25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Washington

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Washington
06May, 2021

Providing mobile application customers with a modern solution and interface is much more likely to grab their attention. A user-friendly and visually appealing application is not easy for just anyone to design. Thus, if you are based in Washington and looking for the best mobile app design companies, here is a list of the best and what they can do for you.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offer businesses and individuals and variety of mobile application design services. They can build your business a visually attractive and engaging application that will create a delightful user experience. With state of art designers and creative technology, they will create tailored applications to meet your business needs. They believe that customer engagement can only truly be achieved through a beautiful application, thus they will do everything possible to make the user experience seamless and captivating.


8Ninths is a techy-savvy company that is revolutionizing businesses through augmented and virtual reality. They offer design services to help businesses achieve a beautiful app that provides users with a state-of-the-art experience. They will handle everything from design and creation to user experience features.


Uptop works with Ui/UX design to design visual and easy-to-use applications, both on mobile and websites. The team of 50 employees will help solve all of your design problems and do everything for you, from offering ideas to the final design. They will ensure the design aligns with your ideas and business to show authenticity and compel customers.


Zazz is a Seattle-based mobile application design company. The team of 50 employees are innovative experts in mobile app design and offer modern services to take your business and application ideas to the next level. All design services include UI/UX expertise to ensure your customers have the best experience, which will enhance your business sales and be beneficial for the success of your business.

Ministry of Product

Ministry of Product is a Washington-based software development company that offers mobile app design services. Their aim is to take businesses’ ideas and turn them into profitable products. Not only do the team want to make a visual app that is user-friendly and interactive, but they want to ensure that it will offer a financial benefit to your business.

Smashing Ideas

Smashing Ideas are a group of modern experts that offer UX research and design services to help take your mobile application to new heights. The design of the application needs to be engaging and user-friendly to engage customers, which Smashing Ideas take on board. They can offer original ideas to align with your business, or you can ask them to design an app based on your vision.

Waferwire Cloud Technologies

Waferwire Cloud Technologies is based in Bellevue, Washington. Their close-knit team of 50 employees offers a range of services, with mobile app design being one of them. They provide design services for businesses looking to increase user experience through a mobile app. With specialist skills in UX, they can ensure to design an app that will be engaging and capture your vision.


Blink UX is a specialist in user experience, which offers visual design services for businesses looking to redesign or create a mobile application. The team will collectively create an app design that correlates with your business’s vision, to offer the user the best experience that is authentic and appealing.

Y-Designs Inc

Y-Designs Inc is a digital agency that specializes in the design and strategy of new technologies. The team will help you build your dream app that is not only visually appealing but easy to use by customers. They understand that user experience is key to satisfy customers and grow your business. Thus, they will use UX features to enhance the mobile app and make it as competitive and unique as possible.

SB Develops

SB Develops is a small team of 10 creative experts that are fond of designing apps to help take businesses’ visions to the next level. They offer both UI and UX design solutions to enhance user experience and offer customers a solution to their needs.


Another small close-knit team is Lunarbyte.io. The team of 3 experts can work closely with you and your business to design your dream app. They predominantly work with small businesses, which is ideal for startups looking to create an app to align with their business ideas and new vision.

Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC

Flower Press Creative Studio is a team that is passionate about creating better apps for businesses, to take their user experience and client base to a new level. They work on iOS and Android design, so no matter your preference, they can guarantee to make an app to suit your vision.


Itirra is a Washington-based studio that offers specialist design services for creating mobile and website applications. If your small business is looking for design expertise for a mobile application, a team of 12 can help you achieve your goals. They specialize in healthcare solutions. Thus, if you are a business within the medical or health industry, Itirra may be the company to choose for help with your mobile app design.

Bonsai Media Group

Bonsai Media Group is a full-service internet agency that offers a variety of services from SEO to mobile app design. If you are looking for an expert team to bring your UX ideas to life, they can help you with the mobile design, as well as your logo and branding. With everything being on brand, you can ensure customers will be better engaged and your brand awareness can grow.

Helpful Human

Helpful Human is a group of mobile app experts that will be obsessed with providing your business with the best app out there. Their aim is to make your product successful through designing a visual, attractive, and innovative app. Not only will they ensure it looks the part, but all features will align with the best user-friendly needs to ensure your app is a hit with your customers.


Rainfall is a Seattle-born company, with another office in the USA. The small team of four employees in Seattle specializes in mobile design, in both UI and UX. They mostly work with small businesses but are open to bigger projects. No matter your industry, they are experts in their field and can work with an array of clients to create the best design for your app.

Casoft Seattle

Casoft Seattle has been ranked one of the most efficient mobile app design companies for small businesses. They work effortlessly to create seamless apps that are responsive, attractive, and user-friendly. Through UX services and specialist knowledge, Casoft Seattle can ensure your app makes a good first impression and keep customers engaged.


Swecker is a web design agency that also offers mobile app services. They work primarily with small or mid-market businesses due to the small team of employees. Nonetheless, specializing in smaller projects means they can offer their complete attention and expertise by tackling one project at a time. Thus, they can offer your quality and attention to detail.


The team at Tecla offers mobile app design services to those in Washington as well as around the world. They specialize in custom software and design to implement the latest UX features into your app, which will help you have a modern and innovative application for the best user experience.

Grinev Software

Grinev Software is a team of 10 employees based in Tacoma, Washington. Each employee provides specialist mobile app design services, as well as website and e-commerce development. The small team works primarily with small businesses to create fast responsive and attractive mobile apps.

Seattle New Media

Seattle’s New Media boutique teams of media experts offer an array of technology services, with mobile app design being one of them. They offer mobile app design services to a variety of clients. Thus, no matter your idea, vision, or industry, they can work with you to create an attractive and responsive app to meet your and your customer’s needs.

Jodi Services

Jodi Services is a technology agency specializing in small and mid-market businesses. They work closely with their clients to provide the best mobile app design solutions. If you are stuck for inspiration and ideas, then the team will help you design and plan a mobile app that will enhance your business and bring your vision to fruition.


SoluLab has an impressive success score with nothing but happy customers. Their services provide mobile app design among other areas of technology advancements. They work with startups as well as large businesses, to help create a vision and design an app to enhance a brand.


The team at Mobcoder offers innovative creativity when it comes to mobile app design. Not only do they take into consideration user experience, but they will also ensure to create a visually engaging app to stand out among the crowd. The team of designers and testers will ensure that the app works optimally to stay engaging and modern.


Cubix offers an array of design software services, from mobile to wearable devices. They are a leading mobile app design company in Washington that can help small or large businesses’ visions come to life. They work on custom designs to ensure your app is like no other. With many years of experience and expertise, you can guarantee the team will create an innovative and unique app to align with your business.