10 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Aarhus

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Aarhus
07Mar, 2022

If you want to develop mobile apps, but don’t know where to find the best companies in your area, look no further than this guide to the 10 best mobile app development companies in Aarhus, Denmark. You’ll find the most innovative companies, with employees who love what they do and have decades of experience creating awesome apps.

Not only that, but these are all local companies, so if you have any questions or concerns about your project, you can easily contact them and get answers from someone who’s nearby and will understand your questions more easily than someone in a different country.

Exemplary Marketing

In a short period of time, Chicago-based company Exemplary Marketing has established itself as one of the most efficient mobile app development companies in Aarhus. The company works with clients from a variety of different industries and is known for its ability to meet even last-minute deadlines.

In addition to its app development services, Exemplary Marketing also specializes in Marketing and designing services. Furthermore, its developers have experience working with enterprise-level apps. What we liked about Exemplary Marketing was its responsiveness: we got feedback very quickly, often within a few hours.

Another thing that stood out was their rates: they were really affordable compared to other companies we spoke with, while still maintaining high quality.

Onward Mobile

With a pool of skilled mobile developers and designers under its belt, Onward stands at #2 on our list. The Copenhagen-based company boasts an impressive clientele of clients such as Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard. Their work is not limited to native apps – their portfolio features cross-platform apps for popular technologies like HTML5 and Java. According to their website, their secret sauce lies in fast turnaround times coupled with cost savings – which we assume results from cost-effective infrastructure (e.g., Linux servers).

Agile Labs

Agile Labs is a mobile app development company that puts user experience first. They’ve created apps for clients as large as IBM and as small as local non-profits. Their work has been recognized by top design publications such as Fast Company and Core77. Their approach: an iterative design process, where they prototype multiple versions of your app to make sure it solves your problem effectively before completing it. Agile Labs helps their clients gain traction with technology that works for them.

iQoncept ApS

iQoncept provides a wide range of ICT-solutions and services for enterprises. The company offers businesses a complete set of software development, hosting, and maintenance services, as well as an entire range of external services for any business challenge such as website development and design, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile applications development etc. iQoncept, has expanded its offerings to include web hosting and email management solutions.

PWA Software

Affordable mobile app development without a hitch. This company is among Europe’s most highly rated app-makers due to its expertise and professionalism. Its dedication to creating meaningful products has led to multiple industry awards. If you are serious about creating an app that can really disrupt your industry or marketplace, then look no further than PWA Software.

Subapp ApS

Located in Sønderbrogade 41-43, 8000 Aarhus C, Subapp ApS is a mobile application developer that serves local and international customers. With a focus on innovative concepts and technological solutions as well as providing quality customer service, Subapp’s team of more than 100 experienced developers has garnered a lot of attention from local businesses. If you’re looking for a high-quality solution to your mobile app problems, contact Subapp today.

Candy Interactive ApS

Candy Interactive ApS is one of those companies that has been around for a while. They have offices all over Europe, including their primary headquarters in Aarhus. Candy’s developers can create mobile apps for iOS and Android devices with ease. But they don’t stop there; they also develop digital strategies to help businesses create new strategies and new ways to reach customers digitally.

Doid Technologies

Doid is a mobile app development company based in Aarhus. They develop apps for iOS and Android devices. Doid has been around since 2012 and they have developed more than 30 apps over that time period. What separates them from other firms is their focus on user experience – they consider themselves a user-centered design company, which basically means you get a site that looks good and works well with whatever device you’re using to access it.

MKDG IT-Løsninger ApS

MKDG IT-Løsninger ApS has been specializing in mobile applications since 2001. They are focused on cloud applications (both iOS and Android) and developing corporate mobile apps with a wide range of features. If you’re looking for a mobile app that is well designed and made with quality code, look no further than MKDG IT-Løsninger ApS.

Kyro Solutions ApS

Located in Denmark’s second-largest city of Aarhus, Kyro Solutions specializes in creating applications that are compatible with mobile devices. The company has become recognized for using technology that allows a mobile application to be developed and released within an incredibly short time frame—often as little as five days! What’s more, Kyro Solutions’ clients are able to keep control over every aspect of their projects from start to finish.