50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Alaska

50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Alaska
13Apr, 2021

Are you interested in building a mobile app? Interested in “riding the wave” of other entrepreneurs or having a problem that you think you can solve? The answers to the questions will determine whether your app will succeed or not. Here is a guide to help you get started but it is important to understand that the following recommendations may not work for everyone and that the companies that you choose will determine and shape your future success. Most important of all is to start moving and getting a loose idea in your mind of what you want out of your app development. The design of the application is not necessarily related only to the look but to the user experience which is why a good company needs to be used in order to achieve this.  Second of all, choose an excellent app development company that has excellent reviews and is dedicated to the work that they do.

The company you are setting out with should explore the idea, give you additional opinions and changes / improvements that can help you along the way. Some companies are simply not interested in dealing with the customer themself, but in making money from the development only, which is why you need to look at the best rated companies in Alaska. Take a pen and start making comparisons between companies, who the people you will work with, clients recommend, portfolio, some staff and more. The choice is difficult but there is no room for compromise on this issue, statistics say that for every 1,000 apps only 1 or 2 will succeed, so 99.99 percent went down to ask under it. You need someone incredible to help you get this idea off the ground.  Understand that the chances and competition in the market are huge and may not be in your favor, but it still should not deter you from creating and developing your business app. Because we know that there are companies out there for this sole purpose.

It can greatly help your business to develop an impeccable app. Working with an external development company is a good solution for companies and entrepreneurs who do not have their own knowledge to develop an app. But for the process to work properly the requirements from the development company must be professionally defined and you must consider our list of the best app development companies in Alaska. Proper well designed apps can add value to your company, provide a ROI and help develop your client base by providing them with an easy solution to connect.

So let’s take a look at our list! We will focus on the top fifteen in a little more detail as well as giving you a linked list of over 50+ mobile app development companies in Alaska!

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a social media marketing agency, delivering a worldwide outstanding marketing solution. They provide stellar services for app design and development. With a heavy focus on creativity, they seek to create aesthetically pleasing apps that also offer great interactivity with your potential customers. They offer solutions to design and development with professional expertise in all areas of digital marketing. Providing assistance for digital marketing, you can create a mobile app easily and effectively to promote the growth of your business.

2. 21TwelveInteractive

They design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish and interactive apps for brands. They seek to solve business problems through apps and designing a clear and concise app. Their goal is to create the best products with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and crisp aesthetics that will be eye catching for all.

3. Catapult Consulting

Catapult Consulting produces world-class mobile applications and specializes in iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad). Catapult consulting work with a lot of gaming brands and companies helping them develop games on apps. They have developed: Trenches, Stenches, Tap Defense, The Alaska App, and many others and pride themselves on their high Google and app store ratings.

4. Yuit

Founded in 1998, Yuit has been building and supporting brands across many industry niches. Technology is at the heart of their business and they commit to their clients to ensure that their needs are met.  We look to partner and fully understand each individual needs building a bespoke outline for the app they want to create.

5. Topher Maguire

With over 10+ years developing apps for business and they work with some of the best digital marketing products possible. Topher has used the internet when it was still at DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and continues to evolve their business and the way in which they interact with their customers.

6. E Terra

Founded in 1994, E-Terra is a skilled team of solution-finding professionals that seek to create customized technology for companies, including apps for devices. They boost business’ existing procedures and workflow, assessing current technologies and their approach is simple: communication and coordination.

7. Computing Alternatives

Computing Alternatives (CAI) is a leading Information Technology company that has been delivering IT solutions since 1998. They work to help businesses create customized apps for their brand to bring awareness to their company.

8. Tex r Us

Tex R Us, LLC has been in operation since 1998 and they offer IT Support and Custom Software Development which includes creating apps. They have many years of experience which they use to create solid technologies for businesses worldwide.

9. Mujadidia

Mujadidia Inc has been around since 2015 and they seek to help local brands grow with ecommerce and app development and more.their main focus has been SEO but they also work with brands on campaigns and align this with app development, offering a savvy design for all.  They have created over 200 campaigns and offer companies a way to develop their apps easily.

10. Manektech

ManekTech is an enterprise business solution providing a company based in India but they operate also in Alaska. Their core services mobile apps, software & web development and they have been around since 2011. They seek to develop the latest technologies and have multiple industry expertise with app building which they use  in over twenty countries worldwide; so they are certainly a large bustling enterprise. They operate in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy etc.

11. Expert in SEO

With over 15+ years of Experience in Website / Software Development, and 8+ years of Experience in Digital Marketing, Expert in SEO also have 7+ years of experience in mobile apps development. They have been creating applications that are being used by a broad range of customers from different industry niches; which means their work is incredibly varied and offers customers from all industries a digital solution.

12. Auxano

Auxano Global Services is headquartered in India but operates also in Alaska. They work on versatile mobile app development projects across challenging industries and work to create the very best with their team across in India. They are a global company that work with companies across the world and are not native to Alaska. They have developed their own methodologies and work as a huge team to achieve the results that every client desires. New technology is constantly evolving and that is where they put their main focus.

13. Alaska Web Dynamics

Alaska Web Dynamics is celebrating over 20 years of assisting Alaskan organizations and businesses with building their very own app design. They work with a lot of start up businesses who are in need of creating an app for their business, for customer reach and sales. They are good for the companies who have no prior experience in this field.

14. Plonta Creative LLC

Plontá Creative [pronounced plon•tay] is a group of energetic individuals that want to see your business thrive. Plontá Creative works closely with you to ensure you receive the best quality app for your business, with a heavy focus on digital marketing and more. They have five full time web designers on hand at your disposal whenever you need them, to make sure that things are going to plan for you.

15. Unique Designs

Unique Designs have been in the industry for over ten years and claim they have a huge clientele list, with some of the biggest industry names. They don’t take on only the big jobs however, they work with businesses of all sizes to help them achieve their digital marketing goals every single time.

16. Computing Alternatives

17. Alaska Impact Marketing

18. Dom & Tom

19. Redwerk

20. Code Brew Labs

21. Majestyk

22. Wve Labs

23. Nolte

24. Infojini Consulting

25. HackNCraft

26. The Sneakers Agency

27. The Mega Agency

28. Clearly Innovative

29. NotionTheory

30. Elicere, Inc.

31. ITechArt Group

32. 3Advance

33. SMAKmobi

34. Queryon

35. Tundra Technologies

36. Alaska Business Marketing

37. Bear Star Web Design

38. Hatcher Designs

39. Sundog Media

40. NorthWest Data Solutions

41. Lucid

42. Arctic Design Group

43. NeXus Data Solutions

44. Beacon Media + Marketing

45. Applied Microsystems, Inc.

46. Porcaro Communications

47. AKPHIL, Inc

48. ITS Alaska

49. Geigabyte

50. Duffy Infodesign

51. Scribe Away