20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Townsville

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Townsville
01Sep, 2021

Townsville is a thriving city in Australia that has been on the rise for many years now. Each year, more and more people flock to Townsville due to its natural beauty as well as economic opportunities.

With this influx of new residents, it’s no surprise that there are some great companies here that focus on mobile app design! This blog post will highlight 20 of the best companies offering mobile app design services in the area and tell you what they do best.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a full-service, boutique-style mobile app marketing agency. They provide the right blend of creativity, strategy and technology to craft personalised plans and products for enterprises of all sorts. They believe that modern problems require modern solutions. Their list of awards and achievements is a testament to their delivery of high impact mobile app designs.

When designing apps, they consider attractiveness, visual stimulation, and theme precision as key focus areas. Their team maintains the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Exemplary Marketing offers a tailored approach to ensure brand identity is at the top of the priority list, and they’ve worked with big and small brands, so you’ll fit right in.

LaunchPad App Development

LaunchPad App Development is an award-winning company that claims to be Australia’s best value app development company.

The LaunchPad App Development designers, developers, and strategists work with disruptive start-ups and entrepreneurs to change the world.

They have designed apps for clients in various industries, including entertainment, finance, and health. Thus, making them a versatile provider from mobile app design.

Elegant Media

Elegant Media is a web design and app development company that prides itself on designing #1 top-grossing apps in Australia. When it comes to price, Elegant Media offers competitive rates for all budget sizes. They also have many clients and are experts at what they do.

Services offered by Elegant Media include web design, app design, logo and brand identity design, custom website programming.

Dream Walk

Dream Walk is a mobile app design company providing unique designs that are hand-crafted and innovative to provide a service that is as unique as the customer.

They believe that app design is a crucial aspect of the app development process. They offer simple, visually appealing, and intuitive designs, factors that can make or break your app. Dream Walk’s designs provide industry best practice experience combined with innovation and creativity, producing user-friendly app design with the potential of winning awards.

EB Pearls

EB Pearls is a leading mobile application development and digital marketing provider, specialising in custom-built apps for businesses.

Founded in 2004, EB Pearls has earned an outstanding reputation for quality and customer service. They have a dedicated team of designers who work closely with clients to create a unique user experience.

EB Pearls offers full-service design and development services from ideation, prototyping, and app development to marketing. They have a team of designers, developers, and digital marketers who can help you create an outstanding mobile experience for your customers no matter what the project.


Gomeeki is one of the leading app development companies in Australia. They have been designing apps for over a decade. Their expertise helps them develop app designs that are intuitive, easy to use, and gives you the ideal user experience.

They also have a team of over 50 design professionals that can help with your website, logo, and other graphic design needs. Their goal is to provide you with a personalised experience to give your business the look and feel it deserves.

Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor is a mobile app design company that specialises in designing, developing and launching apps across all major platforms. The team at Mobile Mentor has been in the online services industry since 2004, meaning they’ve stood the test of time in a rapid change environment.

Where Mobile Mentor excels is in understanding and delivering excellent, scalable mobile solutions. The Mobile Mentor team works closely with their clients to understand their needs and develop the most effective solution.

Wave Digital

Wave Digital is a mobile app design company designing and developing new apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. They provide a wide range of services, including app store submission and marketing.

Wave Digital offers various mobile application development solutions for both the consumer market and the enterprise market.

Real impact, unique branding, and flawless design are at the forefront of their mobile app design service. In addition, Wave Digital focuses on quality prototyping to ensure your idea is perfectly captured before starting development.

App Gurus

App Gurus have been established for over five years and employ some of the country’s best designers, developers, and project managers. They have worked with more than 500 clients and boast a success rate of over 95%. Their goal is to deliver beautiful, functional and fun to use applications that fit your vision. App Gurus offers you the opportunity to lead your idea. They commit to designing and implementing the mobile app you want.

Appetiser App Development

Appertiser App Development is a leading mobile app development company in Australia.

They have expertise in developing iOS or Android applications, from idea to launch across multiple devices, including Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S-watch. Their team of designers is highly skilled, with tons of experience in the industry.

Appetiser has an extensive track record of developing apps across multiple industries. According to the Appetiser website, they are #9 ranked globally for app design, a massive achievement in a highly competitive field.


Xam is a digital agency based in Australia. They focus on mobile app design and development for their clients, located both locally and internationally.

Xam also offers SEO marketing, graphic designs, social media management, WordPress website hosting and mobile app development.

They have a strong track record of delivering successful projects that consistently exceed expectations and meet deadlines.

Xam’s team comprises creative designers, developers, strategists and content writers who work together to create the best solutions for their clients’ needs.

Their process includes working closely with our clients from start to finish to determine the best solutions for their business.

App Boxer

App Boxer is an Australian-owned and operated company that specialises in mobile application design. App Boxers’ primary goal is to help you get the best possible result for your business or organisation by building a custom app tailored specifically to your needs. Aptly named “Boxers”, they have built over 300 apps from start to finish, including a number of top 100 apps, and have helped customers in over 150 countries.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab offers a range of mobile app design services. They have experience across iOS apps, Android apps, and web-based products.

Their team can create apps for your business, or they’ll design and develop an entirely new app tailored to your needs. Rocket Lab’s founders are proud of their high quality output, with ambitious targets, that enable them to provide the best service possible in a quick turnaround time (often less than two weeks).


Butterfly is a mobile app design company that has been operating for more than 20 years. They offer web and graphic design services, logo development, and internet marketing advice to help you with your online strategy in Townsville and even provide software solutions. Butterfly also work on mobile apps, which is what makes them a potential mobile app design partner.

ustwo studio

The team at ustwo specialises in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and designing web experiences for desktop and mobile devices. The company has offices scattered around the world, including London, New York City and Sydney, to name a few.

The ustwo approach to mobile app design can be described as fresh, ensuring that their work is varied to each specific client.

Kwix Global

Kwix Global is a digital agency that is an all-around service provider for any business. They offer website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile app design, graphic design services, social media management and more! In addition, Kwix Global offers competitive pricing, so whether you’re an established company or just starting your first project, they’ll have a package that suits your needs.

Enterprise Monkey

Enterprise Monkey is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Australia. They are experts in website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management, graphic design, mobile app design and online advertising campaigns.

Enterprise Monkey works with businesses of all sizes to create and develop their ideal mobile app.

Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain Technologies is a tech company that offers a range of technical and business services, including mobile app design. They have an impressive portfolio of apps that can be seen on their website. In addition, their bespoke software development service is helping them to create customised solutions that suit clients’ needs from all industries.


Apiko is an exciting mobile app design company servicing Australian enterprises. They have over two decades of experience in UX and UI Design, Web Development & Graphic Design to help make your ideas come alive. Their design approach focuses on your client needs, quality prototyping, creative design, and thorough testing.


Atlasopen designs mobile apps for companies and individuals who need to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively reach their target audience.

Atlasopen will analyse your needs as an individual or organisation before working on the app design process.

Their company can create an app tailored precisely to your needs.


Sentia is a digital creative agency that is skilled at mobile app design. They have the expertise to create apps for iOS and Android devices, giving your company an edge over competitors.

They understand that your app does more than provide information. They also think about engagement levels, retention rates and other metrics like click-through and conversion rates.

We hope this article about mobile app design companies in Townsville and Australia has been helpful. Choosing your mobile app development partner can be a daunting task, so think carefully about your needs and reach out to a few different companies to see who will help you the best.