10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tianjin

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tianjin
08Sep, 2021

Finding the best mobile application development company is a difficult task. However, if you don’t do your research and make sure to consider all of your options, it could be detrimental for your business in the long run.

China is home to the most extensive electronic movement and has regularly rolled out some of the best app development services. The Chinese IT industry remains one of the most cost-effective cutting-edge technologies that provide a revolutionary user experience. If you are looking at getting an excellent product from China, look no further!

The below list can help guide you through this complex process while ensuring that you find an ideal partner who will meet both strategic goals and budget requirements throughout every step of implementation!

Here Are The 10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tianjin

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the leading developer of custom technology solutions specializing in providing businesses worldwide with Mobile App Design and web-based applications. As a Mobile App Design Company, Exemplary Marketing combines technological expertise with specific domain experience to deliver excellence with over 250 skilled software developers.

Exemplary Marketing has a portfolio of multi-purpose cross-platform mobile applications that help businesses target iOS, Android and Windows platforms using the same source code. The company’s cutting edge technologies include Flutter, React Native, Xamarin Appcelerator PhoneGap, among others.

Plaxonic Technologies

Plaxonic Technologies has some of the brightest minds working together to create unique technological solutions for their clients.

Plaxonic is an organization with brilliant people dedicated to developing IT and BPO services to meet and exceed expectations by understanding business needs in-depth.

Mobile App Designs are increasingly becoming popular, and as a mobile app development company, they leave no stone unturned to create new-age applications that match the expectations of today’s users. Plaxonic ensures creating flawless apps on every operating system by our developers.

EGO Creative Innovations

EGO Creative Innovations is an app development company that promises you can get up-and-running apps with transparent, agile and cost-effective developers. Since 2005 they have built trust in the SME market by offering full-cycle mobile application development to companies in industries like healthtech, edtech etc.

With EGO Creative Innovations, you’ll also receive 360° delivery transparency & standards along with excellent welcome rates.


axiusSoftware is an organization that partners with organizations globally to provide solutions for problems they face at work through mobilization of business activities and enhanced customer experiences. axiusSoftware helps businesses achieve a competitive advantage by providing these services efficiently and effectively depending on requirements from each client.

axiusSoftware is an innovative team of professionals who give quality services to clients around the world. Their Agile, experienced and dynamic team possesses a great combination of technical expertise and industry knowledge, making them highly effective in executing business solutions within time constraints.

Connected Lab

Connected Lab is the best at building connected experiences across multiple platforms, including mobile apps for smart TVs and VR/AR. They’re known for their transformative approach to software development rooted in Extreme Programming (XP) and Design Thinking–the “Connected Method”. Some of their clients include Uber, Facebook Messenger, BBM & Twitter; they even helped with CIBC Mobile Banking!

So as technologies like Smart TV’s emerged around the 2012-13 time frame, it was only natural that Connected got involved too: projects now included work on smartphone app interfaces or car infotainment systems.


APICloud is a Chinese Mobile App Design company. They have an integrated environment with comprehensive backend services and easy-to-use API modules to help developers build cross-platform apps in JavaScript, which can translate into native iOS or Android experience for the user.

Using APICloud, mobile app developers can build apps using their platform with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, they provide tools for cross-development and testing across multiple platforms; analytics to help you better understand your audience; push notifications so users can stay up to date on the latest news in real-time.

CentLing Technologies

CentLing Technologies is an IT business that focuses on providing small businesses and enterprises with information technology services such as custom-developed applications using code languages like Java or Python.

CentLing Technologies is the best choice for your custom software development needs in China. They specialize in mobile app and web design, with 32 team members based out of Qingdao since 2009.

INCN Technology

INCN Technology is an international IT expert in building modern and progressively built platforms to make mobile apps a profit-making platform like eCommerce, portfolio website, Android mobile APP, Digital Marketing(SEO), Branding. Expertise is also available for Advance learning classes, Desktop Softwares etc.

The advancement in mobile application development has triggered the demand for quality developers. With their advanced skills and experience, they develop any kind of app on Android, iOS or Windows Platform to provide greater user satisfaction.


Javacatz is a mobile application design development agency that helps businesses embrace the changing digital world. Javacatz has been in business since 1997, helping brands around the globe develop creative end-to-end solutions to grow their bottom line.

Jvacatz has over 250 projects globally with 15 years of experience developing cutting edge applications for their clients across all industries worldwide—making them one of the most trusted developers out there today!


Madhouse, Inc. is a mobile advertising network that provides solutions for marketers and corporations across China to increase their success with WAP sites and SMS marketing campaigns.

They offer interactive messaging platforms and campaign management services, which allow clients to build engaging websites and mobile applications optimized for the fast-growing Chinese market of smartphone users.


The right mobile app design company can make all the difference for your business in the long run. Many people think that a simple, visually appealing logo is enough to create a successful business, and it’s true. However, not without a solid mobile application or marketing plan in place!

Your business needs an expert team of mobile application developers who know how to leverage your strengths from every angle. With their help, you will have more time for what matters most – growing your business into success with no worries about technology.