25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Virginia

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Virginia
05May, 2021

Providing an app for your customers and clients not only presents them with convenience and utility, but an extended statement of your branding.

For this reason, finding the best mobile app design company to see your project through from the initial concept all the way up to final execution is important.

App design and UI/UX development/testing is also essential, to make sure that in the hands of your consumers, your business is easy to interact with at every level. Not only this, but they must enjoy using the app, using it as a natural priority instead of a side utility they remember once in a blue moon.

For consideration of this sort, finding the best local company in Virginia to service your needs is not only worthwhile but crucial. The 25 best mobile app design companies to be appreciated work as below:

What makes this firm special?

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing are the ones to watch in this space, for a range of reasons. Offering incredible bespoke App Development, App Design and UI/UX services, they make sure that every app you curate, publish and update has design as part of its grounding value.

They use the Waterfall Method to enhance their iOS and Android compatible apps for a wide range of businesses. This also integrates with their gold-standard graphic design and copywriting services. This, in effect, provides tremendous value to any firm looking to get started and start off in the strongest possible position.

Exemplary marketing also offers excellent app calculators to help you gauge just how much this project will cost. They take pride of place in our list thanks to their ambitious growth, customer aftercare, and the pedigree of their work.


Willowtree are known in Virginia for their impressive portfolio and interest in curating diversity and inclusion in their brand management.

They use co-located, onshore teams to provide competent productivity, recruiting talent from universities and driving forward with a goal-oriented approach. They have an impressive pedigree, working with brands like National Geographic.

10 Pearls

10 Peals are focused on innovation, augmentation and modernization in their branding strategy, caring for every level of your app design to make sure ti not only functions, well, but looks attractive.

They’re also known for attributing solid cybersecurity in their work, allowing for the most competent end result possible. This way, value is offset to your customers, and your app can become a project used for a longer span of time.

JanBask Digital Design

JanBask Digital Design cares about engagement, and they know how to curate it. They fuel marketing results by analyzing and integrating the best practices across a range of industries, ultimately leading to the most form-fitting app development you can find. This grants them the ability to be truly flexible but also chase high standards within your app design effort.

Kliff Technologies

Kliff Technologies use their competent strategy to make your app not only functional but impressive. Their range of serviced packages makes app development easy and inclusive from the get-go. They are compatible with iOS, Android, Flutter, and more. Their prices are competitive, and they have been noted for their rapid customer response. As such, they serve as one of the premium choices in Virginia.


AlphaLogic are known for building a range of native and hybrid apps and doing so to tight deadlines. Furthermore, they’re competent and ensuring a similar experience between web and mobile apps, meaning that the transitionary approach through both of these platforms can add value for your clients.

They also focus on web services and APIs that make sense, and take minimal maintenance to keep updated and online. They’re also experts at app store compliance, taking you from store submission to pushing out updates.

Fuselab Creative

Fuselab Creative are expert users and providers of worthwhile UX design in regards to app development. This means that they know how to ensure your app is not only easy to use, but that it provides the most information or utility in the quickest manner possible.

As such, they have curated something of a competent pedigree and an appreciated reputation with their field. They’re a top choice for app design requirements.


Mobelux have been building award-winning mobile apps for years, including servicing brands like Next Door Eatery and the Allay Lamp for migraine recovery.

Their unique collection of designers and programmers work in tandem to provide you with nothing but the best result, ensuring your app not only provides value but is unmistakable as yours.


Loginworks offer an aptly-chosen brand name, as their data analytics, reporting data services, consultancy services, and mobile design solutions are industry-leading and always put your user first.

They’re also uniquely placed in helping you get the most from your data, understanding what it means, and from there, generating a plan for the best path forward.


Bluewhale serve as reliable technology consultants, effectively enabling the right technologies for your creative applications, experiences for web, and beyond.

From strategy and consulting all the way up to public sector solutions and UX/UI design, you’re sure to be well accommodated for.


AVOGTAL utilizes vetted engineers to select your mobile app development dream team. Their process involves sharing your requirements, finding a match for engineers, reviewing your candidates and starting the project off. They are a great and flexible alternative, offering a unique business approach.


Focusteck has a simple plan – build better products. Their 50+ experienced developers and designers know how apps work, after developing and testing hundreds over the years. They can help you better fuse your web and mobile goals so that they’re seamless when integrated.


Shufflelabs are interested in ‘digital transformation through innovation,’ and everything they do seems to confirm that, They offer agile development which provides continual deployment of software directly to you, as well as integrating systems as competently as they can.

Bad Banana Software

Not content to simply enjoy one of the best names in the business, Bad Banana Software provides thorough mobile app development, graphic design utilities, managed surfaces and extraneous software development for your business needs. In the long run, this allows your business to remain competitive and deliver on all fronts.


With educational materials that have become a bestseller on Amazon, Savvy offer award-winning experiences and have been listed as Apple’s editor’s choice brand. They’ve worked with big-name brands like the NFL Player’s Association and Toyota. They also offer a worthwhile podcast to keep you abreast of the latest design trends.


From mobile app development all the way up to full-stack development, it’s easy to see that Dribblecode have experience under their belts and they know what works from all angles of design interpretation. For this reason, they focus on streamlining your app for simplicity, service quality, and repeat use. As such, they’re tremendously popular with small businesses.

RTS Labs

RTS Labs curate custom software and web apps for a range of businesses, with design at the forefront of everything they do. They boast an average 6x faster client onboarding and 4x faster reporting with streamlined and automated data alignment efforts. As such, they know how to effectively integrate design with these cold, hard metrics that must be improved.


UDig focus on the process, from strategy, to transformation, to integrated software and then managing data. In line with this process, they make sure the design of your app is not only thoroughly competent, but that it works in tandem and in support of these aims. They’re a great and experienced service to have on your side.

Concept Open Source

Concept Open Source offer web design solutions, mobile application solutions, and more. They have keen experience working with both sides of the smartphone market and are particularly geared to helping you remain competent enough for the App or Play Stores. Their development team are experienced designers, meaning that you need not split these disciplines into disparate considerations.

DOMA Technologies

DOMA Technologies have a range of competencies blossoming from their efforts in the public sector. With design that integrates intelligent automation to even highly strict considerations like protecting sensitive healthcare data, they’re a tremendous option for any business that values their security.


CEI work wit their clients to both visualize the future and ensure that the solutions they provide are not only up to standards, but beyond the expected norms. As such, they’re a great firm to choose for innovative design deployment, and the ability to work on those conceptual needs to begin with.


MoboMo are more than aware of the challenges businesses face, offering a plethora of digital services for businesses that are trying to grow or simply survive in a post-pandemic world. MoboMo say they ‘live and breathe’ mobile apps, and since their designing pedigree has won awards in the past, they’re no doubt being truthful.


ClearSummit care about the solid engineering behind competent design, and so focus on practicality and stability over unnecessary flashy form. That’s good, because it turns out that this is what mobile users value most, too. As such, they’re a great choice.


Last but by no means least is BuildLab, a competent service that specializes in competent UI/UX design, applications, ad copy, and powerful, scalable apps of all kinds. They provide this by showcasing their website as an easily-utilized and pleasant platform to browse.