10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ansan-si

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ansan si
15Oct, 2021

Ansan-Si has a range of various mobile app development companies. Like many small towns outside of major cities, they are harboring tons of hidden talent, that will one day rival any large brand in the cities they orbit. But we’re going to focus on a specific list of app development companies that have shown themselves to be reliable and advanced enough to create, modern and future-proof mobile apps for customers around the world.

Exemplary Marketing

With over 500 in-house developers, they are one of the largest mobile app developers in the world. This large brand has focused a lot on their UX design and especially, their AI and machine learning. This is the way to plan for the future, making apps that learn and suggest ways to improve the customer experience without needing to hire teams of analysts to do the research.

We Planet

They thrive on UX and UI puzzles, so if you have an app that is having issues with user experience, bring it to them so they can take a look at it. They also design and develop their own apps, using modern techniques such as cross-platform design and popular usage patterns. They are cross-platform because they envisage Mobile App Development being used on just about every variable one day, whether it’s lifelogging, fitness, GPS tracking, or more.

D major

Making apps for both iOS and Android has given D major a lot of experience. They specialize in making apps that can house digital marketing from social media, which is something you want if you want your app and users’ social media accounts to be synced. People have become distribution points as they say on their website, letting you know how they intend to incorporate marketing inside your own app.

PMG Group

Another large company that is using the outskirts of Seoul as their base of operations. They have over 18 offices in the region, making them one of the best employers of mobile app developers. They have over 400 people working for them, in 12 different nations around the continent. They have a track record of taking on new ideas and making apps that do something different and innovative.

D.FY Seoul

They want digital flexibility in their apps. What does that mean? It means they want great UX and UI design, supreme cross-platform support, machine learning and adaptive AI, as well as user feedback points that helps the apps improve all the time. What more could you want? They have also supported business blog content being incorporated into their apps, so if you want a blog feed that keeps users reading and on your app for longer, speak with them.

Digital Invo

We won’t lie to you, they are the very new kids on the block. They have only been around since 2018 and they have a small workforce of between 2-9. So they are a micro business. We thought we would mention them because like many startups, they are extremely flexible, they cater only to you, their entire focus will be on your app and they inject a lot of creativity.


They have been around for a lot longer however, 20 years to be exact. They have become a symbol of iconic South Korean app designs because they inject graphics and emotion into their products. They make an app come to life and if this is something you want, probably because you want a game developed, speak with them.


One of their offices is in LA, and the other is in Ansan-si. They make apps which have sticker API and SDK incorporated into them. So if you want messages, videos and other profile icons that pop up in the app, then give them a call. This might be if you want to create a tutorial of how to use your app, or just show ads. This is probably something for those who want games developed.


One office is in Vietnam, another in Japan and the other in Seoul, South Korea. They have been around since 2011, working with over 200 large and medium-sized companies, in 18 different countries. They have about 600 software consultants, so they can merge teams and create products that require certain talents. This also means they can fix broken apps, in terms of UX design.

MNCS Korea

They are flexible and fast, making quick changes and testing them right away. This can only occur if they have the right kind of design and development team and framework. They have been using cutting-edge techniques and software to create apps, since about 2012.