25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wyoming

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Wyoming
08May, 2021

As more and more businesses start to understand that having a mobile app is the best thing they can do to help them stay relevant and keep their customer base loyal and engaged, so there are more and more mobile app design companies offering those businesses what they are looking for. With that in mind, here are some of the best mobile app design companies in Wyoming to help you get started if you feel that a mobile app is the best thing for you.

Exemplary Marketing

When it comes to mobile app design companies in Wyoming, they don’t get much better than Exemplary Marketing. Specializing in the most visually exciting apps around and using excellent state-of-the-art tech to ensure they are always of a high standard, Exemplary Marketing offers a tailor-made solution to any issue you might have; the team of creative designers at Exemplary are experienced and enthusiastic about app design.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a globally recognized mobile app design company. No matter what work might be needed, you will always find the principles of integrity and innovation within every piece of their output. This is why they have such a large and happy customer base; the client always comes first. Hyperlink InfoSystem sees every project as a challenge, and the result is that they better themselves over and over again.


REDNAVIS is relatively new to the mobile app design industry, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing or that their results don’t stand up to scrutiny. With a representative office in Wyoming and their development center in Minsk (Belarus), this international team can create the most spectacular UX apps that achieve precisely what the client has asked for. Ensuring that they offer superb quality at all times, REDNAVIS is swiftly becoming an app development company to watch out for.


ChainArtSoft specializes in designing mobile apps that link to the blockchain industry, and this has led them to gain a large following among enthusiasts. Many of the most well-known and high-level blockchain projects have used ChainArtSoft to design their apps as they know they will get value for money and experts in their field.

Digital Guider

Digital Guider takes its time to get to know the company it is designing an app for, ensuring that each team member understands your business and knows exactly what it’s all about – and what your new app needs to do – before starting work. This focus means that Digital Guider can offer the best quality results every time, and the fact that they think carefully about your business before starting any work means that, in most cases, the first draft is the final draft. Solving your problems is their business.


Everything TMBR does is about creating the perfect work-life balance. Even the way the company is set up proves this to be the case, choosing a smaller town over a larger city and ensuring remote working is – where required – the first choice available. Because TMBR works in this way, the teams taking on your app design will have your comfort and convenience in mind at all times. TMBR can help you achieve what you intended to when you first set up your business, even if you can’t see how it can be done.

Gliffen Designs

Gliffen Designs can be your go-to company for almost any kind of marketing, no matter what it is you might need. This includes mobile app design, and with plenty of experience and a host of happy previous customers, it won’t take much to see just how professional and dedicated the team is – they will work hard to get you what you want and ensure that your app is unique and functional.

Circ Design

Circ Design creates superb web and mobile apps that will complement your digital strategy and work with it to offer clients and customers a seamless marketing journey. The team at Circ might be small, but it is talented, and it includes everyone you might need to enable your app to hit the ground running, boosting your business immediately.

Intelligence Storm

There is something to be said about a development team with a vast amount of experience and a deep knowledge of how to develop the most user-friendly, business-savvy apps. Keeping both end-user and company happy is not an easy task, but Intelligence Storm can bring a lot to the table that other mobile app design companies in Wyoming cannot – their experience really is impressive, and their results are too.

ATF Design

As a dynamic, modern web agency, ATF Design has a team of exceptional app designers on board to help create the most up-to-date and functional mobile apps for your business. Each member of this incredible team truly understands what it takes to make an app that works, and they will listen to what you need, guiding you towards the best options. Customer satisfaction is their priority.

Rio Digital

Rio Digital Agency has helped dozens of businesses find a new audience through their mobile app designs. These apps have boosted the rate at which the businesses were able to grow, confirming that Rio Digital really does know what it’s doing. They can also offer plenty of advice, so speak to them if you have any questions that need answering.


307Web founder, Michael Knebel, is a proud resident of Wyoming, and his company is proud not only of its roots, but of the work it can do too. Mobile app design is just one of the ways 307Web can assist you; there are many more.

Shilabs LLC

Working with Shilabs to design your ideal app is a pleasure. It takes just a few months from beginning to end, and each of those months is easy thanks to the excellent customer service and the amazing reputation Shilabs LLC has developed for itself.

Wyoming Interactive

No matter what you need, Wyoming Interactive can design an app that works for you and your customers. The team at Wyoming have a wide range of different skills and diverse experience that combine to create a superb end result.


Omninos is a highly regarded web design and development company that goes the extra mile to fulfill its customers’ needs. Speak to the experts at Omninos, and you’ll soon have a solution to any app-based issue.


At Atom6, the team focuses on the user experience and ensures that each app they design is something that people will most definitely want to use.


AdBay has the experience, the dedication, and the expertise you need when you are looking for the ideal mobile app development company in Wyoming. Contact them to find out exactly how they can help you, and you’ll be glad you did.


There is almost nothing that Truespire, based in Jackson Hole, can’t do for its clients. From mobile app design to branding and more, they can take your idea and run with it, allowing you to relax and grow your business.

Cheyenne Technology

With more than 15 years of experience, Cheyenne Technology has been there for and seen it all. This is why they are a great choice for mobile app design; they understand that changes that have happened and that are coming, ensuring your app is future-proof.

Key Software Services

Key Software Services is, as the name suggests, the perfect place to have all your software needs met. This includes a sleek and stylish mobile app design that will help your customers use your business more.

Clever Coding

Clever Coding will take your idea for a mobile app from the initial rough concept all the way through to something you can be proud of that does exactly what you need it to do. They can even work on a rapid basis should that be required, and there will always be a proof of concept created to ensure you are happy with the results.

DreamCo Design

When you need a Wyoming-based mobile app design company, DreamCo Design could be your answer. The team understands how hard it can be to make yourself noticed amid all the other businesses out there, which is why the apps they design are unique and special, giving you the commercial edge.

Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is able to offer practical solutions to fit any business and ensure that all apps they create and design are second to none. In this way, no matter what stage of business you are at, you can ensure that you don’t get left behind – apps are the present and they are the future, so it’s wise to pick a company that can give you what you need.

Gambix LLC

When you need a mobile app designed, you need to be able to trust the team behind it. After all, you are leaving your idea in their hands. At Gambix, that trust is well placed, and the result is one that will ensure you can stand out in a crowd, no matter what sector you might be working in.


Pomatia is an award-winning design and development agency that can be your partner for all your app needs. When you work with them, you are working with experts who understand exactly what your app needs to be.