25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in West Virginia

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in West Virginia
08May, 2021

Creating a successful mobile app takes more than just an idea. Design is an incredibly important part of this process, and it always pays to have designs prepared for your app before you break ground on the real work. To help you out with this, this guide will be taking you through a range of the best mobile app design companies in West Virginia. Let’s dive right in with the best of the best.

Exemplary Marketing

As a company with a huge amount of design experience, Exemplary Marketing is an excellent choice for those in West Virginia and across the US who want a professionally designed mobile app. With more than 10 years of experience and over 3200 apps made and launched, this company has proven itself as one of the leading app designers in North America.

Technology Services Group

Technology Services Group, or TSG for short, is a development and design company based in Wheeling, West Virginia. With a large team comprising of skilled designers, this company has a wealth of experience in the field of app design, making them ideal for businesses that want to find a skilled design agency.

Media Foundations LLC

Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, Media Foundations is a marketing and design company. While their key focus is web design, their experience in this field also makes them a great choice for those looking for app design support. Companies like this can prove to be an excellent option when you’re looking to design a quality app.

Agile5 Technologies, Inc.

As its name suggests, Agile5 is a development company that specialises in agile processes. This means that you can expect your app design process to be fast and high-quality, while also receiving an incredibly professional service. Of course, though, it will be worth checking out their portfolio to make sure that you like their style.


With skills in web design, app development and design, and even product design, AppWebStudios is a great choice for those in West Virginia looking for a mobile app. This company has had the chance to work with a range of massive companies in the US and beyond and is based in Huntington West Virginia.

Xapp Design, Inc

Xapp Design is a Charleston-based design company with the skills to take your app design to the next level. Having worked with a wide range of businesses in West Virginia, this agency has a very positive track record for producing beautiful designs that suit the style of the companies they work with.

Aronfield Agency

As a marketing and design agency, Aronfield isn’t able to make an app for you, but they can go through the design process in full. Their experience working with digital marketing makes them ideal for companies that want to appeal to users, giving them a unique insight into what makes normal people tick.

Mobilize 360

As its name suggests, Mobilize 360 is a mobile app development company. Based in Weirton, this company is able to provide services across West Virginia, offering app design, marketing, and a range of other services that can help your app to soar. They even have an app dashboard to enable you to manage your app from their website.

Blue Fin Solutions

Blue Fin Solutions is one of the larger companies on this list. Most of their design skills are based on websites, but they have worked on apps in the past to great success. Alongside design, Blue Fin can also help you with consultations. This can make it possible to improve your business before it even gets started.

Associated Systems Professionals

Like many other web design companies, ASP is able to produce attractive and user-friendly designs for apps across different platforms. Their experience in the world of web design can easily be applied to apps, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to build an app that will appeal to a wide audience.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the largest companies on this list. With offices in both the US and India, this company is able to provide low-priced design services that will still match the needs of your customers in West Virginia. This sort of option is great for those looking for a good deal on their app design services.

Floco Apps

Floco Apps specialises in creating apps for a variety of different platforms, including iOS and Android. Alongside app development, this company can handle app design and UI/UX design, making them ideal for companies that want an app that will appeal to users and be a pleasure to use.

WEBrilliance LLC

Like many of West Virginia’s best app designers, WEBrilliance LLC is a marketing company at heart. This set of skills pairs very nicely with app design, though, with the best apps being able to act as a marketing tool for the companies that operate them.

Dream Creative

Dream Creative doesn’t directly offer app design services, but their web design prowess can be easily transferred to the mobile world. Having created numerous sites with excellent responsive features, it’s clear to see that this company is able to design great products for mobile platforms.


Raveka is a modern web design and marketing company with a host of different skills in its team. Based in Beckley, West Virginia, this company is local to many of the largest businesses in this area, giving them the chance to work with some of the best names in WV.

Bulldog Creative Services

As you can tell from the Bulldog Creative Services website, modern design is at the heart of this company’s work. With slick websites and smooth apps under its belt already, this company is able to provide a trusted service that many companies have come to rely on.

Media Foundations

While Media Foundations can work on websites and other aspects of marketing, apps are this company’s biggest field. With the ability to design, build, and test your app, few agencies are able to compete with the level of service offered by this company.

21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive is a design company with a different. Able to target very specific types of design with its work, this agency creates websites and apps that look and feel almost entirely unique.


ManekTech is a company with many different branches, covering a huge array of different digital services. App development and design fall into this, and this company is able to produce beautiful apps that work well for their clients and customers. Of course, though, they can also help with your general business management if you need support.

Mckay Branding

Mckay Branding is another design company that usually works on websites but is able to put its skills to use on apps. With a heavy focus on eCommerce, this company is ideal for those who want to design an app that will look great across a variety of platforms, while also working well for customers.


Working closely with businesses in West Virginia, Teel Design Group has made a name for itself by producing websites that align perfectly with the needs of its clients. This makes them ideal for those with complex design needs that can’t be met with cookie-cutter options.


KoreVariance is an app development company that can take your digital project from an idea to a fully tested and launched product. This enables you to work with the same company on both your design and development, and this is ideal for many companies when they are trying to get the best results with their app design.

Hit Your Mark Media

Hit Your Mark Media promised to be able to produce quality mobile apps without breaking the bank. Budget options like this are great when you are first getting started, enabling you to get an app designed without having to pay a small fortune in the process.

Dexios Design

Dexios Design is one of the few bilingual app design companies in West Virginia, with team members that can do their work in Spanish. This is great for businesses that want to reach out to a very wide audience, saving you from the costs of translation services down the line.

Lovely Pixels

Like many of the companies on this list, Lovely Pixels mainly deals with website design, but these skills can easily be applied to creating a great app. With loads of local companies under its belt, this company is a great choice for those looking for an app that reflects what customers expect from smaller companies.

Choosing a good app design company can make or break your app development ambitions. There are loads of great choice in West Virginia, but you need to make sure that you pick a company that can offer the service you need. It always makes sense to explore your options and pick the company that looks the best to you.