20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wollongong

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wollongong
02Sep, 2021

Are you looking for the best mobile app design companies in Wollongong for your business? If so, check out our top 20 list below.

Exemplary Marketing

Coming in at number one is Exemplary Marketing. It deserves a place right at the top of our list because of its unique approach to mobile app development. The agency believes in the “kickstart” process of mobile app design and development before pushing it out to the public. Each product, it says, must have a target audience and must promise certain expected results.

It first builds a prototype of the app – an experimental guinea pig that the developer uses to test various UI and UX concepts. And then it generates feedback from target audiences to get validation for the concept.

Exemplary Marketing has won numerous awards, including DotCom Magazine’s Impact Company of the Year.


Second place in our list is Appsinvo. This mobile app development company in Wollongong has developed more than 300 apps and served customers in over twelve companies. It boasts an expert team of more than 100 people and has so far racked up around 150 happy clients.

What makes the agency so popular? It all comes down to its ability to deliver insightful and helpful apps that companies love. The brand focuses on both serving core business and helping firms raise their productivity. It identifies problems and then searches for the proper solutions. It encourages clients to review its team’s work after product launch and then offers post-delivery support.

Ranolia Ventures

Ranolia Ventures is an app development company in Wollongong that has carved a niche for itself in the growing smart gadget market. The brand believes that the technology is going to proliferate over the coming years and wants to ensure that it properly positions itself to be ready for it.

Ranalia Ventures – RV for short – says that it consistently outperforms the competition while making its services affordable. It believes that the combination of creative art and developer experience are its secret sauce. The brand wants to create the best possible mobile experiences for its customers and believes that it offers a world-class mobile solution. It offers top-notch services and only hires the most competent developers and designers.

Incipient Info

Incipient Info promises its customers a rapid service. It quickly builds apps for both workforce and customers across a wide range of platforms, including Android, Windows and iOS. This approach, it says, gives its clients a competitive edge over their rivals, ensuring that the competition doesn’t outpace them.


4Mation bills itself as Wollongong’s leading mobile app design agency. It develops beautiful apps that work across a range of devices. It is also able to build cross-platform which is helpful for consumer-facing clients.

4Mation creates high-quality apps by moving through various clearly defined development stages. To begin, it operates workshop and discovery exercises designed to find out what customers need. It then works on the information architecture and UX design before wireframing and prototyping.

Wave Digital

Wave Digital has more than 20 years of experience building apps, making it one of the most established app design houses in Wollongong. The company’s local designers work on projects for both startup companies and established businesses. It aims to create apps with flawless design and seamless technology.

By People Technologies

By People Technologies has been in business for around six years and has more than forty developers on its team. It helps business clients develop apps, from startups to enterprises. Throughout it all, it works to give its clients a competitive advantage by building out their digital footprints as part of mobile-friendly ecosystems. It’s job, it believes, is to help customers move with the times.


Coming in at number 8 on our list is AppSquare, a Wollongong-based mobile design firm that has had some high-profile clients, including Pfizer and ABC.

The company’s mobile app development capabilities are impressive. It offers cross-platform apps for iOS and Android and it also develops hybrid apps on React Native and Flutter. The brand says that it can provide custom app support at any stage of the development, inserting its expertise when and where its clients need it.


Headjam describes itself as a “creative agency”, but it has significant technical expertise on its team as well. It offers multiple brand-centric services and is best-known for its ability to bring creative energy to mobile app development projects.

Headjam has an impressive list of awards to its name, including the 2020 Museum Australia Multimedia and Publications Awards, Poster Level A and 2020 Winner of Gruen Transfer, The Pitch.

Flexbox Digital

Flexbox Digital is a partnership-based agency that builds trust through relationships. It deserves a place on this list because of its creativity and results-oriented approach to work. The company has a young and dynamic team of tech-savvy professionals who continually explore possibilities between themselves and with clients. The brand’s mobile apps mix technology with marketing to help businesses grow and achieve the next stage.


GetAProgrammer has operations in the Sydney area but also runs offices in the US and UK. The agency adopts a custom-oriented approach to app developments and works with a broad range of industries, including financial services, medical institutions, logistics, trade and accounting. The brand’s mission is to develop the best IT solutions possible for customers using its considerable expertise.


Sentia began in 2006 as a digital services agency. However, with the advent of the smartphone revolution, it quickly pivoted to mobile app development.

Sentia provides support across the entire range of mobile development platforms, including Kotlin, Swift, iOS and Android. The firms says that it always follows industry best practices whenever developing apps.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab’s mobile app development service is for startups, SMEs and large APAC-based brands. The firm has considerable experience across both hybrid and native apps, giving clients a high level of flexibility.

Its process begins with the design stage where it brainstorms, develops wireframes and then creates clickable prototypes. It then moves onto the development stage, including database design. Once it builds the app, it goes through a rigorous testing and launch process. App development typically takes anywhere from four weeks to six months.

The App Team

The App Team wants to take some of the confusion out of app development and deliver products that make sense for clients. It helps firms create first-class apps and applies ethical practices to all its design and development operations. From the start, clients get a dedicated project manager who can help them make suggestions and keep them updated along the way.

App Boxer

App Boxer is the brainchild of self-taught founder Zyran. Before founding the agency, he worked as a freelancer, developing games. Then, as soon as he was old enough to formally launch his own company, he did.

App Boxer partnered with Rowan to serve both startups and enterprises. It is now a multi-award-winning agency, receiving prizes from Clutch, EO Accelerator and FoundX.


Coming in at number 16 on our list is Innofied. This agency views itself as a one-stop-shop for all its clients’ app-related problems. So far, it has made more than 300 apps and focuses on some niche areas, including iOS and Android native app development, cross-platform development, wearable apps, and IoT, AR and machine learning. Its founders have more than 26 years of technical experience between them.


WebAlive believes that brands should transform their ideas into dynamic mobile apps. The most important decision, it says, is choosing the right operating system. Therefore, the agency analyses business workflows and takes company goals into consideration before recommending a platform.


Appetiser believes that it can help its clients achieve app success through technology, marketing and design. The brand says that its apps have helped to grow startups from zero to multi-million-dollar businesses. Currently, the brand is ranked number nine in the world for app design.


PixelForce is the product of its two innovative founders: Hinney Lo and Ben Zhang. The agency believes in finding ways to turn simple ideas into apps that thrive in the marketplace. The team focuses on ensuring that brands adopt sensible, practical strategies that will work in the marketplace. It does not believe in taking shortcuts.

PixelForce’s mobile app development services serve multiple niches, including ecommerce, health and fitness, and social networking. It is also willing to work with clients with unique briefs, helping them every step of the way. The brand says that it can incorporate clients’ app development into a wider digital marketing and outreach project.

Spark Interact

Rounding out our list is Spark Interact. It made this list because of its unique approach to business. It doesn’t believe in leaving companies in the cold. Instead, it builds real relationships with its clients that help it understand them more so that it can deliver better solutions. Client managers are always fully conversant with businesses’ needs and the services that they use. Thus, the brand offers speedy resolutions to issues and mobile apps that work for business.