10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sweden

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sweden
08Dec, 2021

With the mobile market becoming more saturated, making your app stand out is hard. Mobile app design companies are looking for innovative approaches to create an engaging user interface that will help their clients’ apps stand out.

Sweden is one of Europe’s leading digital nations, and it has some of the best mobile app design companies in the world. These are 10 of the best mobile app design companies in Sweden.

How to choose the right company for your project?

Mobile app design companies consider different criteria when choosing the project. All of them are looking for the same thing: a viable project that will boost their brand’s reputation. To make sure you find the right mobile app design company, we have given you the following pointers:

Be selective: Mobile app design companies consider each client’s needs and requirements before starting any design process. Check the companies’ profiles to know what they specialise in, their website, and relevant customer testimonials.

Know the agency’s working hours: Companies that work on mobile app design projects work all the time. If your deadline is tight, you might have to wait for them to finish a certain project, to offer you one that will suit your needs.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the best choice for companies in Sweden looking for Mobile App Development services. They will produce the results you expect based on their experience and expertise. Upon visiting their website, you will be able to speak with developers right away.

The company has experience in a variety of industries and can provide more than just app development. Getting in touch is easy since you can simply fill out a form and receive a response within a few days. The company’s excellent service is available no matter where in the world you are. In all business verticals, they continue to provide clients with the right results.


Volumetree is a mobile app design agency based in Sweden. Some of the companies’ current clients are Rovio, Spotify and the Sweden’s City of Stockholm. The company is now hiring designers and engineers in the areas of UX design, Android and iOS, and UI & Web.


Mobikasa is a design agency based in Stockholm. The design and development team at Mobikasa has over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry. The company’s mobile app design team has created for clients including The Times, Nokia and Blackberry.

Mobikasa uses its own cloud-based design platform Mobile Artistry, allowing the team to switch between platforms easily.


Riksof is a professional mobile app design company that offers mobile app development, design, architecture, testing, and maintenance. The company was previously named The Best Websites in Sweden and ranked among The Top 1000 web design companies in Europe by The Daily 500.


Softwarehut is a mobile app design company in Sweden that offers a great selection of engaging apps. What makes this company great is the fact that it consistently changes the game for mobile app design. They recently took a new approach to mobile app design with the launch of its Unity for Native Apps technology.

Hyperlink Infosystem

This digital agency has been making our favourite apps for years now. That’s why it’s a must-have for every designer’s list.

Hyperlink Infosystem has a clear methodology and an optimised process for creating a mobile app. Their process starts with a solid knowledge of the project and its purpose. From there, the mobile app designer will create a roadmap of the application from design to development. The apps that come out of Hyperlink Infosystem are truly delightful.

Red Onion

Red Onion is an award-winning mobile app design company based in Sweden. Their portfolio includes many of Sweden’s most popular apps, such as MPA Sweden and Viki.

Red Onion recently won the iF Design Award for their work with MPA Sweden. Red Onion has also been awarded “Best UI/UX Studio” and “Best Mobile App Design Team” in Stockholm Magazine’s Awards.

Svep Design Center AB

Svep Design Center AB was founded by Lene Svep. She became very interested in interactive

graphics and digital art in the early 2000s. She went on to become a freelance graphic designer and software developer before taking on the role of digital designer and developer.

The company was one of Sweden’s first mobile app design companies, and Svep has developed digital design solutions for clients all around the world. The company’s clients include UK retailer El Corte Inglés and Swedish advertiser Olsson & Olsson.


Bontouch offers expert mobile app design services. Since the launch of Apple’s iOS 9 and Android’s 5.0 Lollipop, its app development team has been developing mobile apps for enterprises and established brands. Their clients include the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, Lund University, the Medical University of Graz, SWEDbank, Banking Association of Sweden, Promus Ventures, RBS, and Fristam.

At Bontouch, you’ll be able to get everything from design, to marketing, to production. They offer a seamless design experience to customers while ensuring their clients will have a top-notch product. Their app designs range from minimal to highly customised, with rich interaction designs that help users quickly accomplish tasks.

The Mobile Life

The Mobile Life was founded in 2007 and has become one of Sweden’s most respected mobile app design companies. Their multi-talented team of 13 has over 30 years of experience creating consumer apps for major companies. Their most well-known clients include Sony, SKDC, Epson and ASSA ABLOY.

Mobile Life always seek to keep their clients’ needs and budget in mind when creating a mobile app design. One of the company’s most recent mobile app designs is a new product development system for the Swedish pharmaceutical company Takeda.


This was another collaborative round-up about the mobile app design companies in Sweden. Check out the last two rounds.