20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Southampton

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Southampton
21Jun, 2021

Are you looking for the best mobile app design companies in Southampton? It can be difficult to know who to work with on such an important project. Mobile applications are vital for the development and growth of any business in this digital age. The county of Hampshire as a whole is home to a bustling tech sector, with 10% of their economic output coming from the thriving digital hub. Luckily we have a full list of the best app developers in Southampton and the surrounding areas, to help you get your project – and business – off the ground.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a globally celebrated mobile app developer in Southampton. It is renowned for its ability to develop and design apps for iOS and Android. Their apps are cross-platform capable, user-friendly and have innovative and eye-catching designs. Exemplary’s team of app developers have years of experience between them and can take you through from the conception to launch of your mobile app. We even provide a prototype that you can use before you confirm you want to work with us in future.

Check out some examples of our work here or read some of our client testimonials. We can incorporate gamification, push notifications and a wide range of tech requirements depending on your business needs. We work for small and large clients worldwide to develop education, knowledge share and fitness apps to serve the local and international community.

Examplary benefits from its local and international ties, with offices based in both our local Southampton and Chicago, US. As a world-wide organisation our aim is to provide our clients with world-class mobile app design.

Etch Southampton

Etch Southampton forms part of the Etch Group, a network that helps businesses with a variety of solutions to digitally transform their business. Etch’s app speciality is the gaming industry, and it creates a variety of mobile apps to engage customers in specific gaming worlds. These include the games themselves, and companion apps like maps, education and mini-games.


TinRaven helps develop both native iOS and Android apps rather than their hybrid counterparts. They can offer expertise in gamification, business apps and technical integrations. Their recent apps include PONToon Map, Story Shuffle, and MagicQ Remote. TinRaven has an agile-based approach and offers consultancy-based technical expertise to their clients.

Web Design Southampton

Web Design Southampton is an agency that specialises in website and web app creation. Their mobile app offering includes iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications. Their biggest seller is their WordPress integrations, which include SEO, branding, marketing and PPC. Web Design Southampton has developed digital solutions for local businesses through to larger campaigns for cosmetics clients like Flori Roberts.


Rareloop is based in Southampton and focuses mainly on Laravel and Ionic frameworks. They offer app design, development and maintenance services. They work with businesses and charities to deliver mobile and web applications. Recent work includes a Dry January campaign in conjunction with charities, and they also work with Mind, Action Against Hunger and the NHS.

Spudd Mobile

The unusually named Spudd Mobile focuses on offerings that develop in-house team capabilities, Selling Software as a Service (SaaS), and mobile marketing. Their work includes Checkon.Me, a personal safety app for employees and TSB Bank’s gamification app in 2012. They also created Baristas On Call, a dial-a-barista service for cafes that are frequently short staffed.

Blue Frontier

Blue Frontier has a range of digital services available, including mobile app development. They highlight that their team brings expertise beyond mobile app design. Blue Frontier offers free initial consultations on both functionality and design quality. Their process includes a template service before moving onto prototyping and full design. Blue Frontiers’ other services include IT support, software and security and web design and development options.


Netshell is a bespoke software development firm that lists their mobile app offering as being in Cordova and Xamarin. They offer modifications to existing Cordova and Xamarian applications, and a support and maintenance service that monitors updates, reviews and back-end capacity. Netshell also handles the delivery of apps to the relevant app stores. They also offer website designs with e-commerce, API and CRM integration.


Hinge uses Ionic to develop cross-platform mobile apps. They focus exclusively on cross-platform environments and don’t develop native iOS or Android applications. They conduct user testing and research before embarking on each mobile design project. Hinge carries out SWOT analysis as part of their user research before initiating any design projects. Their user research plays a big part in their design and development process.

3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube is based in nearby Bournemouth, and designs and develops iOS Android and cross-platform apps using React-Native. They create iOS apps with user-functionality at the forefront so they are fully integrated across all Apple compatible devices. They focus on ‘tech for good’ – creating technology with a social impact. Their clients include the American Red Cross, Lush, and Global Forest Watch.

Chelsea Apps

Chelsea Apps are another Bournemouth agency that boasts clients like TFL, Itsu, Vanquis and Waitrose. They previously specialised in native iOS and Android apps, but recently embarked into working predominantly on hybrid models using React Native. Their apps have a focus on data-gathering and information sharing for large organisations.


Humancrafted offers front-end web and mobile applications with a focus on design. Their backend support is offered via cloud-based services in Node.js. Their teams consult on updating old mobile apps and how to maximise transitions to new technologies. They cite themselves as digital product consultants ‘trusted by engineers’. Mitch Clay, founder of Humancrafted is listed as working with Visa, The Telegraph, and Bentley, to name a few.


Createful is an agency with an environmental focus, with clients including the WWF and Rainforest Alliance. They offer apps for both iOS and Android with front and back-end support available. Their focus is on digitally transforming existing sustainable agencies via mobile and web development.

Dorset Creative

Dorset Creative are not just in Dorset like their name suggests, but based in Bournemouth and also Poole. They list VR, augmented reality and 3D capabilities as one of their biggest offerings. Dorset Creative have a particular focus on virtual learning environments to assist with teaching, training and general learning tools. Their top clients include Roc and Bournemouth University.

Fivestar Apps

Fivestar Apps has offices in both Portsmouth and London. They offer both iOS and Android applications, and offer security integration with MDM technology. Fivestar Apps uses Ibeacon for their services, which is a GPS marketing tool offering tailored advertising solutions to people that stay in a particular region. They also offer back-end integration along with their mobile app development.


Solvd cite their expertise in creating simple marketing apps through to complex data-driven solutions. They work in both iOS and Android, and state the biggest benefit of their Android apps is that they are updated via a web interface without needing resubmission to Google Play. As well as mobile app development, they also list their services as including full integration of designs across tablets and other devices.


BouncingFish is owned by Jason Kneen, who develops mobile and web apps for Android and iOS using Appcelerator, React Native and Flutter. He writes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP amongst other languages. Kneen also specialises in cross-platform app development and lists Applewatch as one of the platforms he creates for.

Clark Studios

Clark Studios is based in nearby Fleet, and offers services in Native iOS and Android web and mobile applications. The team is Director Steve Clark and front-end developer Casey Hayward. They offer mobile apps in iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5. The team’s focus is on front-end development and design.


Apptaura is an agency based in Basingstoke with an exclusive focus on mobile and web app development. They call themselves App Consultants and offer a free 30 minute consultation before you start your services with them. In return for the 30 minute consultation they will also pitch you their services as app designers and developers.

Winchester Innovation

Winchester Innovation focuses on digital transformation, with clients like the NHS and the National Oceanography Centre. They boast full-stack capabilities with native iOS and Android applications. They offer specific consultations on NHS app development and also Windows phone applications.


Alniro has been running since 1999 and focuses on designing and branding. Based in Winchester, they create mobile apps with a focus on design, and work with illustrators, graphic designers and web developers to enhance the face of a business. Alniro are proud of creating cross-compatible viewing across mobiles, tablets and laptops. Clients cover the automotive, food and drinks, and insurance industries.

As you can see, Southampton and the surrounding areas are a hub of digital life. Yet we believe that Exemplary remains at the top of the list for our glowing reviews, multi-sector app experience, gamification knowledge, and above all our stellar development team. For an exemplary service and mobile app, check out our app calculator to see how much your app could cost. Or better yet, contact our team for a hassle-free call.