20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Stoke-on-Trent

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Stoke on Trent
28Jun, 2021

For any business, no matter the size, creating a mobile app can be a way to keep your business relevant. It can appeal to customers, boost sales, and help to offer exclusives to regular customers. But unless you are skilled in mobile app design, you will need to look for local mobile app design companies to design and create an app with you.

There are many mobile app design companies in Stoke-on-Trent, who are amazingly talented in developing business apps and API development, but how do you know who to choose? Here are some of your top choices in Stoke-on-Trent, to get your app designed and up and running.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a mobile app development company who focuses heavily on making your mobile app aesthetic, but also functional. Exemplary Marketing aims to create an app that is designed well, but with the aim of creating a great user experience. They build apps that not only look good, but that are stimulating visually and apps that are designed and themed specifically to the requirements that you have, all with the unique purpose of your bespoke app. At Exemplary Marketing they use state of the art technologies, helping to produce a tailored application that provides a stellar and seamless user experience.

Kent House

Kent House is a small team of people, who can develop and create business apps, but also work in website design, internet marketing, and eCommerce. With their expertise in the eCommerce area, they could be a good choice for you if you are looking to create an app that connects customers to your shop and online website. They are not a company solely based on mobile app design, so if you are looking for a nice specialist, then they may not be the company for you.


Krify offers a wide range of mobile and digital services, but altogether, they can all be grouped into four categories. Krify are skilled in mobile app development, creating a bespoke business app with an efficient turnaround time. They also are skilled in developing game apps, so that could be a consideration for your business. In addition, they can help to manipulate websites and CMS development.

Hosting Systems

Hosting Systems, based right in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, are a leading Internet Solutions Provider. They can help to develop a mobile app that can integrate with existing systems within your business, and that will allow an easy to use system for customers and staff. They are experienced with both Android and iOS app designs, and all software is developed in-house.

Blink Digital

The team at Blink Digital can help you to break through and be more competitive in your market, by creating a high-quality mobile app that can run on a range of devices. This includes any iOS operating system, such as iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches, as well as those on Android devices. Using the latest in technology, the team will make sure that any consumer will be able to have a good experience when using your app.


BWAR is a team of experienced web designers and mobile app developers, offering a full-service from web design to SEO, based in the heart of Staffordshire. They are experienced in creating stunning websites, as well as mobile apps that help to improve the success of online businesses. They have an aim of helping you to gain traffic and downloads and to generate more leads. They take a personal approach, making sure that your business will have direct connection to those working on your app or website.

Silk Business Systems

Silk Business Systems design mobile apps for businesses, and provide them and deliver them throughout Stoke-on-Trent and the Staffordshire area. As a mobile app design company, they excel at making their client’s businesses more efficient, more productive, more profitable, and speedier. Using the latest technology, they believe that all businesses, no matter the size of the business, should have access to be able to create a mobile app that is cutting edge; not just large corporations.

Interlock Digital

Interlock Digital creates a different kind of smartphone app, where you no longer need to decide whether you want to create an app for Android or iOS. They create cross-platform web-based mobile apps. Using a platform called JQuery Mobile, Interlock Digital creates apps that work on all kinds of smartphones, and don’t need to have a delivery facility such as iTunes. However, if you decide down the line that you want to create an app that is platform specific, then they can easily compile the app to be able to do so.

TESTQ Technologies

At TESTQ Technologies they help to give your business a boost by designing and developing a mobile app with some stellar mobile applications. TESTQ is a top-quality mobile app design company, offering mobile app development for both iOS and Android. The team of mobile app developers are experienced, creative and knowledgeable, in order to achieve your goals and accomplish what you have had in mind for your business needs, creating highly customised mobile apps ideal for your consumer needs.


Netinspire is based in Staffordshire, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and is a marketing agency focused on delivering growth to businesses through effective marketing. This is done through traditional marketing methods, such as marketing research and strategic planning, as well as the creative design of mobile apps and websites, and other advertising services. Previous clients have praised them for their strategic approach, working closely with clients to make sure that they are part of the process and connecting the brand to the design.

SNT Solutions

SNT Solutions are a company that is focused solely on mobile app development, with it being their core proposition. They know what users want and expect, with years of experience in the industry. They know how business critical an app can be, rather than just something that is ‘nice to have.’ Their mobile apps support the whole of your mobile workforce, and can mean that users can get data quickly, returning any information required, all in real time.


Touch2success is a company based in Stoke-on-Trent who specialise in mobile apps for restaurants and cafe businesses. They design a mobile app that is an all in one takeaway and restaurant system which can help those businesses to get more customers, get more orders, and to grow.

Foresight Mobile

Based in nearby Cheadle, Foresight Mobile is an end-to-end mobile app development agency. They work closely with businesses and enterprises to design and develop streamlined digital experiences across all platforms, from iOS, Android, and the web. They listen to the business needs and work to build a mobile product that is engaging and meets the client budget.


Apadmi is one of the UK’s leading mobile agencies. They have a team of nearly two hundred people, who are all experienced specialists, helping to design an app for businesses. They have worked with a number of global brands already, including Argos, BBC, and Range rover, to name a few. So you know you will be in good hands.

Exploding Phone

Exploding Phone is a mobile app design company who has the experience and the skills to be able to develop high-quality solutions of smart devices, all while helping you to have a personal and client-centred partnership. Exploding Phone has a team of skilled and experienced software engineers, as well as UX/UI designers, and they have been developing and designing mobile apps since 2008.


Indiespring is a leading specialist in mobile app design and development, for businesses in the technology providing industry. Indispring works alongside the UK’s leading technology providers, in order to advise, support, deliver,  and design mobile experiences for their customers. If you work in this sector, they could do this for you too.


Digiryte is a leading software consultancy, looking to build mobile apps and digital products that can help your business to meet its goals, all with their skills, experience, and innovative ideas. The experience of the company comes from building different experiences for end users, who all depend on mobile apps and web-based apps. If your business needs to improve to stay relevant for the future, then Digiryte knows how to help.


Fortnight is a small mobile app design and development studio, working to improve product research, design, and development, across all web and mobile platforms. With a focus on conversion and creative design, their app designs could be what is missing from your business. They have worked with small startups to larger companies like BMW and Qantas, so they have a range of experience and skills.

Apposing Limited

Apposing is a company that started out as a mobile app design agency, in order to help brands, business, and startups embrace what possibilities mobile apps can bring. They also created the company as a way to drive great customer experiences, helping businesses to innovate for the future. Apposing is a leader in the app design and development world, full of creativity, expertise, energy, and experience.


With a team of experts in the industry, Appitized has a proven track record of developing and designing mobile apps for all digital platforms. They have worked with a range of big clients in the past, across all different sectors, such as Reebok and the NHS. They do work with smaller businesses and startups too.