20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Andhra Pradesh

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Andhra Pradesh
18May, 2021

Professional-looking mobile apps are powerful tools for any business. They allow you to reach out to your target audience and leave a lasting impression. A mobile app also makes it a lot easier for your customers to access your products or services. In fact, it’s almost expected by today’s consumers. If you want to create the best app for your business, it’s wise to hire the services of the top mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh. They will be able to help you develop an app that’s visually attractive, interactive, and boosts the overall user experience. We’ve put together a list of the twenty best mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the leading mobile app development countries in Andhra Pradesh. They work with the latest innovation in mobile apps and create visually-stunning yet easy to use tools for a range of industries. They specialise in native apps, custom software, and more. They develop a range of apps including Android, iOS, IoT, cross-platform, and AR/VR. You can rest assured you’ll be getting a quality service.

Xinthe Technologies

Xinthe Technologies use both the Agile and Waterfall methods to create software and customised applications. Their team of highly-skilled experts are experienced in developing apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and hybrid apps. They offer a complete service including advice on enterprise mobile strategy and architecture, mobile web services, data security, mobile UI design, testing, and deployment planning. They will help you harness new generation technologies.

Vedas Labs

The team behind Vedas Labs has expert knowledge in the current trends, technologies, and user behaviour. This is how they are able to create modern apps that are suitable for today’s audiences and that will help you improve your service. If you want to make a better impression on your clients, work with Vedas Labs to develop an app that will bring your business into the 21st century.

Krify Software Technologies

Krify Software Technologies design and build a very wide range of apps for just about any industry or service. If you’re looking for something a little more niche, Krify could be one of the best mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh. Their creative team will begin with your idea and turn it into an advanced tool to help streamline your operations, whatever your requirements.

Prominere Software Solutions

Prominere Software Solutions design a variety of types of apps, software, and solutions. They use the latest technology in developing your app and then provide ongoing maintenance to ensure it’s a great success. You can expect high-quality app designs, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Prominere also offers apps with unlimited features and you can add new features or make modifications during the project.

S.A. Info Technology

S.A. Info Technology is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh. They offer custom-designed mobile solutions according to businesses’ unique goals and requirements. The apps they develop are also customer-focussed ensuring the best user experience. They will work with you to create engaging app solutions that your customers will thoroughly enjoy using. You can choose your platform whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows.


Appsinvo has the best resources to bring imaginative app ideas to life. They’re specialised in building custom mobile applications and software for businesses, but also in providing end-to-end IT services throughout the entire development process. They are an international company and have worked with a number of different sized businesses globally, so you can rest assured they’ll be able to provide a sector-specific solution for you.

Shamgar Software Solutions

Shamgar Software Solutions develop web and mobile apps for businesses and also offer other digital marketing and E-business solutions. They use innovative web and app development techniques to help create impressive tools with a number of features. The Android and iOS apps they develop are also designed with the customer experience in mind, making them very user-friendly, highly responsive and fun.


Syon is one of the best mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh. They create advanced, feature-rich applications for very reasonable prices. Their experienced developers specialise in all major platforms and frameworks, and a range of app development services from Android, iOS, Windows, web, to software. They create easy to use apps with attention to detail when it comes to the features.

Global IT Solutions Group

Global IT Solutions Group develops elegant apps that are optimised for the user-experience, simple to use, and clutter-free. You can opt for native, hybrid, or cross-platform apps. All apps will be tested and retested before their official launch, so you can ensure you’re getting quality. Global IT Solutions Group also provides 24/7 at every stage of development so you can always get an update on their progress.


Smart5Solutions provide user-friendly and cost-effective apps for Android, iOs, and hybrid. They focus on creating a simple yet responsive design that it is to navigate, yet still elegant in appearance. You can work with a team of expert developers to help you choose the right features for your business. They will find you unique solutions according to the type of products or services you offer.

The Colour Moon

The Colour Moon enables businesses to leverage mobile technology and reach out to their target customers. They offer a range of Android, iOs, and cross-platform services to help businesses get their products and services out there. They will allow you to create an app that really stands out and appeals to your target audience. This way you can ensure you engage with your most profitable niche.

Sunraise Solutions

The mobile app developers at Sunraise Solutions use the advanced tools such as Swift, JSON, XCODE, Core data, and Git to build newer features for professional-looking iOS apps. They also specialise in Android app design using tools such as Android Studio, Firebase Crashlytics, stehto and LeakCanary. Their developers also happen to be experts in cross-platform technology as well including React Native and Apache Cordoba, so you can take your pick.

Manu Info Solutions

The team at Manu Info Solutions have diverse experience across the fields of both mobile and web developments. They have helped businesses design technological solutions in a variety of industries and can recommend the right tools you need to reach out to your customers. You can get in touch with their friendly team for more information about mobile apps for your business.

Digital Kurnool

Digital Kurnool provides effective app development services across a wide range of platforms. These include Android app development, iOS app development, React Native app development, and Hybrid app development. Their expert developers strive to design mobile apps that are visually appealing, reliable, and that stand out from the competition. Digital Kurnool will help you to enhance the visibility of your brand and connect with your customers.

SMAC Techlabs

SMAC Techlabs is a customer-centric organisation that will transform your app ideas into reality while you focus on growing your business. They will provide ongoing support during the app development process and work closely with you to ensure they meet your unique needs. They also offer custom application development and web application development, so you can create the tools you need to improve the running of your business.

Technology 360

Technology 360 is one of the most innovative mobile app development companies in Andhra Pradesh. They deliver the entire mobile app development cycle from concept to launch. They also offer digital marketing services. They work closely with businesses to create user-friendly and result-driven apps and websites. They also provide unique and attractive designs that will really make your custom app stand out. If you’re in need of eye-catching designs then you’ve come to the right place.

SAB IT Services

SAB IT Services produces custom software and applications for various types of businesses. They create unique stand-alone apps that will help you meet your specific goals and the needs of your customers. They offer a tailored service and 24/7 support, along with professional insights and consulting. You can speak to a member of their friendly team to find out which app solutions are best for your business.

Future Web Technologies

Future Web Technologies creating cutting edge app solutions for Android, iOS, web apps, and more. They are also experts in web design and creating custom software for business operations. They offer a wide range of services relating to app and software development. They can, therefore, help recommend the ideal technical tools for your business.


Websamrat is a mobile app development company in Andhra Pradesh which also offers a wide range of other services including web design, social media marketing, web applications, and domain and web hosting. If you’re looking for the complete package along with developing your mobile app, they may just be able to help you in a number of areas. The mission state at Websamrat is to help organisations approach a new era with winning strategies. They will help you implement new technologies, so you can concentrate on growing your business.