50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in the World

Best Mobile App Design Companies in the World
07Feb, 2021

Looking to develop a mobile app for your business or personal use? You’ll need to work with a mobile app design company to bring those ideas to life. However, there are countless mobile app design companies active today, so how do you pick which one to rely on? To make the decision easier, here are the 50+ best mobile app design companies in the world.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Chicago-based social media marketing agency with exceptional app design and development solutions. Has multiple offices across the world to serve international clients. Also offers a range of web design, social media marketing, and graphic design services to coincide with your mobile app development.

2. ArcTouch

An application development company that also provides back-end services. Has worked with world-class brands such as Audi to produce quality iOS and Android apps.

3. Alphonic Network Solutions

A team of 20+ experts that specialize in app and website development. Based in Northern India and has a large portfolio of completed projects.

4. Exadel

A leading developer that focuses on agile development by leveraging resources across multiple continents. Has worked with companies such as Google and Deloitte.

5. MLSDev

A multinational tech company that provides technical services such as mobile app development. They also provide marketing services to give your app a boost in exposure.


An ISO 27001: 2003 certified full-service IT company based in India. Well-known for their rapid app deployment and comprehensive list of services that targets all mobile platforms.

7. MAAN Softwares

MAAN is an iPhone and Android app development specialist with years of experience. The company primarily focuses on large projects to help corporations stabilize growth.

8. Netsells

Digital consultancy firm that develops digital solutions for leading global businesses. Has worked with UK brands such as Warburtons and Trainline.

9. Credencys Solutions Inc

A reputable mobile app development company with key clients including McDonald’s and Cisco. Offers a talented team of over 150 developers, designers and engineers.

10. OpenSource Technologies

OpenSource Technologies is a US-based mobile app designer and developer that specializes in iPhone and Android applications. They also offer Cloud platform services and offer unique strategies to help you grow your business.

11. Intuz

Bespoke application development brand that focuses on mobile, web and internet of things integration. Multiple US offices and an overseas office in India.

12. Cubix

Cubix offers a full range of app development services thanks to its diverse team of artists, developers, engineers and even mathematicians.

13. Rightpoint

An end to end app development company with a diverse team of talented individuals. Makes use of cutting-edge technology to build reliable and innovative solutions for clients.

14. Intellectsoft

An Inc. 5000 company that offers the latest in mobile app development solutions. Provides scalable production-ready custom app solutions.

15. FATbit Technologies

FATbit focuses on creating mobile apps to target a specific audience or market. They have expertise in the healthcare, sports and education industries.

16. Droids On Droids

Provides both mobile app development services and marketing. Tracks metrics to help improve your program and offers long-term support to improve your app.

17. ENO8

ENO8 creates impactful digital products with its expertise in app development. Long history of creating mobile applications on both Android and iOS.

18. Dot Com Infoway

A web and mobile app developer that has been in business since early 2000. With a team of talented developers and a large portfolio of projects, DCI is one of the more reputable developers out there.

19. Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net Technologies is an award-winning enterprise that brings innovative ideas to life. Founded all the way back in 1997, Indus Net Technologies is one of the largest app design companies in the world with reputable clients such as Fox Sports, Pepsico and Cadbury.

20. Blue Whale Apps

Specializes in Apple app development such as iOS and iPad. Has a long history of being active on the App Store since it was first launched.

21. Valuecoders

An IT outsourcing company that focuses on offshore software development. Has been active in the industry for well over 16 years.

22. Atomic Object

Provides custom software solutions for both mobile and web. Mainly serves SMEs across the globe and takes an agile approach to app development.

23. Y Media Labs

Full-service app development including design, research and development. One of their most popular projects is the PayPal app which is used internationally by both businesses and consumers.

24. Scand

Scand is a custom software development company located in Belarus. With over two decades of experience and over 600 successful projects, Scand is one of the more reputable software development companies around.

25. Carmatec Inc

Carmatec has worked with enterprises since 2003, offering a team of expert consultants with years of industry experience and 24/7 management services.

26. ScienceSoft

An all-in-one solution for software development needs. Large team of developers and has worked with well-known clients such as eBay and Koch Media.

27. Evon Technologies

Evon Technologies is one of the leading mobile and web application development companies in the world. Specializes in gaming and multimedia companies and enterprise integration.

28. RipenApps

Founded in 2017, RipenApps is a fairly large mobile app development company located in India. It offers a full stack of services for all of your app development needs and works with many clients around the world.

29. DOIT Software

Develops exceptional mobile apps by turning your ideas into reality. Also works with eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WordPress.

30. ChopDawg.com

ChopDawg has been active since 2009, providing next-gen mobile app development services for hundreds of different clients.

31. Algoworks

A well-known mobile app development company that focuses on mobile and cloud-based technologies. Algoworks has created custom solutions for many reputable brands such as Coca-Cola and eBay.

32. Cleveroad

Cleveroad focuses on innovative software development. Expertise includes web and mobile application development along with UI/UX design. Over 170 successful projects and a large team of over 140 engineers and developers.

33. Rootstrap

An experienced mobile app developer that is comfortable working with first-time entrepreneurs and large companies alike.

34. Krify

Krify is a multinational tech company that offers a range of mobile development services. They also work with Google to develop apps for iOS and Android devices.

35. Railwaymen

An experienced team of software developers that started in 2009. Over a decade of experience building bespoke mobile applications for clients across the world.

36. Simpalm

Simpalm turns your app ideas into fully-fledged application launches. Bolstered by a strong team of engineers and specialists.

37. VironIT

Software development company that has managed over 500 projects in many different programming languages. Offers a specialized team of developers to tackle all requirements.

38. OnGraph Technologies

OnGraph Technologies was established in 2008 and quickly became one of the top award-winning end-to-end software development companies in the world.

39. Skelia

Skelia is an app development company based in Ukraine. They offer a wide range of mobile app design and development services and are one of the largest IT organizations in Eastern Europe.

40. WillowTree

An innovative app development agency that focuses on building high-quality mobile software. Many reputable clients such as Fox Sports, IBM and Johnson & Johnson.

41. Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft is a full-service digital experiences agency that specializes in app development for mobile devices. The company has a portfolio of over 1,800 mobile apps and digital products.

42. Konstant Infosolutions

A top mobile and web development company that offers various solutions for both small startups and large corporations. Also works with augmented and virtual reality applications.

43. iMOBDEV Technologies

A benchmark in mobile app development. Well-known clients and is capable of producing cross-platform applications, games, and evenm eCommerce apps.

44. Vipra Business

With a relatively small team of 50 members, Vipra has made countless hit apps that are available in App Stores across the world. Lots of unique startup app ideas to work from.

45. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is a mobile application development studio that has worked with top 500 fortune companies. They specialize in iOS and Android app development, but also work with IoT and TV app development.

46. AndPlus

A digital technology consultancy and development firm that assists clients in their digital transformation. Has well-known key clients such as Honeywell, Harvard School of Public Health and Bloomberg.

47. Zco

A renowned mobile application development company that works with the latest technologies include machine learning and blockchains.

48. Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is a relatively small company that helps to bring your potential applications to life. With well-known clients such as Bosch and Lenovo, Fusion Informatics is one of the most reputable app design companies you could hire.

49. Sunflower Lab

Specializes in functional and beautiful mobile applications. They also provide marketing services for the app to help it spread and reach users across the world.

50. Messapps

A full-service app development company that offers both design and consulting services. Based in New York and has a long list of past clients including New York University and even Microsoft.