25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tennessee

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tennessee
07May, 2021

The day comes when a particular business or company has to choose between continuing to develop an existing website, adapting it to mobile devices, or developing a separate application. They often do not know which solution to choose, as their budget is ultimately limited. In order to answer this question, it is necessary to look at all the advantages of application development to make your decision. Natural adaptation to the device – the main and perhaps most central advantage of the application is the ability to integrate naturally in the device, and to offer information, graphics, and services to the people that you want to reach. Today most users are already used to paying for additional functions in the apps they download and the payment is usually made directly through the means of payment stored in the user account linked to the operating system.

A business management app is designed for smartphones and tablets, which offers a variety of action options and whose purpose is efficient, fast, simple and convenient management of businesses in various fields. There are a large number of different applications around the world (usually downloadable, for free, for Apple and Android devices) that offer a wide range of important business activities: building and designing business cards, reminders, buying and selling, registering and backing up contacts, scanning documents, uploading photos and publications.

Another important point is your business security. Business management applications enable backup of data, photos, information, contacts, data and the like. You can save and back up by various means, most notably the “cloud”. Logging in to the app involves a password (or more) and the data is much more secure than in the reality in which they ‘roam’ between offices, folders and computers. Another advantage lies in the significantly lower monthly costs compared to other options for efficient business management. Basically, it is a great marketing step and every business should consider an app in one way or another. Using a business app, you can open a direct channel in front of each customer, you can open chat channels within the app and if the customer is registered in the app, you can save and document all correspondence, attach photos or files.

Building an app means that when you design the app note that the overall design matches the design language you use in the business, and the app uses colors and fonts similar to those you use in the business, so the customer will feel you speak a similar language and you can further promote your brand’s design. And finally, if you are looking for some companies that offer the best mobile app design, then read on. We have compiled a list of over 25 companies in Tennessee that offer this particular service, to help your business grow and reach new audiences.

Exemplary Marketing

At number 1 on the list is Exemplary Marketing. With many years of experience from their expert team, they have developed an exceptional reputation, crafting marketing campaigns. They work with brands on building websites and campaigns as well as offering support and advice relating to their app. They have worked with numerous notable clients and continue to grow, to ensure that you are creating an app that looks good and feels good to your customers.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain works to build customer interactive web and mobile applications for startups, SMEs and Enterprises, across all industries. They work with an experienced team of web and mobile apps developers and have been working in the business for over 5 years. With a heavy focus on UX, they also look at strategy and design to create an app that is going to work for you. They also have delved into the world of Web Mobility Artificial intelligence and more.

AppZoro Technologies

Based in both Atlanta and Nashville, AppZoro are a Mobile App development company, working to create apps and also help businesses build their websites. They pride themselves on quick and effective work but also at affordable prices. They create custom apps with a talented team behind them and have worked with Skuzi and BallTalk.

Corelley Ventures

With over ten years experience, this company builds custom software, mobile applications, and web applications with the focus of their work within the Cloud. They are a cloud-based business and their specialties are AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. They are a very small team that have built up a reputation over time and have recently worked with React Native, Cordova, Ionic and Nativescript for mobile app development.

Dev Digital

DevDigital is a large company, they work throughout Tennessee with a large team of over 130 programmers, working to create apps and websites for brands. They have worked on over 1500 projects and counting and have over one million hours of programming during the 11 years that they have been in business. They pride themselves on being 100% focused on clients, and not the next sale, with an excellent reputation and being ‘debt free’.

Social Link

This company is primarily a social media marketing agency but they do offer app solutions for brands. They follow the trends of social media and see how this can be adapted to different campaigns. With an ongoing commitment, they promise customers exceptional support without cutting corners and focusing their attention to the job at hand. Customer service is at the forefront of their business. They have worked with Holiday Inn Express and Energizer batteries.

PointClear Solutions

This company works primarily within the healthcare industry, so they are most likely going to  be the first  port of call for brands of this nature. They create and design and develop web and mobile applications that are capable of “winning over end users”. They are the only local company that incorporates expertise in healthcare clinical informatics and impeccable UX to help the healthcare industry grow. They work to create the best apps that focus on privacy and security and building a better future.

Mercury Intermedia

This company works closely with brands to build strategies. It is the core of their work when creating mobile applications and platforms for major commercial media, retail, enterprise and higher education institutions. Their sister company, Talaria focuses more on mobile experiences and creates programs and apps for all industries. They have worked with Panasonic and EPB mobile.

Lunar Lincoln LLC

LunarLincoln is a mobile app development shop dedicated to “pushing the frontier of user experience to the moooooooon.” However, their main goal is to create a range of apps for iOS, Android, and Mac that are easy to use and well curated. They are a particularly small company, with big-name clients, and pride themselves on this. Having built a good reputation for themselves across Tennessee, they are now branching out. They work with smaller companies and startups to help them grow.

Acklen Avenue

Acklen Avenue builds digital products including apps, with software development professionals that are passionate about what they do. Acklen Avenue works in Nashville, as well as Chicago, and Honduras with businesses and industries across the world. They make it their focus to follow through on the client’s product and offer impeccable customer service to all.


Working with smaller businesses, they take small dreams and make them into a reality, by offering them a technology agnostic approach to projects mostly within the Data and Engineering industries. They seek to connect strategies and they have a large diverse team that work to provide a personal bespoke service. They want to help companies across the USA, including Tennessee, to execute exciting new adventures.

Lounge Lizard

From 1998, Lounge Lizard has been voted one of the 10best digital agencies in the U.S.A. They work with worldwide clients to develop and implement campaigns and assist their digital journey, including app development. Their aim is to create hyper-growth for all clients and their large team consists of marketing strategists, project managers, creative designers, copywriters, online marketing experts and more. They have worked with the US Navy, St. Regis and Ford.

Twin Sun Solutions

They are a small group with a collective 40 years of experience in software development. They have worked with numerous companies from large to small and now focus on helping companies build new technologies, including apps. They offer all businesses the expertise of experienced designers, as well as junior ones who come together to create something special for your brand. They have recently worked with Travel Soul.


Nashville based, this company has been around for many years, in fact almost thirty. Created in 1992, they have grown with the times and have worked with over 1800 clients ranging from startups to large enterprises. They have also grown their team and now have over 80 techies helping with business apps and web development. They work to three principles: define, develop and iterate. Some notable clients are: U.S. Department of Justice, ECI Defense Group and PanOston Corp.

Mobile Mentor


De Palma Studios

Speak Creative

Horton Group

Mojo Media Pros

Worry Free Labs

Vanick Digital

Helium Services

Forty AU

Bluestone Apps

Digital Unicorn