25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Vermont

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Vermont
06May, 2021

Every day, over 250 million apps are downloaded by users. In such a crowded marketplace, you need an app that is well designed and stands out. To do this you need to work with a professional app development company to design and build your app.

Looking for Best Mobile App Design Companies in Vermont can be confusing, there are many to choose from, each with its own specializations and sector experience.  A good company will be knowledgeable, experienced, and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your app.

So if you are looking for the Best Mobile App Design companies in Vermont, then we have rounded up a list of companies you might want to consider.

Exemplary Marketing

The team at Exemplary Marketing has built a great reputation for digital marketing services and mobile app design. The entire process from idea to delivery is a project managed by specialists who can take your ideas and turn them into an innovative app.

They work in a range of sectors, developing apps for companies to reach their customers and target markets, all at a cost-effective price. Their team has a wealth of experience developing high quality apps for companies both large and small.

Auxano Global Services

With a global reputation, Auxano Global Services originated in India and now has offices across the US and Canada. They create native and cross-platform apps for a range of sectors. They are specialists in complex apps, utilizing their agility to solve problems on a large scale.

Essential Designs

Established in 2008, Essential Designs has built up an impressive client list. They have a reputation for working collaboratively with clients to really understand the project and produce a quality app. Their team has experience in Apple, Android, Native and Responsive platforms.

Empower Mobility

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Empower Mobility provides cross-platform solutions for a range of platforms including Apple and Android. Their team is highly experienced and great problem solvers. In addition to apps, they offer clients server solutions that can manage mobile content in large volumes.


With its roots in Jericho, Vermont, Earthlogic was originally founded as a web design and hosting company. Its app division grew organically from this and they have developed an excellent reputation in the field.

The strong team at Earthlogic has expertise in app development, coding, silent support, and project management.

Group6 Interactive

With offices across the Mid-West and West Coast, Group6 has built up an impressive list of clients, including Idea Integration, IBM, Disney, and Sony as well as a number of smaller companies. They offer a range of services in addition to their app design including web development and graphic design.

Cambium Group

Since 2002, Cambium has been offering a range of web development, app design, and other marketing services to companies across the US. They have built an excellent reputation among their clients for their thorough and creative work.


Agilion specializes in building custom software that allows businesses to perform through using technology. Their developers have a great deal of industry experience and are focused on creating elegant, innovative apps for their clients.

Bluehouse Group

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Bluehouse Group offers mobile app design as part of its full-service digital agency. With over two decades of experience, they have built an impressive list of clients who choose to work with them for years.


Snappii specializes in iPad, iPhone, and Android apps that are value for money and ready in just a few days. So if you need something developed quickly, look no further.

Portland Webworks

Experts in developing custom apps and software, Portland Webworks specializes in an agile and user-centered approach. They have an especially strong presence in the state and local government sectors.


App development done right. Aurity calls itself a tech accelerator. They build apps and train teams at a rapid pace.

Maine Creative

Building up from a one-man studio back in 2013, Main Creative is now a full-service marketing and development agency. They pride themselves on their creativity and are experts in UX/UI design as it applies to websites and apps.


A full-service digital agency, Raka provides a range of technical and creative solutions to companies across a range of sectors. Their custom mobile apps are created for cross-platform use by a range of experts.

OGO Sense

OGO Sense is a well-respected digital agency that works with clients throughout the US and Europe. They offer a full range of marketing and digital services including mobile app development.

Freeport Metrics

Founded in 2009, Freeport Metrics believed in producing great technological design with a human-centered approach. The team is highly experienced and works with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is a family-founded company that excels in creative app design. The team works with creative startups and Fortune 500 companies to unlock digital possibilities. They have a great blog too, which has tonnes of great articles on the digital and creative industries.


Redwerk has offices in the US and Ukraine. Their large team can cope with the most complex of app design projects and has created some of the best-known apps in the industry. You’ll also find them excellent value for money.

Code Brew Labs

Specializing in mobile app development, the Code Brew Labs team works with hundreds of clients across the world. They’ve grown from a small team to over 200 ‘brewers’. They seek to help clients conquer their industry with technology. They work with companies in all verticals.


Majestyk is an award-winning digital solutions business. They deliver cutting-edge apps that shape their clients’ businesses through digital adoption and transformation. Their team has decades of experience in cross-platform development for a range of sectors.

Small Planet Digital

Formed over a decade ago. Small planet digital is an award-winning agency that has built over a hundred cutting-edge applications for cross-platform use. They have offices across the US.

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink is a global app development company with offices across the US, India, Dubai and the UAE. The experienced team at Hyperlink creates industry-leading apps that deliver to businesses. They offer fast service, without compromising the quality.

Boston Unisoft

Boston Unisoft Technologies has a decade of experience providing top-class web design and app development to their customers. They have a range of customers in the US and UK, with in-depth knowledge of international markets. Their clients are from a range of sectors but they are especially known for their experience in the technology sector.


The Geomatrix philosophy is all about disruption and change. They work with clients to develop cutting-edge apps that allow them to reach their customers. They understand that speed to market is vital, without compromising on the quality of UX/UI design.

Rocket Farm Studios

Rocket Farm Studios is a team of experienced developers who specialize in cross-platform app design. They help their clients meet their goals by ensuring the app is a good market fit and follow a rapid build, test, and learn cycle.


There are a host of mobile app development companies in Vermont to choose from. The area is really thriving as a marketing and digital hotspot in the region. It can be daunting choosing an app development company to work with. Do you choose a specialist app development firm or one that has a wider service offering. It’s all about what’s right for your particular company.

When choosing a mobile app development company to work with, it’s important to consider their experience, previous clients, apps they’ve already built, and sectors that they have worked in. Some people prefer to work with bigger agencies and others with smaller, boutique firms. If you’re unsure, talk to a few different ones and see what type of feeling you get from them.

With all of these great companies to choose from, you’re sure to find someone with who you can work collaboratively, within the scope of your project and budget.