10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Winnipeg

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Winnipeg
30Jul, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

Are you looking for a Winnipeg mobile app design company that offers outstanding marketing solutions, too? Great, Exemplary Marketing is the company you’re looking for. Based from Chicago, Exemplary Marketing works with clients and customers the world over to offer comprehensive marketing solutions, including mobile app design services.

They have the technical expertise to show that when it comes to marketing, Exemplary Marketing knows exactly what they’re talking about. It’s not a company that offers just solutions, but one that troubleshoots for every possible tech issue!

Master of Code Global

As a web development firm with over a decade of experience, Master of Code Global offers exciting mobile app design services for industries and business domains. Their professional web and mobile app designers have worked with businesses around the world including those in the entertainment world, the finance world, education, medicine and much, much more.

Master of Code Global is in the process of creating multi-purpose custom web applications, and that means that they are offering mobile app design and portals for use in the most friendly way for users. They’re all about elegance in their response and they offer exciting opportunities across the board! The best bit is that they guarantee product to market delivery with short development sprints due to their use of Agile methodology.

Vellgus Inc

A wonderful mobile app design company out there is Vellgus Inc. They are a full service development company that works to focus on making the next generation apps happen. Need access to technology? Vellgus Inc has the experts that will help you to get there. Their goal is to ensure that you get the innovative solutions that will put you steps ahead of the rest to make sure that your business is a success.

They do this for their mobile app design by ensuring that they are using custom mobile and web software development in applications that are designed to boost growth and increase efficiency. Based out of Winnipeg, they work with global brands as well as local companies to find the creative solutions of tomorrow right now.

Silver Webbuz

This business is one that has a team of mobile app design professionals in India and Canada, with offices in Winnipeg to offer the best possible solutions to customers around the world. From customized web app services to mobile app design, Silver Webbuz are leaders in what they do, ensuring that you get exactly the results that your business needs.

They are highly popular in writing the correct programming languages, and they can build data-driven websites as a result. For 11 years, Silver Webbuz has been delivering exceptional mobile app design services to customers around the world. This time has allowed them to gain unmatched experience and technological know-how, with unique experiences making for strong future development options.

Bit Space Development Ltd

For the best in mobile app design, look for an interactive digital media studio such as the one run by Bit Space Development Ltd. They specialize in creating amazing learning experiences in the classroom and workplace through exceptional mobile app design. BSD believes that the community in Winnipeg should be grown well, and they ensure that this happens by partnering with experts who also offer the best in digital media technologies.

They share their work with the kids to inspire the next generation of innovators in mobile app design. As a veteran in the VR and AR industries, BSD is a company with six years of history in the industry. This makes them an old dog – they’ve seen and done it all, but they can still learn new tricks and as trends with mobile app design change, Bit Space Development Ltd changes with it.

Design Ocean

Finding a company in Winnipeg that focuses heavily in mobile app design is not always easy, but the experts at Design Ocean have the experts that reflect their values, dreams and culture. The team has years of experience brought together with a bold strategy and top solutions for helping everyone anywhere in the world!

No matter your mobile app design needs, Design Ocean has an expert who can help you out without any issues. This enables you to get back to doing what you do best in your business!

Blue Shark Solution

Finding the right mobile app design company may not always be simple but when you do, dealing with businesses like Blue Shark Solution makes it easy! You can find a business that develops as you need them to to rise against unsolved challenges and ensure result-shaping experiences.

They aim to develop talented design solutions for your mobile app design needs and that’s why they are so passionate about what they do. They have more than 15 years of collective experience in their field, enabling you to see that you are dealing with an expert business.

They offer advice and expertise in the mobile app design industry, so you can get the unmatched quality of innovators, applications and brand strategies to help customers of all backgrounds. They’ve been turning customer vision to reality on all screens since they began – they’re a company to believe in! Their core ideals inspire others to rise to expectations no matter what!


As a strategic partner in mobile app design, Cossette gathers experts across all digital disciplines to ensure that you get the integrated brand experiences unlike any other out there in the world. They work closely with powerful brands and act locally with a global impact.

Cossette has led the way in the Canadian marketplace for almost 5 decades, and they are obsessed with a combination of creativity and relevance. This allows your business to thrive based on the mobile app design options you’ve been given. They have offices that all started out in Quebec and have spread throughout Canada from coast to coast. They offer some of the best options around for companies worldwide, no matter the distance.

They think and act as one, and they are one of the best mobile app design companies to work with. The agency model used allows them to adapt to any client needs, and they do it all in one place. They are efficient, agile, universal and more – and the best bit? They’re in Winnipeg, too! If you want a business who will elevate your client journeys, choose this one. They’re one of the best mobile app design business options around.

Apparrant Technologies

If you want to change the way you innovate, choose Apparrant Technologies for your mobile app design. They have been helping businesses achieve their digital goals for years, with digital transformation and staff augmentation being at the top of their priority list.

They ensure that they put together exceptional digital experiences that ensure maximum satisfaction. A lucid interface design is on offer with their mobile app design options, and they pay nothing short of the best attention to detail possible. Apparrant Technologies offers goals that support the results of the product, with amazing attention to detail along the way. They create starte of the art mobile app design applications for you.


A professional services company in Winnipeg, Imaginet offers mobile app design as custom solutions for clients. They pride themselves on figuring out your top challenges and taking them down piece by piece. Since 1997, Imaginet hasn’t stopped helping others to achieve and that can include your business, too.

They pride themselves on identifying the challenges ahead and designing the right strategies to address and overcome them. They keep your business needs at the top of the list, and they’re not afraid of a challenge! They may be boutique in size in Winnipeg, but they are one of the mobile app design companies to watch!

They develop custom solutions for software in partnership with other organizations, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!

We Simplify the Internet (WSI)

If you need to find a digital marketing agency that specializes in mobile app design, you should look to WSI. It’s not always easy to find a business with in-depth knowledge and a great network of thought leaders, but WSI has it all.

You can get the mobile app design solutions that you need while also benefiting from the expertise of the leaders who are here to ensure that their competitive advantage is yours, too. They may seem just like every other Winnipeg business out there, but they’re very different.

You gain so much more than mobile app design solutions; you gain the benefit of expert knowledge and exciting options for the future. Your business is unique and WSI knows that, taking the same approach to ensure that you get the best in global marketing development throughout.

They’re not about the standard approach to your mobile app design. They’re about learning what will make your customers tick and developing the right app to reflect that. There’s no marketing problem so big that We Simplify The Internet cannot solve it! You’ll find a future of mobile app design trends with WSI – try them now!