20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Assam

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Assam
17May, 2021

If you’re looking for the 20 best mobile app development companies in Assam, you’re in luck. Here we run through them in order, starting with the best first.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is an Assam-based company that offers mobile app development to both large and small enterprises. It believes in developing scalable solutions that enable brands to fulfill their potential growth.

What makes the outfit unique is the level of support that it offers clients. Its expertise covers a vast space from agile development to data mining, sales force, Office 365 products, cloud transformation, robotic process automation and more. It’s this impressive pedigree which gives Exemplary Marketing a clear lead over practically every other firm in the space.

Pan India

Coming in at number two is iOS app developer, Pan India.

Pan India is the brainchild of Rajkumar Jalan, a serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry. He and fellow founders set up the company in 2001 at the height of the dot-com boom. Since then, the outfit has grown from just a few core members to a team of more than 100 people, assisting clients in both Assam and the rest of the world.

The company’s motto is to create websites that promote it’s clients’ businesses 24/7 so that they no longer have to rely on sales reps. It believes in the power of automated business systems.


Based in Jorhut, Groveus is a full-stack IT company, offering mobile app development as well as internet payment gateway support, SEO, web development, ecommerce and landing page design.

The company got its start in 2012 when it began pitching itself as an IT provider for modern scientific research. The following year, it formally began operations and quickly took on local projects, such as mobile app creation. Today, Groveus is a full-stack information technology provider that helps companies create apps and grow their revenues via digital platforms.


Otechnix focuses on creating responsive mobile apps that offer practical functionality for its clients. For that reason, it spends much of its development time creating scheduling applications and pop-up feedback forms that companies can use to collect data from users. It also offers exceptional technical support throughout the development phase and beyond.

ABH Software

ABH comprises a large group of software developers with an excellent track record. It likes to grasp the uniqueness of its clients’ requirements and then works painstakingly to achieve their software goals. Besides Android app development, the outfit also offers website development, enterprise-level software development and search engine optimization.

Mooze Tech

Mooze Tech accepts that business solutions will always be messy. That’s why it takes an organic approach to software development, building in as much flexibility and redundancy to its systems as it can. During its short history, the brand has worked with a diverse range of clients to develop high-powered apps for the including food delivery services and companies in the construction industry.

Mooze Tech describes itself as a “bunch of nerds and humans” dedicated to cutting-edge mobile design. The brand’s mission is to walk in lockstep with its clients and go the extra mile.

24 Tech Soft

24 Tech Soft understands that mobile apps need to constantly evolve to keep up with the times. That’s why it offers a vibrant team of Android app developers to create user-friendly applications offering feature-rich environments. It believes in continually pushing the envelope, trying new things, and seeing what’s possible in the digital space.

Samaritan Infotech

Samaritan Infotech got its start well before the advent of the internet. Originally, it focused on “improving technologies.” Since then, it has refined its approach, and now works full-time on app development, HTML5, WordPress development, PHP, design and SEO. The company’s mission is to deliver predictable results in a professional manner, learning through past mistakes to achieve better outcomes in the future.

India Web Design

This mobile app development company might not have the most original name, but it does have an impressive client portfolio. The company has created hundreds of websites for brands across vastly different sectors, including education, plant and machinery, ecommerce, medicine and logistics. Aside from app development, it also specialises in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, bulk SMS services, and animated video creation.

Webcom India

Webcome India wants its clients to think of it as their trusted design and development partner. It says that customers can bring it an idea and then they will co-create a stunning, thoughtful and user-friendly app.

The brand is honest about its expertise. While it has considerable knowledge of CSS3 and WordPress, it doesn’t specialize as much in Jquery. Despite this, it has some impressive clients in its app development portfolio, including two of the largest TV stations in Northeast India.

Baruah and Sons Tech

This app development agency follows three guiding principles which it says sets it apart from the competition: quality, client-driven results and assured services. It backs up all its core offerings with a guarantee, including mobile app development. The company’s mission is to implement innovative ideas and bring clients’ passions to life. It believes in good thinking, expecting more and creating results, fast.

Arsaviva Technologies

Arsaviva Technologies has a mission: to “transform digital dreams into reality.” As a modern software development company based in Guwahati, it offers mobile app development, ecommerce solutions, customized software products, and website design and development. Interestingly, it also offers ERP support, making the brand popular among firms in the supply chain.

Smart 5 Solutions

At the crux of Smart 5 Solutions’s business model is the idea that apps should be high-security, user-friendly, simple in design and easy navigate. It offers its clients a range of development specialisms it hopes will entice them away from other brands including food court and restaurant apps, educational apps, ecommerce apps, and tours and travel apps. Currently, it operates in Assam, but offers its services to companies across the rest of India and the world.


Microtelesoft – no relation of Microsoft – is a diversified, outsourced IT service company that offers mobile app development as well. It’s been a part of the technology scene in Assam since 2009 and now implements full-scale apps for Apple, Android and Windows.

The brand’s goal is to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its clients. It takes things like their timeframe, budgets and business goals into consideration to create an unrivalled final product.


RhinoDigiServ offers a range of high-performance mobile app development services for entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises on both iOS and Android. The company’s unique selling point is the extra features it offers to clients, guaranteed to save them thousands of rupees in expenses. These include its 100 percent money-back guarantee if customers don’t like its work, it’s lowest-price guarantee which allows customers to ask for the lowest quote, and it’s quality guarantee which ensures that customers get a reliable final product. It also provides one year of free maintenance, one year of free SSL and after-sales support.

Website Company.IN

Not to be confused with some of the other companies in this list, Website Company.IN focuses on creating the cheapest apps possible for its clients, even when the launch window is short. It has more than 10 years of experience in mobile app development and fields experts with more skill than the industry average. It’s core tenets are commitment, compassion, respect, ethical actions and affordability.

To start a project with the team, clients simply email or send messages via WhatsApp. The brand then provides them with an account manager to resolve any further queries they may have before starting the project.

Tech Geometry

Tech Geometry is a fast-growing Assam-based app development company that specialises in developing software solutions for a diverse range of purposes. Its apps include all the latest features and it has proven expertise across diverse platforms, thanks to more than two decades of experience.

Grow Up Next

Grow Up Next offers a slightly different business model from the agencies discussed so far. Clients can choose to hire app developers by the hour, allowing them to keep full control over costs. The company also offers dedicated support that enables customers to work out how many hours of developer time they might need.


Webghar is a leading Android application development company based in Assam that believes that mobile functionality is a keystone for modern business. It promises to deliver high-quality applications that both meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.


Rated as one of the top-ranking Assam-based mobile app developers, Ujudebug has a strong pedigree. This aspiring outfit offers developers with niche skills in NodeJS, Javascript, iOS, Kotlin and Android, and is incredibly well-known throughout the region.

The company got its start several years ago in Tezpur, and is now widely regarded as one of the premier and unique software solutions companies in the area. With it’s detailed technical knowledge, it can deliver functional apps its customers want.