overriding objective of creating innovative digital experiences.

Big Nerd Ranch

Specializing in digital product development, Big Nerd Ranch delivers impressive training to help companies improve their in-house skills and capabilities.


In addition to delivering digital marketing services and web and mobile app development, Codesmith offers talent acquisition for companies that want to find their next tech superstar.

Tyrannosaurus Tech

Well-known in the industry, Tyrannosaurus Tech creates strategies and apps for mobile-driven companies.


Based in Canton, this innovative firm provides custom software development services, including websites, applications, mobile dashboards, and bespoke system integration.


With offices in Atlanta, Houston, and Austin, PixelRocket offers a range of services, including web design and development, branding, eCommerce, mobile app, and wearable device app design and development.

Bellwood Labs

Taking an entrepreneurial-minded approach to software development, Bellwood Labs specializes in solving business problems with cutting-edge software solutions.


Specializing in mobile app development for enterprise-level clients, BlueFetch also offers legacy app migration and web and backend integration.

Stable Kernel

Known for end-to-end customized solutions, Stable Kernel combine backend services, IoT, and emerging tech to create bespoke software and apps.

Idle Fusion

Partnering with clients since 2012, Idle Fusion a mobile app development firm that also offers custom software solutions.


As well as providing mobile app development services, SolutionBuilt is an Atlanta-based agency that also delivers SEO, web design, and development services to clients across a range of industries.


A well-known CRM consulting and IT staffing firm, SOLTECH also offers custom software creation, including app development.

Buckhead Apps

As a full-service agency, mobile app development is just one of the services available from Buckhead Apps. The company also offers AR and VR development, as well as UI and UX design.

Mobile App Hero

Taking a distinct three-stage approach – Discovery, Design, and Build – Mobile App Hero offers mobile app development, IT consulting, custom software development, UX/UI design, and mobile marketing services.


A boutique software development company based in Atlanta, GRSP Tech specializes in custom software development, as well as web and mobile app developments. Additionally, they provide UX and UI development, as well as IoT solutions.

Binary Evolution

Founded in 2000, Binary Evolution offers expertise in web development, UX and UI design, custom software development, and IT consulting, as well as mobile app development.


With offices in Atlanta, California, and Australia, Scalio works with global companies and offers an extensive range of services, including product design, interactive prototyping, mobile app development, SEO and analytics, hosting and infrastructure, as well as market research and frontend engineering.

Brain Bytes Creative

As a web design and development company and digital marketing agency, Brain Bytes Creative offers multiple services, including mobile app development in Atlanta, SEO, content marketing, brand strategy, social media and managed marketing services.

Dragon Army

Styled as a digital engagement company, Dragon Army provides brand development services across a variety of channels, with services including SEO, PPC, user strategy and testing, mobile app development, web design, video marketing, and AR and VR.

Wild Fox Consulting

Combining web design and development with mobile app development and eCommerce solutions, Wild Fox Consulting is a well-known agency that specializes in working with startups.

Polar Notion

Creating ‘technology for the real world’, Polar Notion creates custom software solutions, in addition to providing web design and mobile app development services to clients across various sectors.

Inovo Studios

Specializing in app blueprints and CTO consulting, Inovo Studios also has a range of native products, such as their Tribe Social content platform and hosting solutions.

Start State

As well as creating custom software solutions for clients, Start State also offers enterprise app modernization and mobile app development services, as well as web and IoT development.


Based in Atlanta, Helium focuses predominantly on custom software and mobile app development in order to help their clients create bespoke solutions.


A cloud services and software company, 7Factor create cloud architectures and have their own native CI system, as well as delivering web and mobile app development services to clients.

Omnie Solutions

With more than 20 years’ industry experience Omnie Solutions offer a wide range of services, including enterprise app development, knowledge augmentation, and eCommerce solutions, as well as mobile app development and new tech prototyping.


A global, full-service agency, Appnovation has offices right here in Atlanta, as well as in London, Boston, Hong Kong Houston, Montreal, and Singapore. Delivering strategy and insights, creative and experience design, marketing and communications, and technology and platform development, they offer a wide range of solutions.


A young company, founded in 2019, LogicKite specializes in custom software development, web design, mobile app development, and eCommerce solutions.

Lanin Technologies

A U.S.-based company with a global feel, Lanin Technologies specializes in SAP, as well as providing clients with web and mobile app development solutions.

Invex Design

Experts in branding, Invex Design assist clients with logo design, website design, and digital marketing, in addition to delivering mobile app and custom software development services.

Cloward Design

Cloward Design might be a small company, but they have a big impact via their UX design, UI development, SEO, and mobile app design services.

Never Without

Founded in 2006, Never Without combines digital strategy and social media marketing with mobile app development and UX design to maximize their client’s ROI.


With offices in Atlanta, LA, New York, and Philadelphia, Moxie is a growing company that prides itself on using cutting-edge data solutions to enhance its digital strategy, content marketing, mobile app development, and web development services.

Axiom Corporation

Working mainly with federal government and corporate entities, Axiom Corporation has been delivering management and technology consulting services since 1988. From strategic planning and cybersecurity to mobile app development and disaster recovery, they offer a wide range of solutions.

M3 Consulting

Providing IT strategy and cloud consulting, as well as managed IT services, mobile app, and web development, M3 Consulting partners with clients to deliver enhanced outcomes.

Ventura & Co

A boutique digital agency, Ventura & Co delivers advertising, digital branding, strategy, mobile app development, and SEO services to a select group of clients.


Styled as an experience design agency, Launch helps clients to improve their UX, creative, design, and development projects via a range of services, including branding, graphic design, and mobile app development.


Operating out of Atlanta and Pittsburgh, BHiveLab offers AR and VR development, as well as eCommerce solutions, mobile app development, web design, and wearable app development.

Toolbox No. 9

Specializing in app design and development, Toolbox No. 9 also delivers impressive marketing solutions for both web and mobile.

Sagepath Inc.

Creating ‘digital experiences that drive results,’ Sagepath Inc. provides a wide range of services, including mobile app development in Atlanta, brand strategy, SEO, and UX design.


Known for mobile and web app development, PromptBytes also offer UX/UI design and custom software creation across a range of industries.

Next Digital Web Solutions

A fully-fledged IT solutions company, Next Digital Web Solutions deliver mobile app development services, as well as social media marketing, SEO, web design, web development, and much more.

Sherpa Global

Aligning ‘digital strategy with business objectives,’ Sherpa Global helps clients to realize their goals via strategy creation, mobile app development, CMS development, API creations, digital integrations, online marketing, and more.

Lawrence Media

A full-service creative agency, Lawrence Media brings more than 30 years of advertising experience to the digital landscape and provides mobile app development, digital marketing, graphic design, and web design and development to small businesses.

Burnt Orange Design

Creating innovative user experiences via a range of solutions, Burnt Orange Design offers web and interface design, graphic design, branding and identity services, and mobile app development.


Encompassing web and graphic design, as well as app development, SEO, and digital marketing, Velozi is a full-service agency that works with businesses across multiple sectors.

Eastmont Digital

Working with both B2B and B2C clients, Eastmont Digital specializes in eCommerce solutions, app development, digital marketing, support, and strategy.

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