25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies Ohio

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies Ohio
29Apr, 2021

Your business needs to keep up with the latest tech solutions, to provide your customers with the most value. App design can be a complicated process, which is why it’s best to call in the experts. For the best mobile app design companies in Ohio, check out what these organizations have to offer.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the leading mobile app design companies in Ohio. The company has developed a range of high-performing applications, for both iOS and Android. Exemplary Marketing designs applications that are visually striking, unique, and fit for purpose. With a team of highly talented designers behind them, Exemplary Marketing will exceed your expectations. When you work with EM you’ll get yourself a state-of-the-art mobile application, to wow your users. From the skeleton and prototype phases to the launch, you’ll get expert support every step of the way.


The modern customer expects powerful applications that they can access on the go.

Photon can help your business to deliver an improved experience, grow your customer base and ensure loyalty. Photon creates intuitive and elegant app designs to help you engage your users. They have developed several award-winning apps for Fortune 500 companies.


Centogram produces company apps for Android, iOS, and tablets. The brand has worked with some high-profile companies, including P&G and Rolls Royce. With the help of Centogram, your business can use mobile apps to solve problems and enhance the customer experience. Whether you’re looking to design wearables or mobile solutions, Centogram can offer outstanding design work and fresh concepts. You’ll also benefit from custom analytics and post-launch maintenance.

Split Reef

Spilt Reef is one of the leading app design companies in Ohio. The company offers app design and development for Android, iOS, and more. Split Reef have won several awards for their app development services, including an Up City Award, an Expertise Award, a Good Firms award. The company has developed a range of nifty apps including ‘Yodel’ and ‘Ticking’.

Atomic Robot

Atomic Robot is one of the best app design companies in Ohio. These talented designers and developers will help you with everything from coding to marketing and strategy. You’ll even receive support with monetization strategies and road mapping. The company has worked on a range of exciting mobile app projects, including Setlist Beauty, Kroger, and HYVEE.

Red Minnow Interactive

Red Minnow Interactive is one of the best app design companies in Ohio. The brand are experts in apps, interactive experiences, and digital signage. Red Minnow have completed an impressive range of projects, their previous clients include Logicals and Vetiv. If you’re looking for augmented reality or multi-touch apps, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab is another one of the leading app design companies in Ohio. Sunflower Lab has won multiple awards for app design and development. If you’re looking for an innovative app solution for your company, rest assured they can deliver. SunFlower created ‘Press Sports’, an exciting digital app for athletes. Other mobile apps in their portfolio include QESolar and Brivity.

Software Verde LLC

Software Verde has ample experience in designing and developing mobile apps, whether iOS and Android. Not sure which type of application you need? Software Verde can help you to discover your requirements. All Software Verde applications are beautifully designed with the latest security features. The company offers excellent post-production support after the app is launched.

Cinnova Technologies

When you work with Cinnova Technologies you’ll get expert support with your application engineering, helping your business to fully satisfy your customer base. Whether you want to update an old app or design a brand new one, Cinnova can provide a beautifully designed app to meet your requirements.

Cabot Technology Solutions

Cabot Technology Solutions have designed hundreds of mobile apps, for clients across many industries. The company strives to use the latest tech innovations as part of its digital products. For over 14 years they’ve been producing amazing quality mobile apps in both the USA and Canada. Cabot will take the time to understand your business requirements, ensuring that the app is designed to fit your needs.

Fancy Apps

Fancy Apps are well known for creating some of the most beautifully designed apps out there. If you’re looking to impress your users with a classy interface and eye-catching designs, Fancy Apps is the company for you. After designing you the perfect application the company will provide further support, with an excellent marketing campaign.

Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting supports businesses with enterprise-grade app development. Whether you need innovative digital strategies or to improve user experience, Centric Consulting can help. By focusing on people, activities, and security, Centric can help you to design the perfect mobile app.

Big Kitty Labs

Big Kitty Labs design applications on Flutter, Android, iOS, and more. They have plenty of creative experts and excellent resources, to offer the perfect app design process. Once you’ve launched your app, Big Kitty Labs offers post-production services, to monitor and improve your success.


Improving understands that your mobile application needs to help you meet your business goals. With the help of this design agency, you can create the perfect cross-platform app, providing your customers with extra value. Improving has helped thousands of businesses, to improve their market share.


Waker is a top-rated app design company in Ohio. For several years Waker has supported a range of companies, whether startups or Fortune 500 companies. They’ve worked on diverse mobile application projects, including Studium, Ticketfire, and LivesOn. Waker is well known in the industry for offering reliable and efficient mobile solutions.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree has produced hundreds of websites, apps, and bots, since back in 2008. They’ve worked with a range of impressive clients, from HBO to Nestle and FOX. This award-winning organization is well known as one of the best app design companies in Ohio. Willow Tree will support you throughout every stage of the development lifecycle. Once your app goes live, you’ll continue to receive support, through performance tracking and analytics.

Segue Technologies

Segue Technologies provides custom software applications, supporting your business to improve its ROI. Segue uses a ‘business-focused approach’, solving problems with the help of the latest tech. The talented designers at Segue will define the issues you’re seeking to solve, helping you to achieve your business goals. The company works across a range of diverse sectors including the US Air Force, The Navy, along with commercial projects for retailers.

Vector One

Vector One works with businesses of all different sizes, across many different industries. Whatever your requirements, they can create a mobile app to suit you. Vector One focuses on designing application features to differentiate your app and improve your ROI. With top-notch prototyping and UX design, Vector one can provide plenty of fresh and exciting design concepts.

Chek Creative

Chek Creative doesn’t believe in building ‘one-dimensional products’. With these innovative applications, you can help your business to engage your users, and improve customer loyalty. Chek Creative can support your company to design and develop both Android apps and iOS apps. The company created the Flavvr app, helping to connect local restaurants and passionate foodies.

Seven Hills Technology

Seven Hills Technology designs both web applications and mobile apps, across a range of business sectors. Whether you’ve got an idea for an app or you need help getting started, Seven Hills can support you from the get-go. The company has worked on mobile app projects including SentriKey, Bermuda Tree Frog, and AFS Dealers.

Marketing Options

Marketing Options is an app developer for a variety of platforms, serving clients both locally and internationally. The company has produced applications including ‘Simple Solutions’, and ‘Palmer Manufacturing And Supply.’ The organization was founded by Barbara Castilano back in 1987 and has been supporting businesses with their marketing solutions ever since.

Brand Valor

Brand Valor understands that building your first app can be a real challenge. Whether you’re an enterprise or a startup, Brand Valor has a solution for you. As self-proclaimed ‘tech-nerds’ in mobile app development, Brand Valor has all the passion and expertise you need. With the help of Brand Valor, you’ll design an app your clients will love.

Team Harbour

Team Harbour provides cutting-edge mobile applications for businesses of all sizes. They’ve worked with plenty of impressive clients including Visa, xChange Plus, and Intelligent Payments. Whether you’re looking to create an app from scratch or update one of your processes, Team Harbour will blow you away with their excellent design work.


AWH has developed an impressive range of web applications and mobile applications. They’ve worked with a diverse range of clients including HRC Path, The Ohio Department Of Youth Services, and Hopewell. If you’re looking to design award-winning digital products, this elite design studio can help.

DigiPrima Technologies

From MVP to a completed project, DigiPrima has created many different apps for both Android and iOS. When you work with DigPrima you’ll benefit from a highly talented team, with expert-level design skills. The company has plenty of iOs app expertise including in-app purchases, Apple push notifications, Social APIS, and UI Animation.