20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Vancouver

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Vancouver
03Aug, 2021

We’re living in a digital age and businesses are going to have to move with this to maximise brand exposure, sales and profits. Right now, the majority of the consumer market is spending more time online – whether that’s through computers, laptops, tablets or, increasingly, mobile phones.

If you want to experience success, chances are, you’re going to need a mobile app for your company that will allow consumers to engage with your brand easily on their mobile devices. This is where mobile app design becomes necessary.

Unless you’re planning on gaining full insight into app development, chances are, you’re going to outsource this task. There are plenty of app development companies out there, of course, so it can be difficult to whittle down your options and choose just one.

If you’re looking for app developers in the Vancouver area, here are a few firm favourites that will get the job done to a high standard.

Exemplary Marketing

The clue to this brand is in the name: Exemplary Marketing offers top quality mobile app design services that truly stand apart from the crowd. Using the Waterfall Method, this company of expert app developers will help to create iOS and Android-compatible apps for your company.

They will take the time to get to know what you need the app to do, as well as who will be using the app, to create a responsive application that your customers will find visually appealing, easy to navigate and highly responsive.

Freshworks Studio

Freshworks Studio specializes in creating remarkable digital experiences for world class organizations. They create engaging digital experiences with a performant and stable web application backed by industry leading QA practices. When you work with them, they will deliver user value conveniently and in ways only possible through mobile technology with native apps for iOS or Android.


Rootquotient are a firm technology partner for startups and enterprises driving towards innovation. They note that they empower businesses by devising digital strategy, consulting and implementation in Industry 4.0. Their team comprises a group of highly talented individuals in the field of technology who came together with the dream of building a great technology entity. They design and develop applications that are innovative on the tech-front.

TTT Studios

Claiming that they empower business through technology, TTT Studios build digital experiences and solutions for industry leaders who aim to shape the world. With over 200 projects completed, they have plenty of experience in the field.


App-Scoop partners with some of the innovative startups and leading businesses to build success stories. The App-Scoop app development team can enhance your current systems to amplify the unified customer digital experience and develop a stronger brand.

Many Hats

Many Hats prides itself on creating immersive experiences at every digital touchpoint. Their team’s diverse skill sets and passion for technology assures that your story will be told in the most powerful way, on virtually any platform available.

Steamclock Software

Steamclock Software states that every app is a collection of details, priorities, and tradeoffs, built on some core principles about what makes for a great experience. This company has been building iPhone and Android apps since 2010, and uses this experience to make each new app shine. They’ve built apps of all kinds, from eCommerce to Bluetooth, from personal finance to SaaS.

Essential Designs

Essential Designs has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. They build mobile applications for iOS & Android, web applications and custom software. They handle the process of app development from concept to deployment for all mobile app projects.

All of their project components are managed by an appropriate expert from their team. They can take care of anything from Native Mobile iOS to Android coding, wireframing, graphic design, project management testing and app store approvals.


Pioneers help their clients to reach millions of customers by building websites and mobile apps with a user-centric design process. They can help to establish your presence in the digital world with elegant solutions and beautiful interfaces. Get in touch with them to achieve consistent results powered by their expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, React,Android and iOS.

14 Oranges Software

Creating powerful mobile apps enabling new capabilities for your business while improving its efficiency, 14 Oranges Software are proud to show off a range of sample projects and exemplify their expertise through an impressive portfolio.


These experts use software development processes that are based on world best practices, that we have been refining since 2001 with more than 20,000 man/months of services provided. They use a structured risk management process through an experimental and lean approach. Browse their site for an impressive portfolio to take a look through.


Nectarbits Leverage the power of digital technologies to unleash your business potential by harnessing NectarBits agile development services. They have the required talent and expertise required to build the next-gen app that will add significant value to your business. This is a trusted company that is regularly used by large enterprises to the SMBs for building the digital product in an agile fashion.

Raccoopack Media

Raccoopack Media is a creative studio building mobile apps, web apps and serious games that engage your audience. They build fully custom mobile apps tailored for your business’ unique needs. Their expertise is in delivering a seamless and compelling user experience. Whether you’re looking for an iOS or Android app, their team will bring your app project to life.

A.Y. Technologies

This company specialises in developing quality apps for iOS and android with an iterative, agile process. A. Y. Technologies are aware that software development is a complex process that requires many moving parts working together in harmony for a piece of “usable” software to be produced.

They achieve this with style and grace. Using a unique approach to software development, pairing lean software development with agile processes, they can deliver projects on time and on budget.

Synic Software

From unique features to refined aesthetic, Synic Software’s end-to-end development team are hot on UX and UI design. They create custom mobile applications that elevate user experience, with an agile approach for real-time evolution of your project.

For custom features and premium usability, they’ll build you a native app. Their Vancouver-based team are experts in iOS, Android and other operating systems.

Mango Projects Inc

Mango Projects design, develop and deliver technology solutions that empower businesses. Mango Projects is an IT Company offering boutique software solution on web, cloud and mobile. With its main presence in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, they have the perfect blend of technology knowledge, experience and skillset to help you meet your business challenges. Their aim is to make your business goal theirs and work with you to achieve them until you are 100% satisfied.

Eleganz IT Solutions PVT Ltd

Providing custom software development services on diverse technology platforms, Eleganz IT Solutions PVT Ltd specializes in solving complex business challenges using thought process and information technology. So far, they have successfully completed 500+ projects with 100+ SMEs to their clientele across the industries and globe with their Headquarters in Canada and development centers in India.


CIS IN is a top-notch Custom software development company. Their services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve. They have 10+ years of experience in developing optimized solutions. From analysis of requirements to application integration, they can take care of your project, delivering the results you want to see.

Atimi Software

Major brands choose Atimi for their deep mobile app development experience. Their high level of transparency and consistent communication builds trust every step of the way. Above all else, they will deliver high quality apps that will tick all your boxes. This is a full-service mobile app development firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. They are specialized in the design and development of mobile solutions for enterprise and consumer markets.

Sharpquest Inc

SharpQuest focuses on creating elegant, sensible solutions that allow their clients to do more with every dollar they spend on legacy modernization, business intelligence, database, web and mobile development.